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Mileena is a female video game character that features in Mortal Kombat.



Original Timeline

Mileena was a female warrior that was native to the realm of Outworld. She was actually the creation of sorcery made by Shang Tsung with her being a hybrid of the blood of Edenian Princess Kitana and a Tarkatan warrior. Her purpose was to eventually replace her twin 'sister' Kitana during the time of her service to Emperor Shao Kahn. She was often paired with her twin sister Kitana with the two operating as assassins. Shao Kahn had requested that she watch over her twin for any signs of suspected dissension. Kitana later managed to recover her lost memories and discovered the plot to supplant her. Mileena was later murdered by Kitana but was brought back to life by the Emperor Shao Kahn due to her skills as a vicious fighter being needed to defeat Earth's chosen warriors. Her ability to read her sisters thoughts also allowed Kahn to stay one step ahead of his enemies. Mileena was later reborn in the Netherrealm where she became a servant of Shinnok. Her time as his servant was used as an opportunity to escape her fearful servitude and avenge her own death. She intended to make an easy escape route by using Shinnok's war against Edenia as she knew that her sister Kitana would fight for her home realm. Following Shinnok's invasion, she was captured by Kitana and cast into prison until she was freed by Baraka. The Tarkatan informed her that he served a new master namely the Dragon King Onaga who had taken control of Kitana's body and used her as his personal bodyguard. Mileena intent on revenge over her 'sister' led to her deciding to serve Onaga where she began to pose as Kitana where she intended to lead the precious alliance of Edenia and Outworld to their doom. In this time, she continued to lead them in her disguise hoping to corrupt them to eventually follow her in her true identity. However, her plans to become ruler of Outworld fell when Shao Kahn returned during the assault on the fortress. Kahn broke through the defenses of the fortress with Edenian mages seeking to protect the Princess after she commanded they cast defensive wards over the doors. However, Shao Kahn effortlessly destroyed these defenses and sought to kill what he believed was Princess Kitana. The Edenian mages moved to protect their leader which was when Mileena stabbed them in the back and killed them. At first, Shao Kahn was confused at her actions until Mileena revealed her true identity and bowed to accept her master's return. Shao Kahn was pleased with this development and commanded Mileena to find the Earthrealm warrior named Shujinko as he intended to use him as a bargaining chip against Onaga.

Reboot Timeline

During the Armageddon, Shao Kahn ultimately proved to be the victor of the conflict allowing him to gain ultimate power. To avert this timeline, the thunder god Raiden sent his experiences back in time to his younger self in the form of visions. With these, Raiden became responsible for altering the timeline as he sought to stop this future. Mileena’s history was largely the same as the previous timeline in that she was the cloned sister of Kitana. She was created under orders from Shao Kahn who desired a true daughter as he did not see his adoptive daughter Kitana as his child. Thus, Shang Tsung worked in his Flesh Pits where he combined the flesh of Kitana with that of a Tarkata to create a hybrid.

In the aftermath, Mileena had risen to the throne of Outworld where she ruled as Empress and considered herself the rightful heir to Shao Kahn. During this time, one of her advisors named Kotal Kahn saw her as unfit to rule and led a coup that removed her from the throne. Despite this being the case, she managed to escape and led a rebel movement against Kotal Kahn who now ruled Outworld.


Personality and attributes

Mileena was noted for her hatred of her 'sister' Kitana to the point that it consumed her every thought.

Powers and abilities

Though her form was based on Kitana, the signs of her Tarkatan heritage were present in Mileena's mouth that had rows of sharp teeth that she used as weapons in combat. This allowed her to vicious bite the flesh of her enemies or consume their flesh.

As a fighter, she was noted for being vicious in combat. Her skillset allowed her to serve as an assassin with her initially saw her pair up with her twin sister Kitana in service to Shao Kahn.

Due to being a twin of Kitana, she was able to read the thoughts of her sister.


  • The character was first introduced in Mortal Kombat II.

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