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Asmodeus is a name shared by several characters from the Marvel Universe.


Asmodeus (Enclave)

An amorphous demon worshipped by the Enclave.

Asmodeus (Ghost Rider)

Demon who wished to gain control of Ghost Rider and use him to conquer the world. He later dealt with Mephisto to that end, who eventually opted to destroy him.

Asmodeus (Dracula)

Demonic entity responsible (for unknown reasons) for the resurrection of Dracula, who also sent demons to assist him against Frank Drake.

Asmodeus (Dr. Benton)

Alias Dr. Benton, wizard and leader of the Sons of Satannish, a cult devoted to the demon Satannish. He sold his soul to Satannish to gain great mystical power. Asmodeus battled Doctor Strange and attempted to summon the giants Ymir and Surtur to destroy the world. He suffered a heart attack and died during mystical combat with Strange, and the giants were banished thanks to the Black Knight and the Avengers. Later, he was given a chance to make amends by Satannish, temporarily restored to life, but he was stopped again by the Defenders. When last seen, his soul had been recaptured by his demonic master.


The Asmodeus associated with Dracula was never seen, and may be one and the same as the Enclave's Asmodeus or the Asmodeus that fought Ghost Rider.

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