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Dana reacts with fright to the frying eggs on her countertop.
Dana Barrett lived at apartment 2206 in the infamous Shandor Building in New York. She had a job as a cellist in a New York City orchestra an was constantly being stalked by Louis Tully, her neighbor across the hall who had a huge crush on her.

After coming home to her apartment, Dana was briefly interrupted by Louis in the hallway. He invited her to a party to celebrate his fourth year as an accountant then told her she had left her television on too loud so he had attempted unsuccessfully to disconnect the cable. She was surprised as she did not believe she had left it on. She shuts the door in Louis' face then walks into her living room, where she notices an ad for the Ghostbusters. She turns the TV off and heads to her kitchen where she sets down her groceries, unpacking a carton of eggs and leaving them on her kitchen counter as she begins to organize her other items. Suddenly the carton pops open and the eggs inside begin popping out of their shells and frying on the counter. Dana turns to notice the phenomena, startled at the sight of the self-frying eggs. She hears horrendous growling noises coming from inside of her refrigerator, she cautously walks toward it and opens the door to notice a fiery mythic temple and a Terror Dog guarding its entrance doors. Suddenly the beast looks toward Dana and roars the word "Zuul" at her in an unearthly voice. Horrified, Dana screams and slams the door shut then visits the Ghostbusters to seek their help.

Dana notices the light shining through her kitchen door.
The Ghostbusters, Peter Venkman in particular, take an interest in her case and begin looking into the word "Zuul". They interview her while hooking her up to a spectral scanner which projects a colorful image of Dana's face on a screen. Peter decides he should check out Dana's apartment. Once there he uses his ghost sniffer to look for unusual readings. During his inspection he makes improper advances toward Dana, who shoots him down. With his examination unsuccessful, as he finds no trace of supernatural activity with his equipment Peter tells her he is madly in love with her. Dana, clearly annoyed, throws him out of her apartment.

One day after her rehearsal, Peter meets with her briefly to discuss her case. He tells Dana that he has found the meaning of the word "Zuul", mentioning Zuul was a minion of Gozer, a big sumerian god. Dana prods him for more information, to which he replies he could discuss more details with her in private, on a date. She reluctantly agrees and leaves with a fellow musician.

The night she and Peter Venkman had arranged to meet and discuss her case was stormy and ominous. Lightning fills the sky as suddenly, atop the Shandor Building, a menacing gargoyle statue begins to crumble revealing large, sharp claws and the statue's eyes crumble away, revealing large glowing red eyes.

Dana arrives at her apartment after unsuccessfully attempting to avoid Louis in the hallway, and receives a call from her mother,
Dana, possessed by the Gatekeeper, growls like a beast and levitates.
failing to notice a bright light coming from her kitchen door as she sits down on her sofa. Upon hanging up the phone, Dana lies down to rest before finally noticing the light seeping through and what seemes like large animal claws protruding from her kitchen door. She suddenly finds herself attacked by demonic claws bursting through her sofa and is pinned to her chair by the claws as it slides toward the kitchen door which bursts open to reveal Zuul the Gatekeeper, one of Gozer's two Terror Dogs, growling ferociously at her as she screams in horror. The sofa, with a screaming Dana in tow, slides through the door which immediately slams and Dana becomes possessed and inhabited by the Terror Dog. Under Zuul's possession, Dana becomes far sexier and seductive than before. In a complete reversal of her previous behavior around Peter, she aggressively seduces hi, when he arrives for their date after Peter fools her into believing he was a friend of the Keymaster, who ironically possesses her stalkerish neighbor, Louis. Peter, quickly noticing her change, asks for her name and Dana calmly introduces herself as Zuul, "the Gatekeeper" then tells Peter they must prepare for the coming of Gozer, "the Destructor". She leads Peter to her bedroom where she lays on the bed suggestively while Peter calmly plays off her attempts at bedding him. As her wanton attempts to mate with Peter are consistently denied the possessed Dana becomes increasingly frustrated. Peter attempts to communicate with her dispossessed self which causes a visibly
Dana, inhabited by the Gatekeeper, meets her Keymaster, in Louis Tully's body.
irritated Dana to exclaim that "There is no Dana, only Zuul!" in an inhuman, monstrous voice. Peter shrugs off her demonic retort and restrains her on the bed as she struggles to try and break free. He then tries again to communicate with Dana, giving her to the count of three to respond. As he counts down Dana's demonic possession manifests itself further: first her eyes flutter and turn white as a growling noise rumbles from within her body, then she violently thrashes her head from side to side, panting like a savage animal before finally succumbing to her satanic rage by levitating off the bed, growling ferociously at Peter like a demonic Terror Dog. She floats above Peter as he makes one last attempt to communicate with "Dana" by asking her to please come down. The possessed Dana responds with a ferocious, otherworldly roar which causes him to recoil. After being drugged with Thorazine by Peter, Dana awakes when the Ghostbusters containment grid explodes and releases all of the ghosts into New York City. The entranced Gatekeeper walks toward her living room, grinning devilishly as she gets a better view of the supernatural chaos from her windows. Dana watches in awe as streams of the supernatural energy suddenly fly up past her window, she parts her lips afterwards to unleash an unearthly roar which explodes her living room windows and provides the Keymaster a path to follow towards her. After Louis Tully, under Vinz Clortho's possession, successfully arrives at her apartment, he introduces himself as the Keymaster. Dana, lounging seductively with legs spread apart, responds smiling coyly before replying that she is the Gatekeeper. Louis enters her apartment as behind him the door magically slams shut by itself. He stands at the center of the demolished apartment and watches in awe as Dana rises from her chair, sauntering seductively toward him. The two demons lock eyes in a passionate stare before acting upon the primal urges of their demonic dog inhabitants. Dana aggressively swoops down onto the smaller Louis, taking him into her arms with a ferocious lustful kiss. Dana breaks from the kiss and turns to lead him toward
Dana smiles as she begins to summon the Destructor
a mythical set of stairs. As they approach, lightning flashes illuminate the steps which lead to a demonic shrine atop their building where they proceed to initiate their mating ritual.

After consummating their demonic union on top of a large stone altar in front of the Temple of Gozer, Dana and Louis slide off and take Zuul and Vinz Clortho's ritual positions atop the pedestals previously occupied by their possessors beastly forms. As they walk toward their pedestals they stare up at the top of the Temple, noticing the lightning bolts continually striking it. Dana stands atop her pedestal, staring in ecstasy at the top of the Temple, awaiting anxiously for it to amass enough energy to unleash her master, Gozer. Once the time comes Dana and Louis raise their arms to the sky in unison and become struck by lightning bolts shooting from the top of the Temple, they redirect the energy toward the massive doors and begin opening the interdimensional portal through which Gozer will enter the human realm. Upon completion of the opening of the doorway both Dana and Louis begin to absorb the supernatural lightning which causes their bodies to thrash and gyrate violently as the bolts course through their human forms. The Ghostbusters arrive and stare in shock as Dana thrashes wildly atop her pedestal, bathing in lightning bolts as she gets on her hands and feet, succumbing to the supernatural energy and transforming into the grotesque demonic Terror Dog form of her possessor, Zuul as Louis likewise transforms into Vinz Clortho atop the pedestal opposite hers. With their satanic transformation complete the two demons turn to face the Ghostbusters, with red eyes ablaze to unleash monstrous roars before leaping toward the Temple to take their places beside Gozer.

When the Ghostbusters destroy Gozer by crossing the streams reversing the particle flow through the gateway, both Zuul and Vinz a charred by the resulting blast. Dana and Louis survive and are extracted from within the Terror Dogs' burnt corpses by the Ghostbusters. Neither of them seems to recall their actions during possession and Dana even denies having sex with Louis while possessed when he asks her.


  • Ghostbusters
  • Ghostbusters II


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