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Old Man Logan in Champions v2 #7.

Old Man Logan is a male comic superhero that features in Marvel Comics.




An older James Howlett in Wolverine v3 #66.

James Howlett was an alternate version of Wolverine native to Earth-807128 in the Multiverse on an Earth dominated by the Wastelands.

Around 50 years ago, the supervillain community on Earth decided to band together and a eliminate the worlds heroes. Part of this offensive saw Mysterio craft an incredibly elaborate and realistic illusion that could affect the superhuman senses of Wolverine whilst he was at the X-Mansion. This made Logan believe that the Institute was under attack from various supervillains which he killed in the brutal battle but was unaware that in reality his opponents were actually his fellow X-Men. Thus, the X-Men were decimated by Logan who vowed never to use his claws again after experiencing the guilt of killing his closest friends. In despair, he wandered the lands as he cried at his actions with Wolverine broken mentally so badly that he did not rally behind the other superheroes in their final stand in the Battle of Las Vegas. Instead, he wanted to punish himself for his actions and attempted to commit suicide by having a train run over his head. However, his healing factor prevented him from dying and he recovered though was in terrible pain during this time. (Wolverine v3 #70)

In the years afterwards, he decided to be a farmer and live a peaceful life hidden from the rest of the world. (Wolverine v3 #70)

Secret Wars


Whilst in Canada, he was approached by Storm and the other X-Men where they asked him to join them but Logan refused. (Extraordinary X-Men v1 #1)

After returning from the Negative Zone, he decided that would leave the X-Men as he saw himself as a liability due to being old and that his weakening powers meant he could not fight well. (X-Men: Gold v2 #21)

With his healing factor failing, he returned to the Xavier Institute reluctantly in order to meet with Dr. Cecilia Reyes about why he was losing the ability to heal and she revealed that one of his eyes was dead after damage sustained to it. (Old Man Logan v2 #39)

He was then ambushed by Roughhouse and Bloodscream who were paid to be a distraction to allow Kraven the Hunter to capture Logan. This was because he intended to hunt and kill him as recognition of his skill of his past life as Wolverine with the two battling in the Savage Land. (Old Man Logan v2 #41)

Going up towards Canada, he met with Alpha Flight where he talked to Shaman for a second opinion about his condition. Shaman confirmed that the Adamantium in his body had passed its half-life causing it to be toxic to Logan's body and that the Regenix had taxed his system further to the breaking point. He stated that there was no cure for his condition and that these factors combined with his age meant that his time had come to pass away. Logan was said that the best thing he could do was to return to his own universe so that he could pass at peace and be with his loved ones in the afterlife there. Old Man Logan kept this information from others except for a select few as he did not want to be treated any differently. During this time, he worked with Alpha Flight in investigating the deaths in a town that had been invaded by an extraterrestrial plant organism. (Old Man Logan v2 #46)

He next heard that the Maestro had returned where he had taken over the town of Fort Wells in Canada leading to Old Man Logan attempting to confront the villain in order to end the threat posed by him. (Old Man Logan v2 #48) Logan attempted to return to the town to help defeat the Maestro but was captured. The villain sought to torture and kill Logan who was kept contained in a warehouse where members of the town had secretly sought to help him to kill the Maestro. He was provided Regenix where he resumed his fight with the Maestro as his healing factor was greatly enhanced. This saw the Maestro flee into caverns with Old Man Logan in pursuit where he discovered the villain had led him to his time travel machine. The gamma-powered villain offered to take Logan back to his world on the condition of leaving him alone to continue to operate on this world. Logan refused leading to the Maestro destroying out of spite as the pair resumed their fight. With the last of his fading strength, Logan managed to cut off the Maestro's head thus defeating the villain but his overtaxed healing factor caused him to collapse in the snow. (Old Man Logan v2 #50)

Logan was then recovered by the X-Men where he remained unconscious for eleven days. Cecilia Reyes informed him that the damage done to his body now meant he was dying and only had twelve months to live. Logan decided that was enough time to settle some affairs before he could die in peace. He decided to wanted to eliminate Mysterio to prevent the events that affected his own world from coming to pass on Earth-616. Thus, he broke into the Bar With No Name and beat up the supervillains inside to find information on Quentin Beck's location. None gave him any information with Logan briefly meeting Miss Sinister who he left be as he continued his search where he was joined by Hawkeye with Clint learning of Old Man Logan's mission. Barton decided to help him as the pair tracked Beck's last known location which was the Bedford Hill's Psychiatric Hospital. They arrived only to discover that Beck had left and had been taken by Miss Sinister who wanted him to bring about the version of events that led to the Wastelands as in Old Man Logan's world. (Dead Man Logan v1 #1) In the course of his search, he seemingly found Mysterio alongside the Sinister Six where he tried to kill his quarry. However, unknown to Logan, this was actually a carefully crafted illusion by Mysterio on behalf of Miss Sinister and Sin who sought to bring about the future of the Wastelands with Old Man Logan actually fighting the Avengers. Despite their efforts at warning him, Old Man Logan was deeply engrossed in the illusion until Mysterio stopped whereupon he fell unconscious. The X-Men arrived at the scene to take Logan with them despite the Avengers wanting to lock him up as they stated he had a failsafe and that they looked after their own. (Dead Man Logan v1 #3)

Resolved to return to the Wastelands, he made one final trip to Canada to meet with Mariko Yashida where he asked her to care for this reality's Maureen Bouchard who was a young girl on this Earth. Though his Maureen was long dead, Logan wanted to know that her counterpart had a good life with Mariko vowing to make sure that this was the case. After leaving her residence, he was confronted by this reality's Wolverine who had tracked him and wanted to make sure he was not a fake. The pair had a moment of understanding and fought some attackers together before he bid farewell to his counterpart. He then went to Forge's laboratory where he said his goodbyes to the X-Men and went through the portal to the Wasteland with the gateway being destroyed as per Logan's wishes. (Dead Man Logan v1 #6)


Personality and attributes

Logan in Civil War II v1 #6.

A future version of him came to be referred to as the Hooded Man. (Fantastic Four v1 #558)

When he learnt he was dying, Logan was content with passing away as whilst he had bad times in his life he felt the good outweighed it. Thus, he was ready to die but felt he wanted to settle a few matters before he could pass away in peace to join his wife and daughter. (Dead Man Logan v1 #1)

Powers and abilities


  • Old Man Logan was created by Mark Millar and Steve McNiven where he made his first appearance in Fantastic Four v1 #558 (August, 2008).
  • The character was based on Wolverine who was created by Len Wein, John Romita, Sr., and Herb Trimpe.
  • In Secret Wars: Official Guide to the Marvel Multiverse v1 #1 (2015), the character received an entry in the guidebook.

Alternate Versions

In other media


  • In Logan, elements of the character of Old Man Logan were incorporated into the live-action film with the older Logan once more portrayed by actor Hugh Jackman.

Video games

  • In Marvel Heroes, Old Man Logan appeared in the MMORPG as an alternate costume for Wolverine.
  • In Marvel: Contest of Champions, Old Man Logan appeared as a playable character in the mobile video game.
  • In Marvel Puzzle Quest, Old Man Logan appeared as a playable character in the mobile video game.


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