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Zuul, a ferocious female Terror Dog, was The Gatekeeper of Gozer. Being female, she had shorter horns than her male counterpart, Vinz Clortho, The Keymaster.
Zuul stares out of the temple on her pedestal after transforming back into her demon-dog form
She was worshipped in 6000 BC by various primitive civilizations, and, along with Vinz, had a gargoyle crafted in her likeness flanking the temple on the roof of the Shandor Building.

Zuul originally appeared standing guard in Gozer's Temple inside Dana Barrett's refrigerator after she had arrived from getting groceries. The demon growled out its name at her in a horrendous demonic voice, frightening her into visiting the Ghostbusters for help. After it's original apparition, both gargoyles "hatched" from their statues atop the Shandor Building in the middle of a thunderstorm. The Terror Dogs possessed two tenants in the building, Dana and her neighbor Louis Tully, in order to copulate as part of the ritual required to open the gateway to Gozer's dimension.

Zuul in the body of Dana Barrett

Zuul chose to possess Dana Barrett, manifesting her possession in Dana by making her very sexually aggressive and giving her the ability to levitate, growl monstrously like a demonic dog, and transform into one.

After successfully possessing Dana, Zuul could speak in Dana's voice and use her human body but could not access her memory or knowledge. Awaiting the arrival of the Keymaster, Zuul encountered Peter Venkman when he arrived for his pre-arranged date with Dana. When Peter sees her he is immediately taken aback by the radical change in appearance Dana had undergone through the Gatekeeper's control. She was wearing a diaphanous, bright red dress, her face was heavily made up and her wild hair flowed loosely over her bare shoulders. Catching Peter off guard Zuul (in Dana's body) sensually asked him if he was the Keymaster, to which he replied negatively. Disappointed, Zuul quickly slammed the door in his face. Peter regrouped and knocked on her door once again, which she opened. Seemingly unaware of their previous encounter a mere moments ago, Zuul smiles seductively and asks him once again if he is the Keymaster. This time Peter lies in order to gain entry to the apartment, stating he is a friend of the Keymaster. Zuul nods her head, grinning and Peter quickly makes his way inside. Zuul turns toward her living room as Peter closes the entry door behind her. He follows her and asks for her name. She introduces herself as Zuul, the Gatekeeper as he looks around her living room. Peter notices the apartment walls and furniture are oozing ectoplasm and realizes the severity of Dana's situation. Peter cautiously asks her what are their plans for the day as she walks into the bedroom. Zuul excitedly they must prepare for the coming of Gozer,
Dana, under Zuul's influence, levitates and growls demonically at Peter.
ominously calling it “the Destructor” as she looks back at him with an evil look in her eyes. Peter stares at Zuul as she lays back on the bed where she proceeds to wantonly seduce him, staring lustily at Peter while writhing sensually as he makes his way into the bedroom. He speaks casually to her, ignoring her seductive advances, and asks her if they are still going out. Zuul intensifies her aggressive seduction, she gyrates up and down on her bed, asking Peter in an incredibly sexy voice if he wants her body. Peter continues to ignore her very obvious advances while Zuul responds by dialing up the seduction even further. She rises from her bed to meet Peter face to face, staring lustfully at him as she rises. He cracks more jokes, Zuul responds commanding Peter to "take her now" then grabbing him and slamming him onto the bed. Zuul pounces on him, passionately making out with him and declaring she wants him inside of her. Peter withstands her advances, breaking free and kneeling beside her as he gets Zuul to lie down on the bed. Peter asks to speak to "Dana" to which she responds that "there is no Dana, there is only Zuul" before trying to sit up and kiss him. Peter gently restrains a visibly frustrated Zuul and insists once more on speaking with "Dana". Zuul begins panting rapidly like a dog, baring her teeth at Peter in a menacing grin. She has become increasingly frustrated by his rejection and responds in an otherworldly, demonic voice, "There is no Dana, only Zuul!". Peter, seemingly unfazed by the hellish voice he just heard, cracks another joke and gives Zuul to the count of three to let him speak with "Dana". As he counts down Zuul (in Dana's body) exhibits further signs of demonic possession. First she rolls her eyes while purring demonically, then he counts to two and Zuul begins violently thrashing her head while panting desperately like a wild dog. Peter looks on concerned and frustratedly counts to two-and-a-half. Finally, a furious Zuul
Vinz leers at the stunning Zuul after their passionate makeout
concludes their "date" by growling and snarling ferociously before levitating above her bed. Finally free of Peter's grasp, Zuul unleashes several monstrous growls and roars as she continues to rise above the bed. Quietly observing the purring Zuul float in midair, Peter calmly asks her to come down to which the floating demoness angrily responds with a horrendous guttural roar which finally scares him. Afterwards Peter sedates Zuul and leaves her unconscious on her bed, panting, while he heads over to the Ghostbusters headquarters. When the firehouse explodes, releasing all of the ghosts onto New York City, Zuul awakes with a snarl, sensing the release of psychic energy. She rises from her bed and stares ecstatically at the events from the apartment then, as the supernatural energy flows past her window, she unleashes another monstrous roar which causes her entire living room wall to explode outward leaving a contented Zuul staring through the haze. The demonic Zuul proceeds to wait for the Keymaster, lounging seductively on her sofa with her legs spread apart. Eventually she senses a presence approach and suddenly thrashes her head forward to stare at the apartment entrace. The door swings open to reveal a bewildered looking Vinz Clortho, in the body of Louis Tully, who immediately notices the ravishing Zuul lying seductively on her sofa. He introduces himself as the Keymaster, an ecstatic Zuul replies introducing herself as the Gatekeeper. The two demons meet at the center of Dana's demolished apartment and engage in a passionate kiss, interrupted when Zuul turns to lead Vinz toward a dark, ominous staircase up to the Temple of Gozer where the two minions, in their
Zuul, about to transform into her demon-dog form
human forms, proceed to consummate their sexual union as part of the ritual to prepare for the coming of their master, Gozer.

As the Ghostbusters make their way toward the Temple, Zuul and Vinz Clortho awake after having demonic sex atop a large altar. Zuul sits up coyly, her evil eyes scanning the rooftop when Vinz awakes with a contented grin and dangling limp belt between his legs. The two demons briefly look at each other before they slide off of the altar. They stare in awe at the top of the Temple as it is struck by lightning from the hellish storm above. Zuul and Vinz take their places atop the stone pedestals previously mounted by the Terror Dogs where they await and watch excitedly as the massive structure before them is struck by lightning bolts shooting from the dark sky. As the Ghostbusters close in on the Temple, Zuul and Vinz raise their arms to the sky when, suddenly, lightning shoots from the top of the Temple striking both demons who redirect the energy toward the large Temple door causing it to slowly open. Upon completion of the opening of the portal for Gozer, Zuul and Vinz absorb the supernatural energy, briefly making their bones glow and causing their bodies to gyrate violently until they succumb and lower their arms down to their pedestals which triggers a large blast of light around them, transforming them from Dana and Louis' human bodies into Zuul and Vinz Clortho's natural dog forms. Upon completion of their transformation their bones briefly glow, revealing an entirely different and monstrous bone structure. Zuul briefly stares at her monstrous body before she and Vinz turn to notice the Ghostbusters, the two demonic beasts roar horrendously at them and wag their tails before taking their places beside Gozer at the Temple. Zuul and Vinz snarl and roar ferociously when Gozer electrocutes the Ghostbusters. The dogs were later calcified when the Ghostbusters crossed the streams and reversed the particle flow through the gateway, creating a massive explosion. Dana was extracted, alive and unharmed, from Zuul's burnt corpse.




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