President Lindberg

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President Lindberg

President Lindberg was president of the Federated Territories in 2263. Despite his hulking, brutish appearance he was actually a quite gentle man and very openminded. He listened closely to Father Vito Cornelius' theory regarding the Dark Planet, which Lindberg considered a threat to the Territories. He contacted the Mondoshawans for assistance but their ship was attacked by Mangalores.

At first it was thought the five elements aboard were destroyed, the single survivor from the attack turned out to the the Fifth Element, and the Mondoshawans, who never fully trusted humans, left the other four elements, in the form of sacred stones, with the Diva Plavalaguna. Lindberg instructed General Munro to send his best man to Fhloston Paradise, where the Diva was to perform, to retrieve the stones.

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