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[[File:ThunderboltsV1-111Textless.jpg|thumb|right|260px|Jack Flag in Thunderbolts v1 #111) Jack Flag is a male comic superhero who features in Marvel Comics.



Jack Harrison

He waited in Ohio when the authorities demanded his surrender under the terms of the Superhuman Registration Act with Jack refusing to go into custody. This saw the new Thunderbolts initiative deployed into the field that consisted largely of supervillains that were under the oversight of Norman Osborn who were sent to arrest people breaching the law. Flag goaded them into attacking thus leading to the field being littered with debris whereupon the Thunderbolts moved in to capture him. Once in close quarters, he used his skills to outwit them where he injured Venom who attempted to devour Jack. To stop this, Moonstone Karla Sofen had nano-chains activated that shocked Mac Gargan into releasing Flag with Jack using this as an opportunity to flee. He used a makeshift shield to knock out Songbird and looked to make a getaway when Penance used his powers to clear the field of debris which injured Flag. Jack managed to escape into a building where he was ambushed by Bullseye who used a blade jammed into Flag's vertebrae to paralyse him thus allowing for his capture by the Thunderbolts who took him to headquarters. (Thunderbolts v1 #111)


Personality and attributes

Powers and abilities

He was strong enough to break a sword with a punch and shatter a part of the blade in the process. (Thunderbolts v1 #111)

Captain America taught him how to wield a shield and use it in battle against foes where over time it became instinct for him. Jack learnt that the shield itself was not a weapon but rather time and the environment were the weapon. Thus, he was shown to use them and rather than aim at an enemy he was taught to aim at the location where his foe was next set to be in the fight. (Thunderbolts v1 #111)


  • Jack Flag was created by Mark Gruenwald and Dave Hoover where he made his first appearance in Captain America v1 #434 (December, 1994).


  • Captain America v1: (1994)
  • Thunderbolts v1:

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