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The Dark Beast in Excalibur v3 #9.

Dark Beast is a male comic supervillain character that features in Marvel Comics.




Beast vs. Dark Beast in X-Men Unlimited v1 #10.

Hank McCoy was an alternate reality version of the Mutant Hank McCoy with this one residing on Earth-295 which was the Age of Apocalypse.

A New Reality

Whilst being transported to the Raft, he was secretly broken out of the prison truck by Wolverine's covert X-Force team who required his assistance following a marked change in Archangel's actions. Dark Beast revealed that this was the result of the death of Apocalypse causing the Death Seed within Warren Worthington III to activate to lead to his transformation as the new evolutionary caretaker of the Earth. McCoy stated that the only thing able to purge a Death Seed was a Celestial Life Seed that was only grown every thousand years but stated he had one in his laboratory situated in his home reality in the Age of Apocalypse forcing the team having to travel there to recover it. (Uncanny X-Force v1 #10)

He was later operating a secret laboratory in New Tian during the time HYDRA had taken over America. The Secret Warriors arrived in search for an Inhuman named Leer with Dark Beast not cooperating leading to Daisy Johnson along with Karnak interrogating him for the information. (Secret Warriors v2 #3)


Wearing a containment suit in Uncanny X-Men v3 #21.

Though seemingly dead, his head was recovered by Mister Sinister who saved McCoy's life which was fitted on a brand new mechanical body. He began to experiment in technological evolution leading to the capture of numerous of dupes of Multiple Man that were forcibly transformed into cyborgs. (Uncanny X-Men v5 #13)


Personality and attributes

He later began to experiment in the use of technological evolution as he believed this was the future of their race. Despite this focus on technology, he still considered himself a Mutant and wanted the world to embrace this process. (Uncanny X-Men v5 #13)

Powers and abilities

He was later given a cybernetic body capable of shapeshifting to produce weapons and other features in combat. (Uncanny X-Men v5 #13)


  • Dark Beast was created by Scott Lobdell and Roger Cruz where he made his first appearance in X-Men Alpha (February, 1995).
  • The character was an alternate version of the original character made by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby.

Alternate Versions

  • In Age of Apocalypse v2 (2015), a version of the Dark Beast survived on Battleworld in the area controlled by Apocalypse. This version was similar to the original as being an evil scientist that served under Mister Sinister and had his own assistant namely Doctor Nemesis. He was later killed by Doctor Nemesis who empowered himself with the abilities of numerous Mutants and had infected the realm with the plague.

In other media

Video games

  • In X-Men Legends II: Rise of Apocalypse, the Dark Beast was shown to be a mind controlled Beast that had been captured by Apocalypse. After attacking the X-Mansion, Beast was given to Mister Sinister who made use of drugs to brain wash Hank McCoy turning him into a villainous version of himself. He was shown to battle the X-Men alongside Mr. Sinister whereupon he was cured and showed guilt over his actions.
  • In X-Men: Battle of the Atom, Dark Beast appeared as a card in the iOS video card game.


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