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LJ, full name Lloyd Jefferson Wayne, was a small-time crook in Raccoon City. Sometime immediately prior to the outbreak of the T-Virus he was arrested by the police, and found by Jill Valentine handcuffed to a bench inside the RPD. A zombified woman handcuffed next to him was attempting to eat him, so Jill shot her in the head, killing her. She then also freed LJ, who quickly fled the RPD. He had several misadventures throughout the zombie-ridden Raccoon City after that. He stole a car, but quickly crashed it after becoming distracted by a pair of topless zombie prostitutes. After being saved by a STARS sniper from another zombie, LJ sought refuge inside the gun store Mostly Colt where he encountered several more STARS members, including Captain Henderson.

Nemesis arrived and killed everyone inside the store except for LJ, because he was not a STARS member. Not long after this, LJ encountered Jill again, this time behind the wheel of a hotwired pickup truck she was riding in with Terri Morales. They allowed LJ to tag along, and once at the Raccoon Junior School he assisted them in searching for Dr. Ashford's missing daughter Angela in exchange for safe passage out of the city. LJ had little luck finding her himself, and was almost killed by Angela's teacher Mr. Strunk, who had turned into a zombie, but was saved by Carlos Olivera who appeared and shot Strunk. After Jill found Angela and everyone rejoined Alice, they were captured by Major Timothy Cain and the UBCS.

LJ ultimately escaped from both Cain and the doomed Raccoon City aboard Cain's own helicopter, and survived the ensuing crash caused by the shockwave of the nuclear explosion which destroyed Raccoon. Because of his involvement with Jill, Carlos, and the others, LJ was declared a criminal on the news by paid Umbrella sources. Nevertheless, he showed up, disguised as a UBCS guard, alongside Jill and Carlos to rescue Alice later on from Dr. Isaacs' lab.

After the fall of civilization, LJ, along with Carlos, wound up as one of the survivors joining Claire Redfield's convoy in the desert. During this time he developed a somewhat romantic relationship with Betty, the group's medic and ambulance driver. While he and Carlos were exploring an abandoned roadside motel, LJ was attacked and bitten by a zombie but foolishly concealed this from everyone, including Betty (who was killed by infected crows shortly afterwards anyway). Shortly afterwards, Alice returned and rejoined them and convinced Claire that their best hope for survival was to make for Alaska.

During the trip, LJ, riding in the cab of the gas truck with Chase, slowly succumbed to the effects of the T-Virus. When the convoy stopped in Las Vegas to get gas, LJ retained enough presence of mind to reveal that the best place for them to get gas would be the pumps at the valet parking area of a casino he once lost money at years before. Shortly after this, Dr. Isaacs, in a bid to recapture Alice, attacked the convoy with several of his "super zombies." He and fellow convoy member K-Mart hid in the cab of a truck, where LJ finally turned into a zombie and tried to eat his companion. She was saved by the timely arrival of Carlos who pulled LJ off of K-Mart.

During the ensuing struggle, LJ viciously bit Carlos on the arm and was flung to the ground. Carlos, shocked that his friend hadn't told him be'd been bitten, recovered quickly enough to shoot the zombified LJ in the head and finish him off once and for all before he could get back up.

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