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Dodoria was one of Frieza’s top soldiers, a fat pink monster covered in spikes. An evil, vicious brute, Dodoria was willing to do any evil task for Frieza. Years before, he had personally eliminated the friends of Bardock, and even came close to killing Bardock himself.

Dodoria went with Frieza to Namek to help him gather the Dragon Balls. There, he took great joy in slaughtering the many natives who did not bow to Frieza and, in some cases, even those who did. When Gohan and Krillin intervened and rescued Dende from his claws, Dodoria gave chase to them, but eventually lost them.

On his way back to Frieza, he encountered Vegeta. The two fought, but Vegeta overpowered Dodoria, who hoped Vegeta would let him go if he told him the truth about Planet Vegeta: that it had really been Frieza who destroyed the planet and not a comet as everyone had been told. Unfazed by this news, Vegeta simply blasted Dodoria to nothingess as he tried to flee.

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