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The Shandor Building.
The Shandor Building is an apartment building in New York City constructed as a super-conductive antenna and portal to our realm, by the Cult of Gozer to bring forth their master, Gozer himself in his Destructor Form. The building is also known as 55 Central Park West and Dana Barrett's apartment building.


In 1984, in anticipation of Gozer's arrival, two Terror Dogs broke out of a pair of Gothic statues placed on the roof and proceeded to attack and inhabit Dana Barrett and Louis Tully, two tenants on the 22nd floor of the apartment building.

Dana now under the identity of Zuul, the Gatekeeper and Louis under the identity of Vinz Clortho, the Keymaster seek each other out and, after a long journey, meet in Dana's apartment following an explosion at the Ghostbusters Firehouse. Dana and Louis (under the control of Zuul and Vinz Clortho) make out passionately and make their way toward the building roof to the Temple of Gozer, where they complete their union and open the portal for Gozer to enter our realm. Afterwards the two transform into the Terror Dog monsters and take their places beside Gozer, in a mythic female form, as she appears and confronts the Ghostbusters.

Gozer electrocutes the Ghostbusters before they fire back at her causing her to vanish and later assume a new Destructor Form: the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man, after being inadvertently chosen by Ray. Finally, the Ghostbusters reverse the particle flow through Gozer's gateway and cause the biggest interdimensional crossrip since the Tunguska blast of 1909. During the blast the Terror Dogs are charred and returned to their statue forms, temporarily trapping Dana and Louis, in human form, inside of them before the Ghostbusters rescue them.

Dana's Apartment

Dana stares at the self-frying eggs in her kitchen.
Dana lives in room number 2206 on the 22nd floor. One day, after returning to her place from getting groceries, Dana witnesses several eggs jump off a carton and fry atop her kitchen counter. Frightened, she hears a rumbling noise coming from her refrigerator. Upon opening it, inside she catches a glimpse of the Temple of Gozer and a demonic, doglike creature, standing guard at the temple door. The demon stares at Dana and growls out the name "Zuul" at her as she screams horrifed and slams the door shut. Dana leaves her apartment and seeks the Ghostbusters for help. Peter Venkman, immediately attracted to her, offers to help and investigates her apartment with a Ghost Sniffer but is unable to get any reading on the device. Dana becomes annoyed when he uses his opportunity to hit on her, going as far as to tell her he is "madly in love with her". Dana finally kicks him out of her apartment, slamming the door in his face.

As the Ghostbusters investigation progresses, she runs into Dr. Venkman after rehearsal and he convinces her to have a date with him to discuss the details of her case. On the night of their proposed date, Dana is attacked inside her apartment by Zuul. This time, however, Dana is unable to escape as demonic claws rip through her sofa and pin her down it slides into what was her kitchen door where she is possessed and inhabited by the Terror Dog.

Peter later arrives at her place to encounter Dana who is now under demonic possession and looking incredibly seductive. She asks him if
In her bedroom, the possessed Dana floats as Peter watches.
he is the Keymaster and when he responds negatively, she angrily slams the door in his face. Peter then knocks on her door again and, when she asks once more if he is the Keymaster, tricks the possessed Dana into letting him in. Inside the apartment Dana speaks excitedly of preparing for the "coming of Gozer" as Peter looks around her apartment to notice charred furniture seeping with ectoplasm. She leads him to her bedroom where she sprawls out on her bed, in a wanton attempt to seduce him under the false impression that he is The Keymaster. Peter follows along, nonchalantly evading her incredibly forthcoming advances. Dana slams him down forcefully on her bed, briefly pinning him and making out but Peter deftly breaks free and subdues her demanding to speak to "Dana". Under her possession she playfully replies that "there is no Dana, there is only Zuul" before once again attempting to kiss him. Peter holds his ground, pinning her back onto the bed and once more demanding to talk to "Dana". Now visibly irritated, the possessed Dana bares her teeth viciously, panting rabidly before forcefully declaring in a demonic voice that "there is no Dana, only Zuul!". Peter, briefly taken aback, continues his insistence and gives her to the count of three to talk to "Dana". With each count Dana presents deeper signs of her possession: first rolling her eyes and snarling, then thrashing her head from side to side while panting like a beast, and then finally exploding into a fit of rage, growling monstrously at Peter. The demonic Dana begins levitating above her bed, continually growling and snarling ferociously in frustration. As she turns her body over in midair, Peter lies down on her bed underneath her floating body. She begins stroking his face until Peter asks her to come down,
The two demons finally meet at Dana's apartment.
Dana responds with a horrendous roar which finally rattles him. Dana is later sedated by Peter, lying unconscious on her bed while Peter heads back to the Firehouse. She finally wakes up when the storage grid explodes, setting all the captured ghosts free.

With full view from her bay windows, the possessed Dana watches with a contented evil grin as the ghosts and supernatural energy fill the city skyline. As she approaches her windows, Dana notices streams of energy floating past her window up towards the roof of the building and she unleashes a horrendous roar, causing her entire wall to explode leaving a path for The Keymaster to find her. After the explosion Dana awaits the successful arrival of Vinz Clortho, the Keymaster. She waits lounging in a chair in the middle of her demolished apartment when her front door swings open to reveal a disheveled Louis standing in the hallway. He reveals himself to be the Keymaster, to which a smiling Dana seductively replies that she is the Gatekeeper. Louis walks into the apartment as the door magically slams shut behind him. He approaches the center of what remains of the living room as Dana rises from her chair to greet him. The possessed pair embrace in a passionate kiss before she leads him to the rooftop of their building where they consummate their demonic union in front of Gozer's Temple in order to complete the ritual to open the gates for their master’s coming. A hidden stairwell, behind what used to be her kitchen door, was taken by the pair to directly access the roof. The Ghostbusters later access this stairwell when they arrive to save the world.

Louis' Apartment

One hell of a party crasher
Louis Tully lives in apartment number 2202 on the 22nd floor across the hall and two doors down from Dana Barrett. He is obsessed with her, going as far as to meet her in the hallway seemingly every time she walks by. For some reason, every time he tries to go back in his apartment the door keeps locking on him. Soon after Dana becomes possessed by Zuul, Louis is hosting a party to celebrate his four-year anniversary as an accountant when Vinz Clortho bursts through his closet door, terrifying his guests. Louis flees his apartment with the Terror Dog chasing behind, eventually becoming inhabited and possessed by the demon. The police conduct a brief investigation of Louis' apartment later that night, as Peter Venkman briefly witnesses on his way to his date with Dana.

Building Rooftop

Dana and Louis open the portal for Gozer
The possessed Dana and Louis arrive at the rooftop and consumate their union as the Ghostbusters speak with the mayor. They later awake atop a large stone table, with Dana sitting up to look around the rooftop before a disheveled Louis slowly rises with an ear to ear grin and his broken belt dangling limply between his legs. The possessed neighbors shared a brief glance then proceed to slide off of the table, staring at the massive Temple doors in front of them as it absorbs lightning strikes from the dark sky above. Dana and Louis walk toward the opposite Terror Dog pedestals of their possessors, Zuul and Vinz Clortho, as the top of the Temple glows brightly from the lightning strikes. Dana and Louis stare ecstatically as the bolts of lightning continue striking the top of the Temple of Gozer, causing it to glow. As the Ghostbusters trudge up the stairs toward the rooftop, the demonic couple stand atop their pedestals with heads tilted upward to stare entranced at the Temple. With the Ghostbusters discovering the hidden staircase toward the roof, Dana and Louis smile and raise their arms to the sky. As soon as their arms reach their peaks bolts of lightning shoot out from the top of the temple, striking Dana and Louis who then divert the energy toward the large temple doors. White light begins to seep through the doors as they begin to grind open. The Ghostbusters arrive and notice the lightning striking the doorway, they march forward to investigate further. The doors swing fully open and Dana and Louis begin absorbing the full power of the twin streams of light as they stare at the mythical Temple of Gozer, now fully visible past the open portal. The Ghostbusters arrive in front of the pedestals and stare in shock as they see Dana Barrett writhing and thrashing atop the pedestal, her body glowing as lightning flows through her. Peter unsuccessfully calls out to her as she thrashes violently under the force of the energy beams. Dana lowers her hands to the ground where she becomes consumed by a large blast of lightning. The Ghostbusters stare and react in horror as Dana thrashes her head back, transforming into a demonic Terror Dog. The Ghostbusters stare in disbelief as Dana and Louis, also transformed into a demonic dog, turn toward them and growl menacingly. The Terror Dogs grunt and snarl as they leap toward the Temple of Gozer and take their places beside the mythical translucent doorway.



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