Cybertron Matrix of Leadership

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The Cybertron Matrix of Leadership.

The Cybertron Matrix of Leadership was an ancient artifact held by the Cybertrons. Its origins are unknown, but it apparently has a connection to Unicron and possibly his creator Primacron's assistant. It is also connected in some way to the Quintessons, as a Quintesson was one of the earliest recorded minds in its database.

The Matrix is a repository of knowledge, containing the sum memories and wisdom of all the Cybertron leaders. In addition, its vast knowledge gives it vast power, making it prized as an energy source. A Cybertron who installs the Matrix gains greatly boosted strength and wisdom. Wielders of the Matrix can be subjected to visions of the past, present, and future as the Matrix deems it necessary. The Matrix can only be opened, and its full energies released, by an Cybertron leader destined to hold it, not by any other Cybertron or any Destron. However, it can held by any Transformer, even Destrons. (A Destron, Scourge, was even able to channel its power, but doing so hideously twisted his body and mind.) Known holders of the Matrix have included Alpha Trion, Convoy, Ultra Magnus, and Rodimus Convoy.

The Matrix was used to destroy Unicron when he attacked Seibertron, and its energies were temporarily exhausted by Convoy in order to wipe out the Hate Plague. The Matrix was sent to Earth to be recharged with pure energy (apparently a quicker method than waiting to accumulate millions of years of wisdom), and Hot Rodimus was sent to retrieve it after the Destrons and their new Headmaster allies attacked Seibertron. Rodimus was ultimately successful, and the power of the Matrix- shared between him and Convoy- allowed both Convoy and Rodimus Convoy to co-exist. They defeated the Destrons, and Convoy sacrificed himself to stabilize Vector Sigma. Rodimus retained the Matrix thereafter.

By the era of the Pax Cybertronia, every member of the Convoy Council had their own Matrix, but their connection to the original was never defined.

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