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Professor Pyg in Nightwing v4 #18.

Professor Pyg is a male supervillain that features in DC Comics.




The New 52

It was said that he was a former agent of Spyral who was driven insane by mind-eroding drugs of his own design. (Nightwing v4 #18)

In Bludhaven, he crafted several new Dollotrons where he turned a man into a twisted copy of Nightwing who was named Deathwing and turned a boy named Danesh into a copy of Damian Wayne. Deathwing was dispatched to target Nightwing and kidnapped Shawn Tsang where she was taken to Pyg as he was impressed with her artistic talent as the Defacer. (Nightwing v4 #17) Later in Gotham, he turned a number of people into Dollotrons where they attempted to steal money from the Penguin only to be captured by the Outlaws with the Dollotrons returned back to normal. (Red Hood and the Outlaws v2 #14)


Personality and attributes

Powers and abilities

Dollotrons in Nightwing v4 #18.

These Dollotrons created were made in the pursuit of perfection and served as subservient zombies that executed Pyg's sick whims. (Nightwing v4 #18)


  • Professor Pyg was created by Grant Morrison and Andy Kubert where he made his first appearance in Batman v1 #666 (July, 2007).

In other media


  • In Beware the Batman, the character appeared as a recurring villain in the animated series where he was voiced by actor Brian George. He would make his first appearance in the episode "Hunted" where the character was re-imagined in order to tone down his violent aspects. Professor Pyg was shown to be accompanied by Mister Toad with the pair being depict These operated as eco-terrorists that hunted and committed cimes against those they felt responsible for hurting animals or disturbing habitats. They were responsible for kidnapping numerous Gotham industrialists such as Simon Stagg and Michael Holt to punish them but Batman thwarted their plans. In "Instinct", Pyg and Toad began targeting several fashion designers that had used animals to create their clothes line. In "Reckoning", Ra's al Ghul freed numerous Gotham criminals that included Professor Pyg and Mister Road where he offered them their territory in the city in exchange for them getting rid of Batman. Professor Pyg was one of the many criminals that turned against the others in order to get the prize. In "Doppleganger", the pair were shown to had been responsible for attacking the laboratory of Dr. Kurt Langstrom where they had him test his experimental formula on himself turning him into Man-Bat. This was with the goal of creating an animal hybrid race from Gotham citizens in order to retake it back from humans. Langstrom had drugs implanted on a collar that made him susceptible to suggestion where he was sent to steal chemicals to make further serum until Batman freed him.


  • In Suicide Squad: Hell to Pay, Professor Pyg appeared in the animated film where he was voiced by actor James Urbaniak. He was shown to had been hired by Two-Face who wanted him to perform an operation to eliminate his Harvey Dent persona and transform his features to show only his deformed evil half. As he was about to perform the operation, their lair was attacked by Scandal Savage who had taken Pyg on behalf of her father Vandal Savage. Vandal had acquired the 'Get Out of Hell Free' Card and wanted to use Professor Pyg's surgical skills to stitch it deep into Savage's body in such a way that a removal would lead to his death and thus use up the magical properties of the card. After completing the task, he was killed and his dead body was left as a warning to the Suicide Squad who had come to acquire the card after being tasked with this mission by Amanda Waller.

Video games

  • In Batman: Arkham Knight, Professor Pyg appeared as an antagonist in the video game where he was voiced by actor Dwight Schultz.
  • In Injustice 2, Professor Pyg had an cameo appearance in the fighting video game where he appeared in the Red Hood ending cinematic with Jason Todd attacking him to save Scarlet from him.


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