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Bullseye in Bullseye v1 #1.

Bullseye is a male comic supervillain that features in Marvel Comics.




Bullseye in Daredevil v1 #131.

He along with his younger brother Nathan grew up in Queen's, New York around 27 years ago. His father had a government job who would regularly get drunk at home with him beating his wife along with the children. (Bullseye: Greatest Hits v1 #1)

Many years ago, he was in Tokyo where he fought the Yakuza and effortlessly slaughtered their ranks. During this time, one of the girls they had kidnapped to sell into sexual slavery became inspired by Bullseye's actions and sought to become a killer like him. (Daredevil v2 #111)



By the Civil War, Bullseye had been arrested and was one of a number of villains recruited by the forces supporting the Superhuman Registration Act headed by Iron Man. He was recruited into the new Thunderbolts Initiative where he was injected with nanomachines to control his actions as they were used as operatives to apprehend unregistered heroes. (Civil War v1 #4) Bullseye was then transferred to Thunderbolt Mountain where he was placed under the care of Director Norman Osborn who came to head the new Thunderbolts Initiative. (Thunderbolts v1 #110) Their first mission was to arrest Jack Flag who had refused to surrender to the authorities under the Act. Bullseye was kept out of sight whilst the rest of the team attempted to catch their target but Flag managed to evade them. Jack fled into a building where Bullseye ambushed him and paralysed the hero by stabbing him in the vertebrae thus leaving him helpless on the floor. This allowed for the rest of the Thunderbolts to capture him whilst Bullseye was taken away secretly to hide his involvement with the team. (Thunderbolts v1 #111)

Bullseye was later placed back under nanosurgery that was replacing his blood to keep him under control. During this time, he was unconscious whilst Thunderbolts Mountain fell into chaos as a group of telepaths called the Caged Angels used their powers to turn everyone in the headquarters against one another. This was part of their plans to destroy Norman Osborn and his Thunderbolts initiative with them accomplishing this from within their prison cells. Upon awakening, Bullseye was told that the nanochains were disabled and that he was able to go loose whereupon he came upon the largely unconscious Thunderbolts. Upon making his way to the prison cells, he proceeded to murder each of the captive Caged Angels thus eliminating their threat. With the crisis over, Bullseye was returned to his cell and Norman Osborn covered up the true extent of the events within the mountain. (Thunderbolts v1 #121)

Dark Avengers

After the death of Veranke, Norman Osborn was hailed a hero of the world for slaying the Skrull Queen and thus ending the Secret Invasion. This saw him replacing Tony Stark in the role of national security where he was appointed as the head of H.A.M.M.E.R. which took over from the disbanded S.H.I.E.L.D. Director Osborn assembled his own team of Dark Avengers where he operated as their leader Iron Patriot with Bullseye offered a spot in the group where he was to be their version of Hawkeye. (Dark Avengers v1 #1) On their first mission, they were dispatched to Latveria to the remains of Castle Doom to aid Doctor Doom who had come attack from the time travelling sorceress Morgan le Fay where he killed her only for the magic wielder to return with an army of demons though she was ultimately defeated. (Dark Avengers v1 #3) Afterwards, as Hawkeye he was with his Dark Avenger team mates as they fought against a rogue Hulkbuster robot where he disabled it and killed the pilot despite Osborn's instructions not to do so due to the public being present. The robot later toppled and killed 36 civilians with the Iron Patriot attempting to attribute blame to Tony Stark. Bullseye was then reprimanded by Osborn for his part in the deaths with the villain stating that he wanted credit for his kills and that he was no hero. Later on, he went in the night as 'Hawkeye' where he saved a woman attacked by a gang of men. He killed most of them but ends up killing the woman when she infuriates him by referring to Osborn as 'his boss' with the death of her along with the last gang member being witnessed by a news helicopter that was by the scene. (Dark Reign: Hawkeye v1 #1)

He later slept with Karla Sofen when she noted his attraction to her despite him not trusting her. (Dark Avengers v1 #10)

During an attack on Avengers Tower, the Sentry was dispatched to deal with the threat as the battle forced Director Osborn to call for an evacuation of the site. During this time, Bullseye caught sight of Lindy Lee being taken to safety where he dismissed the H.A.M.M.E.R. guard and stated that he himself would take her away. He commandeered a helicopter and shutdown radio communication in secret as he went to an isolated site. With himself and Lindy Lee on the helicopter, he began to ask intrusive questions about her relationship with the Sentry whereupon she slapped him. At that point, Bullseye then choked the life out of her and discarded her body over the water. He then returned back to Avengers Tower once the crisis was averted where he lied to the Sentry stating that Lindy had taken her own life. Initially, the Sentry was furious and nearly killed Bullseye who proclaimed his innocence and that he had no part in her demise otherwise he would not have returned. The Sentry was convinced of Bullseye's innocence by Osborn and asked for the location of her death whereupon he departed the scene to find the dead body of his wife. (Dark Avengers v1 #15)


He was later hired by the Kingpin when an important file had fallen into the hands of Old Man Logan that could topple his administration as New York Mayor. (Old Man Logan v2 #37)

Though pursued, he managed to escape to a construction site with his pursuers following him where he battled both Old Man Logan and Vendetta in the building. Lester was captured where he was forced to reveal the location of Bullet's kidnapped kid with Bullseye only doing so on the condition he was kept alive. Glob was then sent to go to the coordinates to recover the kid only to find him dead with Bullseye using the revelation to free himself where he shot multiple bullets from Vendetta's gun into Old Man Logan. He then attempted to flee but was shot by Vendetta as he was escaping through the window and he fell wounded to the ground where he was apprehended by Shotgun just as the police arrived whereupon he was arrested and sent to the Box prison. (Old Man Logan v2 #45)

After the War of the Realms, he ambushed a supervillain named Goldrush who had pillaged the sword Dragonfang from Damage Control. Bullseye killed the man and claimed the sword that had belonged to Valkyrie. He came to find out that a new Valkyrie was seeking to claim back the sword leading to Bullseye mortally wounding Heimdall to prevent him from using his sight from finding him. (Valkyrie: Jane Foster v1 #1) He was ultimately defeated by the Valkyrie when she destroyed Dragonfang though the injuries Lester had given to Heimdall were fatal. (Valkyrie: Jane Foster v1 #2)


Personality and attributes

During the Dark Reign, he came to masquerade as Hawkeye whilst on the Dark Avengers. (Dark Avengers v1 #1)

Bullseye stated that whenever he killed that he got stronger with his head going light in he process and all the weight dropping away from him. He said that his heart ran faster with there being no strain for him as everything became sweet as well as easy. Bullseye claimed that he felt stronger and faster with him feeling that he could accomplish anything. Thus, in the act of killing, he felt that he became more like god with him taking away anything the deity had created in life. He wondered one time whether that made him god's only friend by killing people as fast as god had created them. When by himself, he said that all he thought about was killing and he had a smile on his face. (Thunderbolts v1 #112) He saw killing as an art and himself as Picasso with Bullseye wanting credit for his kills. (Dark Reign: Hawkeye v1 #1)

Powers and abilities


  • Bullseye was created by Marv Wolfman and John Romita, Sr. where he made his first appearance in Daredevil v1 #131 (March, 1976).
  • He briefly debuted as Hawkeye in Dark Avengers v1 #1 (March, 2009).

Alternate Versions

  • In Old Man Hawkeye v1 #1 (2018), an alternate version of the character known as Marshal Lester appeared in the world designated as Earth-807128. This version participated in the villain takeover of the world that was enacted by the Red Skull which saw many of the planets superheroes being killed. Set fifty years later, the older Lester was shown to wear the badge of a marshal with him possessing a cybernetic left eye that provided him details as he enforced his law brutally.

In other media


  • In Daredevil, the character appeared as Benjamin "Dex" Poindexter in the Neflix live-action television series third season where he was portrayed by actor Wilson Bethel.


  • In Daredevil, Bullseye appeared as an antagonist in the 2003 live-action film where he was portrayed by actor Colin Farrell.

Video games

  • In The Punisher, Bullseye appeared as a prominent antagonist in the video game where he was voiced by actor Steven Blum.
  • In Marvel: Ultimate Alliance, Bullseye appeared as a mini-boss in the video game voiced by actor Peter Lurie.
  • In Marvel: Ultimate Alliance 2, Bullseye appeared in the video game where he was voiced by actor Brian Bloom.
  • In Marvel: Avengers Alliance, Bullseye appeared as a character in the Facebook video game with his own Dossier.
  • In Marvel: Future Fight, Bullseye appeared as a playable character in the mobile video game.
  • In Marvel Strike Force, Bullseye appeared as a playable character in the mobile video game.


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