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For other uses of this name, see Galvatron (disambiguation).

Galvatron is the leader of the Decepticons, an upgraded version of Megatron.


U.S. Animated, Japan

Galvatron in robot mode and cannon mode.

The leader of the Decepticons created from the remnants of Megatron by the planet-devourer Unicron, after one final betrayal by Starscream in the year 2005. Galvatron took command of the Decepticons after destroying Starscream, and proceeded to hunt down the Autobot Matrix of Leadership (Cybertron Matrix of Leadership) under orders from Unicron, with the intention of destroying it. Upon getting the Matrix, Galvatron attempted to use it to enslave Unicron, but was unable to do so. Rodimus Prime (Rodimus Convoy) recovered the Matrix, and used it to destroy Unicron after throwing Galvatron through Unicron’s armor and into cold space.

Galvatron landed on the lava planet Thrull and remained there for nearly a year until he was rescued by Cyclonus, Scourge, and the Sweeps. But his rescue came too late, for he had lost his sanity. In an attempt to cure Galvatron of his madness, Cyclonus took him to the planet Torqulon for mental help. After many failed tests, the Torqulons decided that Galvatron’s mind was beyond repair and tried to destroy him by feeding it to the planet itself. However, Galvatron’s mind drove the planet itself insane, and Galvatron himself destroyed the planet’s memory core. He left with Cyclonus and the Sweeps, not completely cured, but as a better leader. Galvatron continued to lead the Decepticons against the Autobots (Cybertrons) after this.

U.S. Animated

After the resurrection of Optimus Prime, Galvatron tried and failed to use the Plasma Energy Chamber to destroy Earth and Cybertron. He was last seen on board Scorponok with Lord Zarak, the rest of the Decepticons, and the Hive, vowing to return and conquer the galaxy.


After the resurrection of Convoy, Galvatron entered an alliance with Lord Zarak, a Destron banished from the planet Master by Fortress. They attacked Seibertron in an attempt to take control of Vector Sigma, and Galvatron and Convoy battled each other. Galvatron walked away from that fight, while Convoy was killed and reinstated Rodimus Convoy as leader.

Together with Zarak, Galvatron launched many more campaigns against the Cybertrons. One involved another plan to take Vector Sigma, which was producing a new metal which Galvatron wanted to make into a sword to battle Rodimus and Fortress with. Zarak planted bombs in Vector Sigma, and when Galvatron learned of this he journeyed to Vector Sigma to disarm the bombs. However, they exploded upon his arrival, and Galvatron was left for dead.

Galvatron returned several weeks later and took back the leadership of the Destrons from Zarak, but let the usurper live. For the next few months, Galvatron traveled the galaxy collecting as much energy as he could for his grandest scheme yet, to transform Earth into his new body and become a being like Unicron. Shortly after this revelation, Galvatron perished in the Arctic while battling the Cybertron Headmasters thanks to the machinations of Zarak and the betrayal of Sixshot.

Galvatron was later resurrected as Super Megatron by the mysterious Dark Nova.

Marvel U.S.

In an alternate future, Galvatron was created from Megatron by Unicron, who successfully destroyed Cybertron. The Decepticons conquered the North American continent of Earth and Galvatron personally killed Rodimus Prime. But the Unicron from 1990 wanted Galvatron to act as his emissary, so he sent Hook, Line and Sinker to the year 2009 to capture him and bring him back, a task which they succeeded in completing.

Feeling that he was betrayed, Galvatron chased Emirate Xaaron deep into Cybertron and used him to awaken Primus, to summon all the Transformers to Cybertron. Upon Unicron’s attack, Galvatron struck the first blow against the Chaos-Bringer and inspired the rest of his people to do the same.

When the battle was over, Galvatron boarded the Ark, which was commandeered by Starscream and Shockwave; the two Decepticons planned to return to Earth and conquer it. Galvatron ran into Megatron, and attempted to destroy him to end his own pain. However, once he realized he might also destroy himself, he agreed to work together with Megatron to conquer the galaxy. Unfortunately, the Ark crashed on Earth, and Galvatron emerged blind and completely insane. Galvatron was last seen when Fortress Maximus threw him into a lake of ice.

Marvel U.K.

Here, there were three Galvatrons.

The first Galvatron was created from Megatron by Unicron in 2006. Along with Cyclonus and Scourge, he first appeared in 1986 when they traveled back in time to build a gigantic cannon to destroy Unicron and end their slavery to him. The Autobots and present-day Decepticons allied, but could not stop him. In the end they tricked him into thinking that Starscream had been killed, making him think that history had been changed and he could no longer be certain his actions would affect his future. Thwarted, he returned to 2006.

After being defeated within Unicron and thrown into space by Rodimus Prime, Galvatron activated his time-jump device to travel back to 1987. Unfortunately for him, the time-jump and the fall through Earth’s atmosphere at the same time made him lose his sanity. He proceeded to enact many schemes, which included using Earth’s volcanos to become a god, attempting to manipulate the Decepticons against Shockwave and teaming up with Megatron in an attempt to conquer Earth during the Time Wars. In the end, he was apparently destroyed by a time storm which sucked him into nothingness.

This version of Galvatron had a third mode, a small gun mode like he had as Megatron.

The second Galvatron was the Galvatron brought back to 1990 by Hook, Line and Sinker. He emerged from the lake after his defeat by Fortress Maximus, and attempted to brainwash several Autobots into submission by using a mind-bug to control their dreams. His scheme back-fired, and he was defeated, placed in stasis in the Ark, forever plagued by his own nightmares.

A third Galvatron was seen when Rodimus Prime returned to his time following the Time Wars to find an alternate-universe Cybertron under Galvatron’s rule. This Galvatron failed to get Rodimus to taint the Creation Matrix with darkness and hatred, but was left still in control of Cybertron.


Even later, according to Simon Furman's story Alignment, Galvatron returned to wrest command of the Decepticons, constructing a whole armada of Warworlds in a terrible final conflict that ended the Great War. The conflict engulfed the entire galaxy- in the end, Galvatron was finally destroyed by Optimus Prime, but not before inflicting injuries on the Autobot so great, that he spent many decades in stasis.


(Little is known about this incarnation of Galvatron, save that when he was slated to appear, he would have been similar to the U.S. animated version in design and personality. Unfortunately, the cancellation of the Dreamwave Transformers comic means this Galvatron will never come to be.)

Armada (Comic)

Preparing to destroy the Armada reality, Unicron sent forth five heralds he plucked from various alternate universes: Thunderwing, Bludgeon, Dirge, Scourge and their leader, Galvatron. While his fellow heralds wreaked havoc on Cybertron preparing for their master's arrival, Galvatron went forth to destroy this universe's Megatron. After spreading terror and nearly destroying Megatron, the native Decepticon leader proved to be victorious; the Minicons assisted him by forming the Star Saber, allowing Megatron to triumph against his nearly invincible foe.

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