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The Rogues in Flash v4 #23.3.

The Rogues are a team that features in DC Comics.




Barry Allen's enemies uniting in The Flash v1 #130.

The Rogues are a collective name for the "classic" foes of the Flash, including Captain Cold, Heat Wave, Weather Wizard, the Trickster, Captain Boomerang, Mirror Master, and Doctor Alchemy. The group sometimes worked together, as they were linked by their common beliefs- all of them (except the second Mirror Master) saw supervillainy as an adventurous pursuit, and their battles with the Flash had always been like a game.

Some time after the Zero Hour crisis, five of the Rogues- Captain Cold, Heat Wave, Weather Wizard, Captain Boomerang, and Mirror Master- became pawns of the demon Neron, who gave them upgraded weaponry in exchange for their souls and an errand of destruction. Unfortunately, their actions also led to their deaths, while giving Neron wider access to Earth to begin his plans. Later, Neron resurrected the five Rogues as soulless destroyers, trying to force the third Flash to make a deal with him in exchange for fully restoring them.

The Rogues regained their souls, but were all affected by their stay in Hell. The five later made efforts to prevent their ever returning to Neron's realm. Still later, the actions of the mysterious fourth Flash (such as causing an explosion that nearly killed Captain Boomerang) led the frightened Rogues to create Replicant, for the sake of their own survival.

A new version of the Rogues came to be established by the Blacksmith who formed them as part of her underground black market Network that was operating in Keystone City. This recruited a number of supervillains that included Girder, Magenta, Murmur and Plunder. They were later joined by the new Trickster Axel Walker who helped steal vital information from the police that would have exposed the Network's operations. (Flash v2 #183) They later struck against the Flash where Murmur came to infect the speedster with his frenzy virus. (Flash v2 #184) Their attack coincided with a similar attack by the Thinker who was looking to take over Keystone City. (Flash v2 #185)


Following the Flashpoint, a new version of reality was created with a different history of events.

After defeating the Rogues, the Flash had them taken to Ironheights where Captain Cold along with the Rogues quickly established themselves as the leader of the gang of supervillains that were detained in the prison. (The Flash v5 #17)


On the run in Salvation Run v1 #1.


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  • The Rogues were created by John Broome and Carmine Infantino where they made their first appearance in Flash v1 #130 (August 1962).

In other media


  • In The Flash, the Rogues made an appearance in the 2014 live-action series set in the Arrowverse. The episode "Rogue Time", the Flash referred to Snarts group as a 'rogues gallery' with Captain Cold liking the name.


  • In Justice League: The Flashpoint Paradox, the Rogues appeared as minor antagonists in the animated film.

Video games


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