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Otis is a male movie character that features in DC Comics.



Otis was a male human who by his adulthood became an employee of LexCorp and a security guard for the company. During the events of Forever Evil, the Crime Syndicate of America came to the mainstream Earth and had imprisoned the Justice League. Thus, they attempted to bring the world under their rule and under Syndicate member Grid's power they managed to shutdown technology around the planet. LexCorp owner Lex Luthor managed to escape the devastation where he went into his company headquarters sub-basements and stumbled upon Otis. LexCorp Tower had no power at this time and Otis accompanied Luthor went further to his underground laboratory. Lex had grown annoyed with Otis's nervous ramblings but the pair managed to reach the laboratory that contained Subject B-Zero. This was actually a clone of Superman that was being grown from DNA samples gathered five years previously. Though not fully developed, Luthor intended to release the clone to help him fight the Crime Syndicate. Upon being released, Lex tested his control over the creature and had him kill Otis which B-Zero did so without hesitation. As a result, the imperfect clone went into a rage and tore Otis apart leaving Luthor satisfied whereupon they left the sub-basement to begin the next stage of their plans. (Forever Evil v1 #2)


Personality and attributes

Powers and abilities


  • Otis was an original creation of the Donnerverse Superman movies where he was created by Mario Puzo, David Newman, Leslie Newman, Robert Benton and Tom Mankiewicz with his first appearance in Superman (December 10, 1978) where he was portrayed by actor Ned Beatty.

Alternate Versions

  • In Smallville: Season 11, a character named Otis Berg was shown to be the personal assistant of Lex Luthor and was based on Otis from Superman.

In other media


  • In Young Justice, a character named Dr. Otis Ford appeared in the live-action series where he appeared in the episode "Scare" and was portrayed by actor Malcolm Stewart. This version was a scientist that was working at LuthorCorp that was working on a project defense contract that involved a gas that exposed subjects to their worst fears.
  • In Young Justice, Otis appeared in the episode "Satisfaction" where he was voiced by actor Kevin Michael Richardson. He was shown as being a LexCorp employee and part of the security detail for Lex Luthor. Otis was dispatched to protect Luthor when the original Roy Harper targeted him for revenge. Though having Harper in his sights, Lex had Otis stand down as he instead presented Roy with a robotic arm to replace his lost one.


  • In Superman, Otis was first created for the live-action movie that was part of the Richard Donner films where he was portrayed by actor Ned Beatty.
  • In Superman II, Otis made a return appearance as part of the Donnerverse where he was once again portrayed by actor Ned Beatty.


  • Superman: (1978)
  • Forever Evil v1: #2 (2013)

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