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Daniel West is a male comic supervillain that features in DC Comics.



Daniel West was the son of William and was the younger brother of Iris West. During his birth, complications led to the death of his already ill mother and led to his father taking up drinking. In these years, his father was noted for being violent and abusive to his children where he regularly beat his son. Daniel came to believe that his father hated him and blamed him for the death of his mother. His sister Iris regularly attempted to console him and tried to shield him from their father. Despite that, he was regularly beaten up by his father and ran away from home. When he was 8 years old, his sister found him and once more consoled him stating she would always protect him where she asked him not to run away again. Daniel told her that she was the only good thing in her life whilst crickets were making their sounds in the woods. This event was said to be the last time he was happy and he came to like the sounds of crickets as he associated the event with how his sister had comforted him during this time. (Flash v4 #23.2)

When he was 12 years old, Daniel had lived an isolated life without any friends and his father did not provide him much care. As a result, he had to find other ways to manage in life where he decided to take crickets from the backyard as friends. Despite their noisy nature, their clicking sounds helped him fall asleep and were a comfort to him. During this time, his father poured burning hot coffee into the bowl containing the crickets thus killing them with this angering Daniel who attacked his father. His father pushed him aside at ease and headed to the stairs where Daniel in a fit of rage pushed him where he inadvertently caused him to fall down the stairs. Iris had arrived to see what happened and was horrified at what he brother had done with this event 11 years ago forever tearing apart the two siblings. In the aftermath, his father William was crippled and unable to walk again as a result of the fall. (Flash v4 #23.2)

Around five years ago, he joined an up-and-coming stick-up crew in order to perform a heist on the condition no one was hurt. He attempted to reconnect with his sister but she refused as she wanted him to lead a more honest life. During the heist, the crew were ready to escape when they were pursued by the Flash during one of his first acts as a superhero. Daniel was caught along with the others before they could get away leading to their arrest and as he was recently over 18 years old he was sent to a state penitentiary. (Flash v4 #23.2)

After being released from prison, his criminal past affected his job prospects making it difficult to get work which was when Central City was attacked by the intelligent apes from Gorilla City. During the gorilla invasion, Daniel West accompanied another of other civilians that were taken to safety by the Rogues to their lair in Mirror World. However, whilst there, the Rogues decided to form a protection fee where all the civilians had to donate money to remain. Daniel refused to take part and escaped where he crashed the car he was driving into a Speed Force battery that was being teleported out of Mirror World. The resultant explosion that brought him back to the real world had led to pieces of the train track where the Speed Force battery was located to meld into his body but Daniel survived. He had also been transformed from the incident into a speedster with a tie to the Speed Force. (Flash v4 #23.2)


Personality and attributes

He did not consider himself the villain but simply the person trying to set things right. Daniel hated his father William who he called a bastard and a true monster who he blamed for breaking his relationship with his sister Iris. He believed that he was a screw-up from a broken home with him blaming his dad for becoming the person he was as an adult. (Flash v4 #23.2)

To Daniel, his sister was the only good thing he had in the world and he loved her deeply. Daniel had long sought to reconnect with his sister after relations between them had become strained. (Flash v4 #23.2)

Prison life was said to had changed him a bit but not as much as the experiences from his childhood. (Flash v4 #23.2)

Powers and abilities

Following his accident, he gained the powers of a speedster allowing him to run at super-speeds. He could utilise the power to actually change from his normal form to that of the Reverse-Flash. It had also led to the monorail remains fusing with his own body as he was now bound to the energy from the battery bounding him to the Speed Force. The Speed Force was responsible for using the metal to him and had showed him glimpses of others linked to its power. Daniel had the unique ability to actually be able to go back in time though ability came at a cost. He was not strong enough to make big jumps but he could drain the power from other speedsters using the Speed Force and utilise them as fuel to go further back in time. (Flash v4 #23.2)


  • The Daniel West Reverse-Flash was created by Brian Buccellato and Francis Manapul where he made his first appearance in Flash v4 #0 (November, 2012).

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