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Havik, a Cleric of Chaos.

Havik is a male character that features in the Mortal Kombat series.



Havik was a devotee of chaos.

Havik was an inhabitant of Chaosrealm, a dimension who's inhabitants worshipped the concepts of chaos and opposed the forces of order. He was involved in many conflicts against Seido the realm of Order and at times fought in Outworld. At some point, Havik met the warrior Shujinko in the realm of Chaos. At the time, the warriors from Seido had established a presence in Chaos realm and established mechanical pumps to steal the realm's water. Havik assigned several of his priests to sabotage their atttempts but they failed. After meeting Shujinko, Havik promised to teach him the ways of Chaos on the condition that he defeated the Seidan presence. To aid him in his task, Havik asked the Earthrealm warrior to place a pendant around their necks which would convert them into disciples of Chaos. When Shujinko completed his task, he returned to Havik and informed him on the Seidan defeat. He then asked Havik to complete his promise at which point Havik attacked him as he found the concept of being bound by a promise against his religion. Despite the battle, Shujinko was successful and managed to escape.

He later discovered that the Dragon King Onaga had been resurrected and began his plans at reuniting the realms under his rule. This challenged Havik's concept of chaos and he began his move at stopping the Emperor of Outworld. On his journey's, he encountered a heavily wounded Kabal who had been defeated and left for dead by Mavado. Treating the warriors injuries, he convinced him to restore the glory of the Black Dragon clan. The two allies then recruited Kira and Kobra into the Black Dragon. Havik's goal was simple, to venture into Outworld and lure various heroes into the realm to battle the Emperor Onaga. This meant that the heroes of the realms discovered Onaga's location through Havik's machinations. His hope was that they would defeat the Dragon King leaving him in a weakened state to the point that Havik could slay him. He would then eat his heart and absorb its magical properties allowing him to resurrect the dead. His plan was to bring the Emperor Shao Kahn back to life in order for him to continue his plans for conquest and leave all the realms in chaos.

An apparition of Havik was created by Shinnok and placed within his Spire in the Netherrealm. This was part of a plot to trick Taven in believing that Shinnok's enemies that removed him from his Spire and attempted to gain control of the realm. The apparition was defeated though the real Havik was one of many kombatants that tried to gain the power presented by the fire elemental Blaze.

If successful in defeating Blaze, Havik gained ultimate power which he used to bring chaos to all the realms leaving them to his ideal of chaotic perfection.


Personality and skills

One of the alternate endings with Havik consuming Onaga's heart.

As described by his title as a Cleric of Chaos, Havik believed that Chaos was the ultimate state of existence. He believed that the universe thrived in it when opposing forces were pittied against one another in a never ending state of turmoil. Thus, he worshipped entropy like most of his people. This meant that he felt more kinship to warlords that brought terror to the realms through conquest then those that sought to unite all the people.

Havik was a religious being who worshipped chaos and thus wandered the realms in order to spread disorder like most of his kind. Thus, he worked to convert people into his way of thinking which he did either by philosophical exchange or through coercion by magical means. This meant that he preferred covert and subtle means to achieve his goal which was the opposite of Hotaru's direct approach.

He vehemently opposed concepts of control and order to the point that he broke promises as he felt that they were an attempt to impose order on him. This made him the polar opposite of the warrior Hotaru from Seido. Like many people from his home realm, Havik had a religious view on water and believed it to be the perfect avatar of his belief in chaos.

He knew two different forms of martial arts which were Snake and Tang Soo Do.

The character was originally going to be called Skab.

Powers and abilities

Havik was a skeletal looking Humanoid who had a great deal of control over his body. This allowed him to dislocate his limbs without being dangerously injured.

He was well aware of magic and was capable of using such means to further his goals. This was demonstrated in his knowledge of the Dragon King's magical heart and its resurrection properties. Furthermore, he had pendants that were capable of changing people to accept the ways of chaos.

He had a Morningstar mace as his primary weapon.



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