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For other uses of this name, see Megatron (disambiguation).

Megatron is the original and best-known leader of the Decepticons in many of the Transformers universes.


U.S. Animated, Japan

Megatron in robot mode and gun mode.

Over nine million years ago, Megatron was created. He gathered together a group of Decepticons (Destrons) and prepared for the Third Cybertronian War. Before the war really began, Megatron attacked a warehouse in an Autobot (Cybertron) city and mortally wounded Orion Pax, Pax's girlfriend Ariel, and Pax's best friend Dion. He then stole the warehouse's energon. Following that, Megatron mounted an attack on the Guardian Robots and was opposed by the rebuilt Orion Pax- Optimus Prime (Convoy).

Over the millennia, Megatron fought his way through the ranks and became supreme leader of all Decepticons. Five million years later, he was in almost total control of Cybertron. Knowing an energy crisis was coming, he decided to follow the Autobots on their search for a new energy source. Leaving Shockwave as Guardian of Cybertron, Megatron took Starscream, Soundwave, Skywarp, Thundercracker, Ravage (Jaguar, Laserbeak (Condor), Rumble, Frenzy, Buzzsaw and Reflector, with him as he boarded the Nemesis. They launched and pursued the Ark. The Decepticons boarded the Ark and engaged the Autobots in battle before it crashed into Mount St. Hilary on Earth. All aboard remained in stasis lock for four million years.

(While in stasis, his spark was stolen by the time-traveling Predacon (Destron) also named Megatron.)

After a volcanic eruption reawakened the Transformers, Megatron's first plan was to build a new space cruiser and head back to Cybertron. However, he was thwarted by the Autobots, and his ship crashed into the ocean. It was later rebuilt and used as a headquarters by the Decepticons. Megatron decided to take advantage of the situation by plundering Earth of its energy. He made contact with Shockwave on Cybertron, and established a Space Bridge to transport energon to their home planet. Megatron made many efforts to both destroy the Autobots and gain all the energy he needed.

By 2005, Megatron had completely conquered Cybertron and was prepared to destroy the Autobots once and for all. He hijacked an Autobot shuttle, killing all the Autobots aboard, and attacked Autobot City (Cybertron City) on Earth. Optimus Prime soon arrived to engage Megatron in a final duel. Optimus was seemingly the victor, and Megatron went for a gun, but the Autobot Hot Rod (Hot Rodimus) saw this. He attempted to stop Megatron from doing this, and threw himself at the Decepticon leader, but Megatron used Hot Rod as a shield and dealt a fatal blow to Optimus. In one final act of defiance, Optimus knocked Megatron off the side of the building, where he was saved by Soundwave as the Decepticons retreated. While en route back to Cybertron, Astrotrain told the Decepticons to eject some mass or they would never make it to Cybertron. Seeing an oppurtunity to gain leadership, Starscream threw Megatron out of into space along with other injured Decepticons.

Megatron was found by Unicron and offered a new body and new troops to command, in exchange for his service and the destruction of the Autobot Matrix of Leadership (Cybertron Matrix of Leadership). After being threatened with death Megatron agreed, and was re-born as Galvatron.

Super Megatron

In the Japanese continuity, Galvatron's body was retrieved from the Arctic by Dark Nova, who extracted Megatron and upgraded him into Super Megatron. He was defeated by the Cybertrons, and upgraded again into Ultra Megatron. After a last defeat, Dark Nova merged with him and they became Star Giant. They were finally destroyed by Star Convoy.


Megatron's alternate mode was a Walther P38 handgun (specifically, an UNCLE Special), and his formidable trademark weapon was his Fusion Cannon.

Marvel U.S.

Megatron after his Cobra upgrade, in robot mode and tank mode.

Millions of years ago, Megatron was created, possibly by the Liege Maximo. He eventually formed the Decepticons and planned to conquer Cybertron. He followed the Autobots to Earth and engaged in many battles with them before being overthrown by Shockwave.

Megatron then made a deal with Ratchet to find the Dinobots and destroy Shockwave, but was betrayed and defeated. Megatron later regained leadership of the Decepticons, and engaged Optimus Prime in battle within a computer world. He cheated, forcing Prime to betray his morals to defeat him. As a result, Prime killed himself. Megatron had a nervous breakdown, and became paranoid about Optimus Prime, eventually blowing himself up in the Space Bridge.

He surfaced again on Cybertron, and planned to destroy the Autobots by using explosives to destroy their headquarters, only to be defeated and blown up with Ratchet through the Trans-Time Dimensional Portal. They were fused together and suspended in an interdimensional void known as Unspace, before being retrieved, separated, and placed into stasis. Megatron awoke when the Ark was stolen by Starscream and Shockwave and was attacked by his future self, Galvatron, before they agreed to join forces and rule the universe. That alliance ended when the Ark crashed.

Megatron emerged and made a deal with the terrorist organization Cobra. In exchange for Cybertronian technology, he would be completely rebuilt with a new tank alternate mode. He reanimated many of his old Decepticon followers, and reclaimed leadership from Bludgeon. Megatron also gained the Warworld as a new headquarters.

Optimus Prime came to Earth to attempt to get Megatron to side with him against the new Second Generation Decepticons and their leader Lord Jhiaxus. Megatron refused and stole the Creation Matrix, using it to create new Decepticons, before being badly defeated in battle by Jhiaxus. After this, he agreed to the alliance. After the defeat of Jhiaxus, Megatron and Optimus Prime agreed to a permanent alliance.

Marvel U.K.

A clone of Megatron was created by Lord Straxus to serve as his new body, but the clone, believing itself to be the real Megatron, fought off Straxus' influence. He later aided Galvatron during the Time Wars. The clone ultimately encountered the real Megatron, and realized that not only was he a clone, but that Straxus might eventually take him over again. Seeking to prevent Straxus' victory, the clone destroyed himself.


According to the Omega Point series, the Autobot-Decepticon alliance forged after Jhiaxus' defeat will not be permanent. After the threat of the Liege Maximo passes, Megatron will be at odds with Optimus Prime again and will eventually become Galvatron.


Megatron's original alternate mode was a Walther P38 handgun (specifically, an UNCLE Special), and his formidable trademark weapon was his Fusion Cannon. After his Cobra upgrade, his alternate form was a tank, and his primary weapon was the Hyper-Velocity Rail Gun developed by Dr. Biggles-Jones.


Millions of years in Cybertron's past Megatron was a popular gladiator. But nine million years ago he secretly used the gladatorial games to weed out the weak from the strong and gather his followers, telling them that the High Council was engaged in a great deception to prevent them from knowing the truth of their origins and their true destiny. Calling his followers the Decepticons, Megatron started his planet-wide uprising, also using it to mask his exploitation of Cybertron's vast planetary turbines. Taking the city of Kaon, the Decepticons established a capital there. All stepping stones to Megatron's true plans of galactic conquest.

8.2 million years ago, Megatron destroyed Autobot leader Sentinel Prime in order to claim the Matrix only to find it had already been passed to the new leader Optimus Prime. Megatron attempted to destroy Prime and claim the Matrix so he could power Cybertron's planetary engines. Through the Matrix, Megatron saw a vision of the future where the Great War had spread all across the galaxy. Prime managed to erase most of Megatron's memories of the event, but the Decepticon leader escaped with his life.

7.4 million years ago, Megatron began experimenting with Space Bridge technology but was thrown into the Space Bridge by Prime who fell in with him, and the two of them vanished. But six million years ago, Megatron returned to Cybertron bringing with him an army of clone warriors.

4 million years ago, Megatron gathered a group of his warriors together aboard the Nemesis to pursue the Autobots' Ark where they boarded the Ark and it crashed, forcing both sides to lay dormant in stasis lock for four million years. But when Mount St. Hilary erupted in 1984, both factions awoke and continued their war.

(While in stasis, Megatron's Spark was stolen by the time-traveling Predacon also named Megatron.)

The war raged on Earth for many years until in 1999, the nations of the world united with the Autobots to finally defeat and capture the Decepticons. The Ark II was constructed to fly both factions back to Cybertron but it was sabotaged and destroyed. Megatron's remains were found by a terrorist called Lazarus whom attempted to control and auction him, but Megatron broke free and took control of the Decepticons again and tried to spread a technovirus across the planet but was defeated by Optimus Prime and the Autobots.

Six months later, Megatron battled the Autobots at the Arctic Circle where he was defeated by Optimus Prime, but afterwards Shockwave and his forces arrived- having united Cybertron under one banner- to take both sides prisoner. Megatron resisted and was taken down by Shockwave and the rest of the Decepticons quickly joined Shockwave for transport back to Cybertron. Megatron awoke in the ship only to be shot out into space by Starscream while cursing Shockwave's name.

Megatron would likely have perished were he not found by Wreck-Gar and taken to the planet Junk to be repaired. Wreck-Gar found and helped Megatron repair the remains of many of his clone warriors from millions of years ago before betraying the Junkion and leaving him to die. With his soldiers, Megatron journeyed to the planet Beest where he found the amnesiac Predacons and defeated them, personally hunting down Razorclaw, and shortly after reprogramming them and rebuilding them, giving them their new combined form of Predaking. Megatron returned to Cybertron to seek vengeance, seizing command of the Decepticons again and preparing for a grander destiny.

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