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Elita-One was a female Autobot (female Cybertron) and leader of an Autobot (Cybertron) resistance cell on Cybertron (Seibertron). Elita-One began her existence as Ariel, a worker Autobot and girlfriend of Orion Pax. Nine million years ago, Megatron attacked the energy depot where she and Pax worked, and she was badly damaged. Saved by a mysterious group of Autobots (the time-displaced Aerialbots), Ariel was rebuilt by Alpha Trion into a warrior robot called Elita-One. While Pax- now Optimus Prime (Convoy)- was given the Autobot Matrix of Leadership (Cybertron Matrix of Leadership), Elita was given an ability just as potent- she could temporarily stop time. However, the ability drained so much of her power that she rarely ever used it.

Elita served a command role in the Autobot military during subsequent years, but few specifics were given. When Optimus Prime and his best troops left Cybertron in the Ark, he believed she had been slain in a missile attack, but in actuality she formed a secret resistance cell of female Autobots. Elita's fellow warriors included Chromia, Firestar and Moonracer, and they occasionally turned to Alpha Trion for aid and information. Their secrecy was so total that both Autobots and Decepticons (Destrons) came to believe that Elita-One and her kind had been destroyed.

In 1985, Elita's cell was rediscovered, leading to Starscream leading a squad to exterminate them. Although they were only able to trap the females in their collapsed base, Starscream did capture Elita. On learning this, a surprised and distressed Prime (with other Autobots tagging along) went to Cybertron to save her. This forced Elita to save a captured Optimus using her time-stopping power. Depleting most of her life-force as a result, Elita was taken by Prime to Alpha Trion. She was repaired in time for both the male and female Autobot leaders to rally their forces against the Decepticons. Afterwards, Elita and Prime parted ways again.

Elita-One's ultimate fate is unknown.

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