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Sorcerers' World is a planet that features in DC Comics




31st century


On Zerox, the art of magic was developed in the way science had advanced on other worlds. Though magic was temporary as it only flourished on the planet. (Action Comics v1 #301)


  • Mordru :
  • Prince Endor :
  • Lord Nomed : nephew to the ruling Prince Endor where he secretly orchestrated to depose his uncle through public disgrace. (Action Comics v1 #301)
  • Sarvisa :
  • Mirabai
  • Archmage :
  • Mysa Nal :


  • Sorcerers' World was created by Leo Dorfman and Jim Mooney where it made its first appearance in Action Comics v1 #301 (June, 1963).

In other media


  • In Legion of Super-Heroes, Sorcerers' World appeared as Zarok where it made an appearance in the animated television series in the episode "Child's Play". It was a hidden magical world ruled by a society of magic users that followed a system of rules with an extreme level of bureaucracy. A Winema Wazzo conducted one of her first diplomatic missions that was to Sorcerers' World but failed in succeeding in the negotiations. It was headed by a Sorcerers High Council and the Bureau of Magical Affairs. A young child sorcerer named Zyx left his homeworld after becoming bored with its system of rules and left to New Metropolis on Earth. Initially, he befriended Superman and the Legion of Super-Heroes but in his boredom he decided to become a supervillain. With his magical powers, he was able to easily overpower the heroes until Phantom Girl convinced Sorcerers' World to capture the wayward sorcerer child.


  • Action Comics v1:

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