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Nabu is a comic character that features in DC Comics.




As a Lord of Order, he was one who was instrumental in the creation of the universe. (Spectre v3 #14) He was assigned to the mortal world of Earth with this being his charge for eternity. Upon arriving there, he had taken mortal form and like the other Lords of Order and Chaos he took the name of a god with him calling himself 'Nabu'. As Nabu, the entity had fought against chaos since the days of ancient summer. At some point, the Lords of Order had forged the Amulet of Anubis at the dawn of time with it being wrested from them by a Lord of Chaos. Nabu was responsible for reclaiming the relic back for his own use. (The Flash v1 #306) The Egyptian mage long ago during the Mesopotamian era encountered a figure known as the Curse with Nabu destroying his physical form and imprisoning him within his battle helm. (Doctor Fate v3 #2)

In 2578 BC, Egypt had fallen under the rule of Vandal Savage who had taken on the identity of the Pharaoh Khafre. Around this time, Bonnie Baxter of the Time Masters had arrived from the 20th century where she was thrown into a prison cell by Khafre's guards. Nabu appeared before her and took her to safety with his magic and asked for her aid in overthrowing the immortal Khafre. He intended to combine magic with the science from the time traveller where she gave him her communicator. Upon combining the pair, he crafted the blue Scarab of Kha-ef-re which Bonnie used in overthrowing the Pharaoh who was encased in binging wrappings to contain him as his immortality would cause him to rise again. (Time Masters v1 #6) In 2030 BC, Nabu had made his way to the city of Bubastis that worshipped the goddess Bast. The city had fallen under the control of Khalis the Mad Priest who served the death god Anubis who rewarded his servant by giving him the Amulet of Anubis. With its power, he enslaved the Bast worshippers of the city and build temples in homage to Anubis. Nabu intervened where he defeated the priest and took the amulet for himself whereupon the freed slaves meted out their revenge by mummifying Khalis. However, Anubis sought to save his servant who was kept alive as an undead mummy so that he could reclaim the Amulet of Anubis in the future. (1st Issue Special v1 #9)

In Egypt, Nabu served as a court magician in the time of the Pharaoh where he served him as this civilization was a beacon of order and advancement during this age. At the time, the Pharaoh began to persecute and punish the Hebrews with Nabu being among the only within the court that opposed this act. Despite his words, the Pharaoh continued with his actions with Nabu present when the Spectre struck the ruler. Despite Nabu's protections, his magic only allowed him to survive against the Spectre who killed the Pharaoh leading to his son becoming the new ruler. The Pharaoh's son in anger sought to kill the Hebrews but Nabu counselled him to stay his hand as the force that killed his father could bring vengeance on him. Thus, the young ruler relented but decided to be more cruel on the Hebrew slaves. Afterwards, Moses came before the Pharaoh asking him to free the Hebrew slaves and showcased magic from God. The Pharaoh refused and had Nabu along with the other court magicians use their magic to make a snake to kill the serpent made from Moses staff but it was killed by God's creation. He continued despite his reservations to follow the Pharaoh's commands but was unable to overcome the more powerful magic behind Moses. On one night, Nabu was visited by the Phantom Stranger who warned that every first born Egyptian child would be slain by the Spectre except for the Hebrew slaves. This horrified the wizard and he prepared to battle the Spectre wearing his full regalia but he was defeated despite his preparations. The humbled mystic returned to the Pharaoh who had lost his son and in desperation agreed for the Hebrew slaves to be released but then decided to sent his army to kill them to spite God. Despite his plans, the Pharaoh was killed when the Spectre brought the Red Sea crashing into the Egyptian army after Moses along with the Israelites had crossed over. (Spectre v3 #14)

During the Theban Dynasty, Nabu the Wise served as an advisor to Prince Khufu Kha-taar where he served alongside Teth-Adam. (JSA v1 #20) On one day, they witnessed the fall of a sky chariot from the sky and made their way to reach it before their enemies. They arrived at the scene of the dying pilots where Nabu cast a spell to translate their alien language that spoke of a coming danger in the far future just as they died. From the craft, they discovered the existence of Nth Metal which Khufu forged into weapons for his use as Nabu sought to prepare him as it was determined that the prince and his betrothed had a role to play in this conflict. During this time, they encountered a traveller that could travel at fast speeds and gave him the Claw of Horus to give to Khufu's future incarnation. (JSA v1 #22) It was noted that he had saved many of the texts from the Library of Alexandria prior to its destruction which he stored within his Tower. (Doctor Fate v3 #1)

After Kent Nelson's mind died, Nabu descended onto the mortal plane having left the ranks of the Lords of Order and came to occupy Kent's body as his own. Batman called upon Nabu to help journey into the mind of the comatose Blue Beetle after Ted Kord was rendered unconscious by a mental block from Queen Bee. (Justice League America v1 #29)

Whilst studying the helmet, Jared Stevens was mystically transported to a realm where Nabu the last Lord of Order manifested. He explained that the crisis in time led to the cosmic fabric being rewoven with the forces of order and chaos realigning. The old Lords had weakened or vanished with new ones taking their place whilst Nabu continued to remain to continue the struggle where he asked Stevens to become Doctor Fate. Among the threats to face was Kingdom's horde from the Dreadlands that were a small fraction of the threats to existence. Despite the danger, Stevens refused and used the magic that became embedded in him along with Nabu's weakened power to force him out. Thus, Nabu was forced to sever the ties with the helmet that bound him to Earth leaving Stevens the helm that was mystically re-forged into a blade for him as he operated as Fate. (Fate v1 #1)


Following the Flashpoint, a new version of reality was created with a different history of events.

He was once said to be the wise servant of Thoth. (Doctor Fate v4 #3)

As a Lord of Order, he resided within the Helm of Nabu and had bonded with Kent Nelson to become Doctor Fate. (Blue Beetle v10 #9) He did develop the ability to manifest his mortal form outside of the helmet and wander around. (Doctor Fate v3 #1)

He was known to had enjoyed spending time reading the texts in his library. (Doctor Fate v3 #1)

After the Omega Titans were defeated, Nabu came to believe that magic was a mistake in the mortal world and thus sought to eliminate it so that order could finally be achieved. Thus, he opened the doorway to the Otherkind who were the original holders of magic. Nabu had sensed that both Kent Nelson and his protégé Khalid Nassour were too weak to follow this path so he dealt with them so that his plans could come to fruition. (Justice League Dark v2 #2)


Personality and attributes

Powers and abilities

He was in reality not a mortal man but a Lord of Order clothed in flesh. (Spectre v3 #14) As such, he was a fiery energy-being that had dwelt within the husk of aged flesh. As a Lord of Order, he was a supernal being without beginning or end. However, the entity was only capable of interacting with man when in a human-form. Though an undying being, the human forms Nabu took were capable of aging and being worn out after millennia. (The Flash v1 #306)

In Ancient Egypt, his power was not as powerful as that of the primal Spectre who wielded more powerful magic as it held the power of God who had created the Lords of Order. (Spectre v3 #14)

Nabu's magic allowed him to be well aware of events in the far future and further wielders of his power. (Time Masters v1 #6)

He had fashioned the golden helmet that served as a vessel for him to reside after the loss of his human-form. Those that wore the helmet than served as hosts for the undying entity with its consciousness superseding that of the mortal. Among the relics that were linked to him was the Crystal Orb of Nabu that allowed him to remotely view events around the world. It alerted the user to matters that demanded their attention. (The Flash v1 #306)


  • Nabu was created by Gardner Fox and Howard Sherman where he made his first appearance in More Fun Comics v1 #67 (May, 1941)

Alternate Versions

In other media


  • In Young Justice, Nabu appeared as the Lord of Order who inhabited the Helmet of Nabu in the animated television series where he was voiced by actor Kevin Michael Richardson.


  • In Suicide Squad: Hell to Pay, Nabu appeared in a non-voiced role in the animated film where he was largely shown in flashbacks. He gifted the Helm of Nabu to Steel Maxum who became the new Dr. Fate where they battled mystical threats. This was only for a few months until Maxum allowed Scandal Savage and Knockout into the Tower of Fate where the two women stole the 'Get Out of Hell Free' Card. As a result, Nabu grew displeased at the actions of Steel Maxum and stripped him of his position as Dr. Fate leading to him being barred from the Tower of Fate as he sought a new wielder for his power.

Video games

  • In Injustice 2, the Helm of Nabu appeared in the fighting video game with Nabu himself being the spirit within it and served with the Lords of Order. The Helm was worn by Kent Nelson who operated as Doctor Fate where he attempted to forcibly take Green Arrow and Black Canary from Earth to protect them from the coming crisis. After being defeated, Nelson managed to regain his senses and sought to consult with the Lords of Order about the danger. During Brainiac's invasion, the Helm prevented Nelson from intervening to save humans as Nabu deemed that the Coluan represented order.


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