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Vinz Clortho, in his Terror Dog form

Vinz Clortho, a male Terror Dog, was the Keymaster of Gozer. As a male, his horns were larger and more impressive than those of his female counterpart, Zuul the Gatekeeper. Vinz had a gargoyle crafted in his likeness on the rooftop of the Shandor Building, flanking a temple.

After "hatching" from their statues in modern times, the two Terror Dogs possessed two tenants in the building in order to copulate and thus open the gateway to Gozer's dimension. Vinz chose to possess Louis Tully, chasing him out of his apartment during a party he was hosting until cornering him in Central Park and inhabiting his body.

Vinz manifested his possession in Louis by flaring his eyes red and growling like an animal when upset. After possessing Louis, he wandered around Central Park in search of the Gatekeeper,
Vinz Clortho, in the body of Louis Tully
clumsily mistaking a carriage horse for Zuul. The horse's coachman interrupted Vinz prompting him to angrily growl and flare his eyes red at him before running away screaming about the end of the world. He was later arrested and placed under the Ghostbusters custody. Egon was surprised to see the demonic figure of a Terror Dog's head on the monitor when Vinz was connected to the aura video analyzer. Vinz proceeded to excitedly tell Egon about Gozer's destructive past and about its plans. After the EPA visits the Ghostbusters and forces the shut down of their power grid Vinz escapes after the firehouse explodes, releasing all of the captured ghosts. The escape of all of the ghosts onto the city provides him with the sign he was waiting for all along and Vinz proceeds to wander around New York City staring at the sky while seemingly oblivious to the supernatural chaos occurring in the streets around him. Vinz walks around New York City aimlessly, staring at the supernatural phenomena unfolding around him until he walks by the Shandor Building. He suddenly stops and his jaw drops as he recognizes the building as his destination. Vinz arrives at the 22nd floor where he finally finds Zuul, who has possessed Louis' neighbor and longtime unrequited romantic interest, Dana Barrett. Zuul lays seductively on a sofa within Dana Barrett's demolished apartment, staring at him in a trance. Vinz introduces himself as the Keymaster and Zuul, smiling seductively, responds that she is the Gatekeeper. Vinz enters the apartment as the door magically
Vinz and Zuul stare at the Temple
slams shut behind him. The Keymaster enters the remains of Dana's living room and stares in awe as his Gatekeeper rises from the sofa and saunters seductively toward him. The two demons embrace and share a passionate kiss inside the devastated apartment before walking toward a shrine atop their building.

At the shrine atop the building the possessed pair consummate their demonic union on a large stone altar, resting afterwards as the temple atop the building stores demonic energy coming from lightning showers raining from the dark sky above. Vinz and Zuul then depart the altar and take their places atop the large pedestals previously occupied by the gargoyle statues, waiting anxiously until it becomes time to open the interdimensional portal for Gozer. The two demons raise their arms to the sky, attracting showers of lightning bolts from atop the Temple of Gozer. Zuul and Vinz redirect the energy toward the temple causing the massive doors to grind open. As they completely swing the doors open, the two demons absorb the supernatural lightning which causes them to transform back into the native monstrous forms of their inhabitants, trapping Louis inside his demonic being along with Dana inside of Zuul's demonic body. Both beasts roared ferociously at the Ghostbusters and took their places beside Gozer during its arrival but were eventually destroyed when the team "crossed the streams" and reversed the particle flow through the gateway, defeating Gozer by creating a massive explosion. Louis was extracted, alive and unharmed, from Vinz's burnt corpse while Dana was extracted from Zuul's charred remains. Neither seemed to be aware of their actions during their demonic possession.



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