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General Munro was a high-ranking army general who worked directly under the head of Earth's military in 2263. He was the former commanding officer of Korben Dallas. Somewhat dense despite being openminded, Munro was tasked with taking the sole survivor of a crashed Mondoshawan ship - a severed hand - to Professor Mactilburgh at the Manhattan Nucleological Center for rebuilding. The resultant rebuilt being was Leeloo. Unimpressed, Munro taunted her with his multipass. Despite not understanding English, Leeloo grasped the pass' importance and stole it, using it to escape, and breaking Munro's nose in the process.

Later, his nose bandaged, Munro learned that four of the five elements (he had not idea Leeloo was the fifth) hadn't been aboard the crashed ship, and told President Lindberg the Mondoshawans had given them to the Diva Plavalaguna for safekeeping. At Lindberg's order, Munro rigged the Gemini Croquette contest so Korben Dallas won, intending Dallas to go and retrieve the stones. Dallas initially refused, stuffing Munro and his subordinates into his freezer when Leeloo arrived with Vito Cornelius. However when Cornelius knocked him out and took the Gemini Croquette tickets, Dallas accepted the mission. He left Munro and the other two officers locked in the freezer however.

Somehow, Munro got out, and was later in attendance in President Lindberg's office as they listened to Ruby Rhod's live commentary of the Gemini concert at Fhloston Paradise. When Mangalores attacked, Munro deduced their identity from a vague description of them given by Rhod. Lindberg and Munro overheard the entire ensuing battle aboard Fhloston, including Dallas' shooting of Mangalore leader Aknot as his method of "negotiating." When Fog inquired "Where did he learn to negotiate like that?", Lindberg, overhearing, simply glared at a sheepish-looking Munro and commented, "I wonder."

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