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For other uses of this name, see Rodimus Convoy (disambiguation).

Rodimus Convoy was originally Hot Rodimus, who was empowered in 2005 by the Cybertron Matrix of Leadership within Unicron, enabling him to defeat Galvatron and destroy Unicron. However, although he believed in a new era of peace- leading the Cybertrons to retake Seibertron and drive the Destrons off-world- by 2010 he was wracked with self-doubt over his ability to lead.

As time went on, Rodimus became more confident. While still uncomfortable with his burden, he brought a more radical, less predictable style to leadership after the resurgence of Galvatron. Despite that, on a few occasions, he was almost eager to relinquish the Matrix and become Hot Rodimus again, only taking it back after realizing it was his responsibility. Then, Convoy's body was retrieved by human scientists, and the Hate Plague broke out, infecting Rodimus. A revived Convoy defeated the maddened Rodimus, taking the Matrix back and bringing Hot Rod back.

Rodimus Convoy was reborn after Hot Rodimus retrieved the re-energized Cybertron Matrix of Leadership, and both he and Convoy stopped the Destrons' attempt to seize Vector Sigma. Unfortunately, Convoy was slain, and Rodimus re-assumed leadership of the Cybertrons. After Seibertron was destroyed, Rodimus led a group to settle a new homeworld.


Since there was a new Seibertron by the time of the Beast Wars, apparently he succeeded.

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