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Jonathan Joestar is a male character that features in JoJo's Bizarre Adventure.



Jonathan 'JoJo' Joestar (ジョナサン・ジョースター Jonasan Jōsutā?) born 4th April 1868 was the son of Englishman George Joestar and his wife Mary Joestar with the two coming from a wealthy family. After Jonathan's birth, his parents were on a journey by carriage when an accident happened that caused it to topple below a cliff. Jonathan survived but his mother Mary Joestar was killed and George Joestar was unconscious with him being wounded in the incident. The carriage was discovered by a petty thief by the name of Dario Brando who intended to pilfer the corpses. At that point, George Joestar had awakened with Dario attempting to his true actions by claiming that he had saved the two survivors. In gratitude, George Joestar offered that he would grant any favour to Dario in the future for his actions. Afterwards, George Joestar returned to his estate where he continued to raise his son with Jonathan Joestar growing up to be a kind gentlemanly figure who cared deeply for his father and had a pet dog named Danny that he rescued from drowning. Twelve years later, the Joestar estate was visited by Dio Brando; the son of Dario Brando who had recently died and had told his child to go to the Joestars. George Joestar indebted to Dario agreed to care for Dio Brando with him being allowed to stay in the household. The kind Jonathan Joestar attempted to be friends with Dio but Brando rejected any offers of friendship where he treated him with cruelly with contempt. This chain of events saw him engaging him violently to hurt him in sports, taking away his circle of friends, Brando using his charm to get his father to berate him and engaging in similar such acts to make Jonathan's life miserable. In this time, he encountered a girl named Erina Pendolton who gave him solace and he fell in love with her. Upon seeing this, Dio sought to ruin Jonathan's happiness by approaching Erina and stealing her first kiss. As a result, Erina was mortified and ashamed causing her to be unable to look JoJo in the eye. After learning of this encounter, Jonathan confronted Dio for the first time and fought with him where initially he was hurt by the more experienced Brando but was pummelled by the angry Joestar. During the fight, blood had splattered over a mysterious Mesoamerican stone mask that reacted by producing spikes that grew out of it. Their fight was ultimately stopped by the intervention of George Joestar who stopped any further escalation. Unknown to anyone, Dio in his anger over his humiliation at being hurt responded by having Jonathan's dog Danny arranged to be thrown into an incinerator with the pet hound killed. Danny was buried at the Joestar estate with the tearful Jonathan remembering the life he had with his pet dog. In the next eight years, Jonathan's relationship with Dio had seemingly gotten better with no active fights between the pair though he never truly trusted Brando. By this point, Dio was an adoptive son of the Joestar family with him and Jonathan both attending Hugh Hudson Academy. Jonathan in this time had taken up archaeology where he began to research the mysterious Stone Mask that he saw years ago. Around this time, his father George Joestar had developed a strange illness with him being confined to bed. Whilst going through a book, Jonathan discovered a note inside of it which was a letter from Dario Brando to his son Dio Brando. The contents of the note revealed that Dario Brando had been afflicted with the same condition as George Joestar with Jonathan determining that it was the result of poison. It was then that he determined that Dio Brando entire purpose of coming to the Joestar residence was to usurp its fortune for himself. He confronted Dio before he could drop some medicine to his father and demanded Brando to reveal the truth. Dio responded by punching JoJo who shrugged it aside and knocked Brand to the ground where he banned him from his fathers room. Jonathan took the medicine where he intended to find the nature of the poison in order to save his father and journeyed to Ogre Street in London. Once in London, he went about to find an antidote unaware that Dio had intended for the criminals there to kill JoJo as he knew that upon Jonathan's return he would be arrested for attempt murder. At Ogre Street, JoJo met a man named Robert E. O. Speedwagon who attacked and attempted to kill him but Jonathan defended himself. However, he did not kill Speedwagon who was moved by JoJo's kind heart and decided to help him in finding the pharmacist responsible namely Wang Chan. With the antidote, JoJo returned to the Joestar residence to provide the cure to his father George Joe and had the police present to arrest Dio. Dio was away from the home at the time having taken the Stone Mask from Jonathan intending to use it as part of a frame-up to kill his adoptive brother but arrived only to be arrested. However, in desperation, Dio decided to activate the Stone Mask that turned its wearers into powerful vampires and could only be unleashed by having blood spilled on it. With a hidden knife, he intended to murder Jonathan for his blood but George Joestar dived in at the last second and was fatally injured. With his blood, Dio wore the mask as the police shot him and George Joestar died but was proud of his son Jonathan with him being comforted in his arms.

Whilst Dio was shot, he had already been transformed into a vampire where he killed all the police officers present in the mansion. He then tried to kill JoJo who tried to fight back but was overpowered easily by the vampiric Brando who regenerated from his wounds. With injuries sustained in the fight, Jonathan fled into the household where he tried to orchestrate traps against his adoptive brother. This led to fire being ignited in the house that spread and Jonathan attempted to have Dio killed in the flames. Brando attempted to escape but JoJo forced him down to be impaled on a statue of the goddess Venus where he prepared to die but was miraculously saved by being blown out of his home. As the Joestar mansion was engulfed in fire, he was rescued but was badly inured and taken to hospital where he was treated by Erina Pendleton who served as his nurse. Speedwagon had come to check on his progress with Joestar being able to walk but was still badly injured with bandages over much of his body. Erina had since overcome the shame that she experienced from kissing Dio and had resumed her romance with Jonathan. The pair then encountered William Anthonio Zeppeli who revealed the power of the Ripple (Harmon) and used it to heal JoJo of his wounds. He also revealed that Dio Brando had not died in the Joestar mansion fire but had survived with Zeppeli revealing the nature of the Stone Mask along with his own quest of revenge to destroy it after it had claimed his own father's life. Zeppeli began training Jonatha in the use of the mystical energy of the Ripple as it was the only power that could destroy the vampiric evils created by the Stone Mask and thus Dio himself. Following weeks of training, JoJo was ready where he embarked on a quest with Zeppeli and Speedwagon as they travelled to find and defeat Dio Brando. On their travel, they arrived at the village of Windknights Lot where they encountered Dio who had now amassed an army of zombie servants that attacked the trio. He then released two of his zombie servants that were long dead former knights Bruford and Tarukus who were resurrected to fight Dio's enemies. Following a failed attempt by Zeppeli to destroy Dio, Brando departed and left his servants to deal with his foes. Jonathan managed to battle Bruford and killed him where he rewarded JoJo's courage by gifting his sword 'Luck & Pluck'. This led to a further battle with the more brutal Tarukus that proceeded in an abandoned castle with the former knight arranging a cunning trap that ensnared Jonathan. In the battle, the wounded Zeppeli intervened to fight the zombie where he was mortally wounded but in his sacrifice he transferred his remaining Ripple power to Jonathan. This provided JoJo with enough energy to free himself from the trap and finally defeat Tarukus.

JoJo soon confronts Dio and, after a grueling battle, manages to hit him with a Ripple attack and send him off a cliff.

Afterwards, Jonathan decided to finally marry his love Erina with the two deciding to go on a cruise ship set for America to be part of their honeymoon. He said his goodbyes to his friends before boarding the ship where he enjoyed the cruise. Unknown to him, Dio had actually survived the battle at Windknights Lots but had been left as a living severed head which he had willingly severed to prevent the Ripple from killing him. His zombie servant Wang Chan had helped preserve his master and followed his orders in an effort to give him a body. He did this by turning the passengers on the cruise ship into zombies which was when Jonathan saw Wang Chan. He pursued the man until he confronted Dio Brando who had revealed to him that he intended to take JoJo's body for his own. During the resultant fight, he delivered a critical blow to Jonathan but not before he used the Ripple to send Wang Chan's body into the ships machinery. This created an obstruction that led to a fire erupting on board the cruise ship that threatened to destroy it. A desperate Dio then desperately sent his severed head towards Jonathan in order to forcibly possess his body but Joestar managed to grab on to it. Jonathan held onto Dio's head in the hopes of ensuring that his adoptive brother finally died in the explosion of the ship as his wounds were fatal. His bade his love Erina to live and to take a baby girl that he had saved from the zombies which she did tearfully. JoJo passed away with Dio's head in his arms where Brando had desperately attempted to bargain with Joestar to release him but it was too late. Erina managed to survive and was pregnant with Jonathan's child that she named Jorge Joestar. Unknown to anyone, after Jonathan died Dio Brando managed to free himself where he forcibly placed his head onto Joestars body which he kept within his coffin that survived the explosion. The coffin survived over the years where it was trapped until it was recovered by a ship scavenging for treasure leading to Dio being freed into the world once more. However, the body was still fighting Dio's control with him not gaining full control over it. By this time, he had gained a mystical ability known as the Stand which sent a spiritual signal to Jonathan's descendants activating similar such abilities in Joseph Joestar and Jotaro Kujo.


Personality and attributes

Powers and abilities

From Zeppeli, he had learnt a range of ancient martial art techniques with these working in conjunction with the Ripple.


  • Jonathan Joestar was created by Hirohiko Araki.

In other media

Video games

  • In JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: All Star Battle, Jonathan Joestar appeared as a playable character in the fighting video game where he was voiced by actor Kazuyuki Okitsu.
  • In JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Eyes of Heaven, Jonathan Joestar appeared as a playable character in the fighting video game where he was voiced by actor Kazuyuki Okitsu.


  • JoJo's Bizarre Adventure:

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