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The Rigellians are an alien species that feature in Marvel Comics.




The Rigellians were an advanced humanoid civilization that were native to the planet Rigel. (Thor v1 #131) Prior to their development light speed travel, the Rigellians had to rely on more long term methods of expanding their species. This involved dispatching cosmoreceptors that contained genetic material and knowledge of the civilization to grow on a target planet. Such a process had been conducted on a hundred compatible planets throughout the Edzar galaxy in order to ensure the continuation of the Rigel supersociety. Around 50,000 solar revolutions ago, one such device landed on Earth but had been damaged by cosmic rays prior to entry. The damage led to the receptor being late in its response to protect its cargo of eggs that were all killed by primitive humans leading to the device going into a dormant state. (Hulk v2 #45)

Black Galaxy

At some point, the Colonziers from Rigel-3 came under threat from a great menace in the universe that was emerging from the Black Galaxy. (Thor v1 #132) This menace was one that the Rigellians came to fear and believed to be the only threat to their existence that was only immune to their psychic powers. (Thor v1 #131)

Their agent on Earth, Tana Nile, later revealed her true form and began her plan on colonizing Earth. She initially attempted to dissaude her comraders from sending a colonizer ship to the planet in fear that a battle might ensue though the colonizers believed that they were invincible to any threat except the one that came from the Black Galaxy. Their operation was discovered by Thor when he arrived at Jane Foster's apartment and was attacked by Rigellian Colonizers led by Tana Nile. Nile explained that they laid claim to Earth and intended to colonize the world by utilizing a Space Lock to move the world either closer or further from its sun. Such a process was intended to eliminate the human race due to the extreme environmental changes. The Asgardian continued to battle but was subdued by being encased in solidified protons and his resistance to Rigellian mind thrusts saw him being taken captive for examination. After being taken aboard the Colonizer vessel, the Space Lock was initiated that encased Earth's within its energy. (Thor v1 #131) Colonizer Tana Nile used her mental powers to get a police escort to the United Nations building. Unknown to the Rigellians, Thor managed to free himself and took over the Rigellian ship whereupon he decided to journey to the planet Rigel-3 in order to stop the aliens from colonizing Earth. His vessel was detained by a Sky-Station and later boarded but Thor manages to defeat the Rigellians after which he forces the crew to help him on his journey to Rigel. Upon arrival, the Colonizers send forth a robotic Indestructible to fight Thor who manages to turn its own energy blast back at itself. Before he could destroy the Space Lock device, Thor was stopped by the Rigellian Grand Commissioner who revealed the threat from the Black Galaxy and asked the Asgardian to eliminate it. He claimed that if he accomplished this feat than Earth would be allowed free from their control. Thor ultimately agrees to this mission and a Recorder was dispatched with him to document his travels. (Thor v1 #132)

Whilst Thor was in the Black Galaxy, Tana Nile attempted to exert her authority on Earth by sending an order to the Command Planet to increase the speed on the Space Lock but was refused by the ruling Rigellians for reasons not explained to her. (Thor v1 #133) After the defeat of Ego the Living Planet, Thor and the Recorder returned from the Black Galaxy where they were retrieved by the Rigellians. His success on his mission saw the Rigellians to agree to free Earth and remove their colonization claim on Earth. Thus, they came to Earth and took Tana Nile into custody after she attempted to wrest control of the planet. When she revealed she had sent Thor's love Jane Foster to parts unknown, the Colonizers provided the Thunder God with a Psyche-Search Gauge to help him track down Foster. (Thor V1 #133)

An outpost of the Rigellian empire was destroyed by the Servitors of the Infinites with Quasar along with the Avengers responding to the distress signal. (Avengers: Infinity v1 #1)

Further Activities

Irani Rael was a female Rigellian who had been selected to become a Nova Centurion for a new Nova Corps that had been assembled by the time of the Skrull invasion of Earth where she operated with Richard Rider. (Nova v4 #19) The Rigellians sent a delegation that discussed the formation of a new Galactic Council where they wanted assurances that a purge such as the one conducted by Shi'ar Emperor Vulcan would not occur in the future. (Realm of Kings: Imperial Guard v1 #3) A lost Rigellian Colonization ship's technology was used by Dagan Shah to terraform a section of the desert on the planet Earth in order to create a mythical kingdom called Sharzhad. (Hulk v2 #45)

Iron Man contacted the Rigellians to get their assistance in examining the threat of the Mandarin Rings that had been seeking wielders for themselves and attempting to combat Stark's activities. It was discovered that the Ring's had been upgraded with an AI intelligence through the deactivated Recorder #451 who the Rigellians apprehended and took away from Earth. (Iron Man v5 #28)


Compared to other humanoids, the Rigellians were quite dimunitive by size. (Hercules v1 #1) Typical members of the species were noted for their high intelligence but tended to hold a bland personality. (Nova v4 #19) Members of the Rigellian species had unique psychic talents that allowed them to influence the minds of other species. However, powerful minds such as those of Asgardians were able to resist their will. (Thor v1 #131) This power allowed them to easily control the minds of alien races and force them to their will which included using local authorities to take a Colonizer to their world's planetary governing authority. (Thor Vol 1 #132) In addition, Colonizers were ablt to mentally control their own density thus increasing it to the point that not only made them stronger but less prone to injury. Such a feat allowed them to even match the strength of certain Asgardians. (Thor v1 #131)

The Colonizers of Rigel were noted for being a technologically advanced race of pioneers and imperialists that were fixed with the goal of creating a vast empire of worlds. They were noted for being emotionless and methodical in their actions to the point that they were known to only to learn, document and colonize. (Hercules v1 #1) Rigellians loved knowledge but do not think on its practical application or even look for patterns in the data. (Iron Man v5 #13) The Colonizers believed in their complete superiority over other species to the point that they believed that battle against other races would go into their favor. However, rare occasions saw the Rigellians fear certain foes which was especially the case against enemies that resisted their mental powers. Amongst these included the threat from the Black Galaxy and the Asgardian Thor. In the case of the latter, they intended to take such foes back to their homeworld for examination. (Thor v1 #131) Rigellians tended not to fight on the physical plane but on the mind and soul as demonstrated by their use of the Rigellian Thrust technique. (Guardians of the Galaxy v3 Infinite)

Imperial Rigel consisted of a vast colonial empire that stretched across the stars. (Thor Annual v1 #4) Rigellian fleets constantly monitored space for worlds that suited their needs. (Hercules v1 #1) A department within their civilization was the Division of Claims whereby Colonizers staked their interest for colonization rights on certain worlds. (Thor v1 #131)

In the Rigellian hierarchy, notable posts included that of Colonization Commander though ultimate authority lay in the hands of the Grand Commissioner. (Thor v1 #132) Captains of their vessels were known as Sub-Commissioners whilst more lower ranking ship crewmen were noted as Scansmen. (Hercules v1 #1) Upon finding an uncharted world, a Colonizer was able to stake their claim with an inspection team dispatched to assess a world. Once the inspectors were satisfied, then the Colonizer declared their intention to the world's native populace. Resistance was expected which was why a space lock which moved the planet from its orbit forcing the natives to be subjected to extreme weather events in order to pacify any resistance. (Thor Annual v1 #4) Within their society, there was a mutant class that were fallen underground dwellers that were creatures of deformed mind and body. They were actually a sub-race created by the Colonizers created in the gene-vats that were survivors of a doomed experiment. (Thor v1 #218)

Rigellian Unlinear was a language used by their kind that some considered to be the best tool to discuss non-causal dynamics. (Guardians 3000 v1 #8)


They made use of small computers known as computoscopes that could be fitted on the wrist that allowed them to access their advanced technology. (Thor Annual v1 #4)

On their worlds, they had large observatory-like structures that charted events across the stars. One structure was the Tower of Telescopes where the Rigellians observed distant events through their observe-lenses that could be used to track enemies. (Thor Annual v1 #4)

A handheld weapon in their arsenal was the proton coagulant ray that fired an a cage of proton particles that restrained a person but also shielded them from further attacks. Another device was the gravity nullifier allowing them to move large objects. (Thor Annual v1 #4)

Rigellians were skilled in the creation of robotic machines. These included the powerful combat Indestructible that had the ability to fly on its own power and fire energy blasts to disintegrate obstacles as well as foes. These machines were even able to challenge an Asgardian though one method to destroy them was by using their own disintegration device against them which deactivated the robot. Another robot were Recorders that were used to document events for memory. (Thor v1 #132) These non-cellular lifeforms were immortal thinking machines incapable of feeling emotion. (Thor Annual v1 #4) New experiences and knowledge were often included onto Recorder library tapes. (Hercules v1 #1)

Rigel space cruisers were noted for being gigantic and heavily armed space craft. (Thor Annual v1 #4) Colonizer Fleets were said to consist of such numbers that they could block out the stars and were led from huge command ships. (Iron Man v1 #101)

Among their technological achievements were space stations called Sky-Stations that were used as guard posts and designed to authorize entry of vessels in their space. Any enemy ships were boarded by the Colonizers who utilized their superior force field technology to capture their foes. (Thor v1 #132) Psyche-Search Gauges were another invention that was used to search for missing individuals. (Thor Vol 1 #134) Their technology allowed them to manipulate hydrogen and create new water supplies and even terraform deserts. This functioned by harnessing geothermal power and as administered by a Rigellian program. (Hulk v2 #45)

A noted tool in the time before faster-than-light travel, the Rigellians constructed devices known as cosmoreceptors. These pods contained the compressed knowledge of their civilization and the necessary power to maintain generation. Upon arriving at a target world, it changed to cosmo-ligand whereby 10 million blastocysts were chosen for colonization. If deprived of this goal, the receptor awaited the arrival of another stage two to continue its mission. Should it not encounter any, then the device entered into its secondary directive whereby physical colonization itself was abandoned in favor of spreading Rigellian culture. This saw the machine activate a homing song where it abducted a subject near death who was brought before stage one and merged with it. Greater superhuman potential was awakened in the subject and attempts were made to overwrite the host by means of indoctrination though this could fail. (Hulk v2 #45)

For quick transit, they developed the matter transmitter that were large doorway shaped machines consisting of a structural disassembler that they passed through whereupon the were restored by a structural restorer at the target location. Through such means, a Rigellian was able to walk from one world and emerge on a distant one with moments. (Thor Annual v1 #4)

Rigellian agents that discovered new worlds were noted to report their findings to a Colonizer Commander in order to lay their claim over a planet. This was soldified by giving the designated Colonizer the wrist controls for a Space Lock that was a machine capable of encasing an entire world within its energy. Such technology allowed the Rigellians to move entire worlds either closer or further away from their star. This was intended to bring about extreme environmental changes that would eliminate any native species thus giving the Colonizers complete control of the world. (Thor v1 #131) Special Power Plants the size of planetoids were used to maintain the energy of the Space Lock that were typically protected at all costs. (Thor v1 #132)


  • Tana Nile :
  • Arcturus : a male Fleet Commander whose ship discovered a Punisher robot in an abandoned vessel orbiting Earth's sun. (Iron Man v1 #101)
  • Cacino : female member of the Rigel Tribe of Fear that fought Drax and was killed with him on Rigel-3. (Guardians of the Galaxy v3 Infinite)
  • Cordon :
  • Grand Commissioner :
  • Gunthar :
  • Irani Rael : female Rigellian who joined the Nova Centurions by the time of the Skrull invasion who was described as being smarter than god but devoid of personality as a paperclip. (Nova v4 #19)
  • Mari :
  • Nelet :
  • Pa :
  • Pogu : fought Hercules Hercules: Prince of Power 01 (1982)
  • Pyo :
  • Ronhon : fought Hercules in Hercules: Prince of Power 01 (1982)
  • Sub-Commissioner :
  • Wipo : fought Hercules in Hercules: Prince of Power 01 (1982)
  • Zygo :
  • Tua Zon : male Colonizer skilled in mathematics and can generate electro-assault spheres who was part of the Guardians of the Galaxy 1000. (Guardians of Infinity v1 #4)


  • The Rigellians were created by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby where they made their first appearance in Thor v1 #129 (June 1966).
  • In Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe v1 #8 (1983), the Rigellians were mentioned in the reference book as being natives of Rigel-3 situated in the Rigel System in the Milky Way Galaxy. They were an advanced interstellar civilization who were imperialistic though peaceful and were ruled by a technocratic empire where officials were chosen for their high intelligence quotient. The Colonizers were said to had established a vast empire of planets in the Milky Way, Andromeda and other nearby galaxies but no longer sought worlds that were inhabited by humanoids and did not challenge other interstellar empires.
  • In the Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe v2 #11 (1986), it was stated that overpopulation along with a distaste for living in close quarters led to their civilization embarking on expansionist colonization. It was also said that they had a worker class of mutant Rigellians that were created through genetic engineering though racial prejudice led to them persecuting this group in their society. A Colonizer could lay claim to a system with them bringing it before the Rigellian Division of Claims for it to be registered.

Alternate versions

  • In Earth-829, the Rigellians combined themselves with their creations, the Recorders and became a mostly cybernetic race with a greatly increased height.
  • In Black Panther v7 (2018), a universe was seen where the Wakandans had colonised space and over centuries formed the Intergalactic Empire of Wakanda. A Rigellian empire was noted to had emerged at T'Chaka's Reach that was disconnected from the rest of their people which became the first nation to fall to the Imperial Wakandans. This saw the Rigellians being incorporated into the Wakandan empire among its lower classes and through the alien race they came to pillage them of their advanced technology.

In other media


  • In The Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes, a Rigellian Recorder was mentioned in the animated television series episode "Michael Korvac" where one witnessed the destruction caused by Korvac with this being received by the Guardians of the Galaxy who sought to capture the power-mad superhuman.
  • In Ultimate Spider-Man, the Rigellians make a minor appearance in the episode "Guardians of the Galaxy" though they were not actually named. They make an appearance when Tana Nile was shown stating that she would not be able to make it to Rigel-3 though this was shown as being part of a video game played by Peter Parker and Sam Alexander.
  • In Avengers Assemble, though not identified as one a Rigellian was shown in the audience on Mojo's starship in the episode "Mojo's World".
  • In Guardians of the Galaxy, Rigellians made an appearance in the episode "Accidents Will Happen". The High Commissioner of Rigel attended the Galactic Council on Spartax hosted by Spartaxian King J-Son. Star-Lord caused a fight with the Rigel representative who used his telekinetic power on him until stopped by the Guardians of the Galaxy. In the episode "Girls Just Wanna Have Fun", its shown that the Rigellians were a telekinetic people from Rigel-3 who struggled to control their abilities due to their emotions. This resulted in their civilization developing a coming of age ritual called the Centering where their emotions were purged making them more colder and logical allowing them to gain control of their abilities. Parents often had their children take part in the ritual before their birthday that marked their coming of age where in some cases the child resisted as they preferred to feel happiness and joy. Upon becoming an adult, the young Rigellian was allowed to make their own choice on whether to take part in the Centering or not. A group of rebel Rigellians called the Empathetics thus formed that were a rogue group of their kind that did not take part in the Centering and preferred to indulge in their emotions and wild use of their abilities. These dissidents referred to non-telekinetics as flatliners and were seen as rebels by their ruling government. Princess Tana Nile refused to take part in the Centering but returned to her homeworld in order to urge her people to accept emotions as well as control their telekinetic abilities. Rigellian spacecraft were shown to possess telekinetic cannons that they could direct at their targets.


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