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The Destron insignia

The Destrons descended from the Quintessons' Military Hardware line of robots. Much of the early history of the Destrons remains unknown, but they doubtless were instrumental in the overthrow of the Quintessons' rule and in the foundation of the golden age that followed the revolution.

However, the Destrons (as they soon renamed themselves) came to believe that it was their destiny to expand Seibertron's dominion to other worlds, and to conquer the lesser races. The Cybertrons opposed this philosophy of expansion, and the Second Seibertronian War followed. The Destrons had the initial advantage, but it was soon countered by the Cybertrons' development of transformation technology. However, the Destrons replicated and improved this technology.

An uneasy peace followed the Second Seibertronian War, but the Decepticons secretly created their ultimate weapon- Megatron. Megatron led the Destrons to destroy the current Cybertron leader, and started the Third Seibertronian War. Megatron was the greatest leader the faction ever knew, until he led the Nemesis to attack the Ark around 4 million years ago. Both ships crashlanded on prehistoric Earth, and Laserwave was forced to assume leadership of the Destrons in his absence.

Megatron and his warriors awoke anew in 1984, and quickly took advantage of the energy-rich planet they landed on, making plans to strip Earth of its resources so that Cybertron could be revitalized. However, Convoy and his Cybertrons continued to oppose them. Despite this, Megatron led the Destrons to a conquest of Seibertron by 2005, forcing the Cybertrons to relocate to the planet's moons.

Unfortunately for the Destrons, Megatron chose in 2005 to lead a sneak attack on Cybertron City on Earth, which led to a climactic battle that slew many warriors and left Megatron near death. Starscream, who had always coveted Megatron's position of leadership, seized the opportunity and left Megatron and the other dying warriors for dead in space, where they were encountered by Unicron. In exchange for destroying the Cybertron Matrix of Leadership, Unicron recreated Megatron and his warriors into Galvatron, Cyclonus, Scourge, and the Sweeps. Galvatron destroyed Starscream and retook leadership, leading the Destrons to hunt Ultra Magnus and the Matrix within him. However, Galvatron attempted to break free from Unicron's control using the artifact when he acquired it, leading the planet-eater to attack Cybertron. The Decepticons defended their homeworld, but it was the power of the Matrix that destroyed Unicron and threw Galvatron across the galaxy, landing in a lava pit on the planet Thrull.

The Destrons were so weakened that the Cybertrons were able to retake their homeworld. There were five years of peace, before, in 2010, Galvatron resumed the War, and the new threat of the returning Quintessons arose. The battles continued, until the Hate Plague crisis, during which Convoy earned Galvatron's respect- earning another brief respite from war. Galvatron's Destrons were contacted by another group of Destrons from the planet Master, who donated their advanced technology to the war effort.

In 2011, Galvatron attacked Seibertron with his new Headmaster allies, resparking the war once again. Eventually, Headmaster commander Zarak engineered Galvatron's demise, taking over all the Destrons as Scorponok. The Scorponok body was destroyed by Fortress Maximus, but Zarak returned as Black Zarak, only to be taken over by an entity known as Devil Z. Devil Z led the Destrons- first through Zarak, and later directly- in a battle against Metalhawk's Cybertrons on Earth, only to lose as well.

Deathsaurus took over the Destrons, battling the Cybertrons in space for a time before returning to Earth. Following Deathsaurus' defeat, a being known as Violenjiger resurrected some of the mightiest Destrons of the past in a bid to capture the Cybertron Zodiac- he, too, failed.

Eventually, the Destrons were finally defeated, bound to peace by the Pax Cybertronia. During the next 300 years, the Destrons' Tripredacus Council plotted their own agenda, with only a faction known as the True Path- including members such as Megatron, Galvatron and Magmatron- actively battling the Cybertron authorities.

From a point further in the future, another faction of Destrons- calling themselves Destrongers and led by Gigatron- traveled back to the year 2000 to seize the O-Parts. They were eventually defeated by Fire Convoy and his Cybertrons.

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