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Rocket Red Brigade in Justice League: Generation Lost v1 #4.

The Rocket Red Brigade is an organization that features in DC Comics.



The Rocket Reds form in Green Lantern Corps v1 #209.

The Rocket Red Brigade was an elite force of superhumans created by the Soviet Union with the aid of the Green Lantern Corps member Kilowog. They consisted of genetically enhanced soldiers clad in powerful battlesuits. When the other Earth-based Green Lanterns tracked Kilowog down, the Rocket Reds attacked them, and Kilowog was forced to destroy Rocket Red 1 to release them. Kilowog left in disgust, but the Rocket Reds continued on, with at least nine members.

Whilst on patrol, they received reports of unidentified superhuman beings entering into Russian space with these being the Champions of Angor who were on a quest to disarm all nuclear weapons in the world. The Justice League were in pursuit of them but the Rocket Reds saw this as another American invasion of their territory leading to the Brigade battling that team of heroes. The fighting was stopped when the Russian government asked the Rocket Reds to escort the Justice League during a confrontation between the Brigade and the Champions. During this time, a fight broke out causing a nuclear incident from the power plant that threatened to explode. However, Wandjina stepped forth into the nuclear reactor to stop it from exploding but experienced a fatal burst of radiation. The Rocket Red Brigade helped escort all non-Russian parties outside the country. (Justice League v1 #3)

They later battled the Justice League, until the Soviet government ordered them to join forces with the League to prevent a nuclear meltdown. (Justice League v1 #3) Still later, Rocket Red 7 joined the Justice League at the request of the Russian government when the superhero team became an international peace force. (Justice League International v1 #7)

The Rocket Red Brigade was eventually retired (probably around the time of the fall of the Soviet Union), and the battlesuits were later put up for sale at an illegal arms auction. The suits were purchased by Vandal Savage, who used their nuclear-powered suits as nuclear "missiles" with which he attempted to conquer the world. (DC One Million v1 #1) He also imprisoned the captured and newly reformed Teen Titans in the suits, to kill them in the process. However, at the same time, the Hourman Virus struck, causing the suit with Tempest to go off-course, free the hero, and annihilate the city of Montevideo in Uruguay. The other suits were divested of their unwilling wearers, and destroyed by members of the Justice Legion A, before they could be used to wipe out Metropolis, Brussels, and Singapore.

Under orders from the Russian government, the Rocket Reds were sent to the border to allow the Green Lantern Corps access to their airspace after they came under attack from Black Adam and the Great Ten. Rather than anger the Russians, Black Adam backed down but warned the Green Lanterns that Russia would be invited into his coalition that formed from the Freedom of Power Treaty. (52 v1 #6)

Following the Black Adam-Green Lantern incident, foreign Metahumans were outlawed in Russia with the Brigade dispatched to arrest any in the country where they worked alongside Redstar. (Teen Titans v3 #38) At some point, Gavril Ivanovich joined the Brigade where he served as a Captain until he declared himself a true Communist who saw that Russian had been corrupted by Western interests. As a result, he was declared an enemy of the state and departed the Brigade where he forged his own makeshift armour and operated as Rocket Red. This brought him into conflict with the Rocket Red Brigade that sought to eliminate him. (Justice League: Generation Lost v1 #4)


These warsuits were noted for their nuclear capabilities. (DC One Million v1 #1) Power cells for the suits were situated within the collars. (Justice League: Generation Lost v1 #4)

Pilots wore an underlay exo-skin that recycled internal heat to prevent any freeze attack. They could project a white noise sonic attack from the palm of the right hand whilst the left could unfurl a cannon. (Supergirl v7 #14)

The suits had a self-destruct mechanism designed to explode to protect proprietary technology. (Supergirl v7 #14)


  • Josef Denisovich :
  • Dmitri Pushkin :
  • Vladimir Mikoyan :
  • Maks Chazov :
  • Gavril Ivanovich :
  • Noi Maxsimovich Komarov : ginger haired male designated as Rocket Red #77 who was shot down over Mongolia. (Supergirl v7 #14)


  • The Rocket Red Brigade was created by Steve Englehart and Joe Staton where they made their first appearance in Green Lantern Corps v1 #208 (January, 1987).

In other media


  • In Young Justice, the Rocket Red Brigade appeared in the animated television series third season Outsiders starting from the episode "Leverage". They were shown as superhuman operatives created by the Russian government as a counter to American superheroes such as those in the Justice League. Volunteers went through a pain series of treatments involving injections whilst their armour was assembled around them. Their leader was Commander Olga Illyich in her role as Rocket Red #1 and later included Dmitri Pushkin as Rocket Red #4. The facility was attacked by the Suicide Squad under orders from Amanda Waller to disrupt Russian superhuman operations but their efforts were stopped by the Team.


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