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I-Ching is a male comic character that features in DC Comics.




Comforting Diana Prince in Wonder Woman v1 #180.

He would also have a long lost daughter named Lu Shan who hated him as she believed him responsible for killing her mother. (Wonder Woman v1 #187) I-Ching was a member of an ancient sect whose monastery was hidden high in the mountains. Their task was to maintain ageless knowledge that had been lost centuries ago after men concluded that science and magic were different to one another when the sect knew that they were two sides of the same coin. They later drew the attention of Doctor Cyber who was sought out the priceless gems and precious metals that resided in the monastery with the villains agents sent to acquire them. Despite resisting these attackers, the sect fell before the weapons of the attackers with them slain leaving I-Ching the only survivor of the group who hid until the villains escaped with their treasures. Though wounded, he later managed to pursue them and sought to stop the machinations of Doctor Cyber. (Wonder Woman v1 #179)

To defeat Cyber, he sought out Wonder Woman in her guise as Diana Prince at a time when she had lost her powers. He stated that his foe was also the foe of her love Steve Trevor and told Diana his own backstory. Though she had lost her powers, I-Ching taught her martial arts to replace these abilities to better prepare her in the battle against Doctor Cyber. (Wonder Woman v1 #179)

He later came to assist the female heroine known as the Peacock in stopping the Sensei from finding the Mask of the Beholder in Gotham City that was being hidden by the Jade Compass Society. I-Ching advised to let the Batman assist them in stopping the Sensei and his demon tribe despite the reservations of the Peacock. (Batman v1 #705)

The New 52

Following the Flashpoint, a new version of reality was created with a different history of events. He was born long ago on the wind-swept plains of Qinghai where he had a twin brother with the two being born to a farmer and his wife. Though identical, the two brothers were completely different in personality with the older brother drawn to virtue and I-Ching drawn to vice. On one occasion, I-Ching attacked an older boy in the village leading to his mother sending him to a remote mountaintop monastery to train with his brother joining him as he could not bear being parted from his twin. Once there, they were greeted by the monks who recognised the two brothers as being embodiments of the Yin and Yang of the current age with them training the twins. I-Ching proved to hold the aspect of chaotic Yin and it was determined that he was not evil but rather needed to be cultivated to better his talent. Upon the completion of their training, the now adult brothers were to embody their aspects by learning the others respective art. However, I-Ching's older brother All-Yang refused to do so as he felt there was nothing he could learn from chaotic Yin and turned against his kin. The act led to I-Ching being rendered blind and All-Yang departing where he was not seen for many years. The brothers thus became enemies as All-Yang sought to impose his views of order on the world as he believed the Realm of Humans to be full of chaos. In the aftermath, I-Ching learnt Yang to continue the balance but long sought a disciple to inherit his mantle. (New Super-Man v1 #18)

At some point, he worked for the American Intelligence Agency and maintained contacts with the organization. In an effort to control his fluctuating powers, Kenan Kong was told about I-Ching and attempted to better discipline himself under his martial artist training. (New Super-Man v1 #8)


Personality and attributes

As stated by him, eyes were only one portal to the soul with the mind truly seeing everything around it. (Wonder Woman v1 #179)

I-Ching stated that he did not hate but rather conducted his actions out of love for humanity. (Wonder Woman v1 #179)

Powers and abilities

Whilst blind, he was a man of extraordinary skill with him being able to engage multiple foes in hand-to-hand combat. (Wonder Woman v1 #179)

He was able to enter a realm of abstraction and bring others into it as well where he could show them the different triagrams of the body. (New Super-Man v1 #8)


  • I-Ching was created by Denny O'Neil and Mike Sekowsky who made his first appearance in Wonder Woman v1 #179 (November, 1968).


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