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Skurge in Angela: Queen of Hel v1 #4.

Skurge is a male comic supervillain that features in Marvel Comics.



The Executioner alongside Amora in Journey into Mystery v1 #103.
Skurge in battle in Thor: God-Size Special v1 #1.


During Angela's trip to Hel, she attempted to usurp the throne from Hela in order to free her love from death's embrace. To combat her, Skurge stood alongside Tyr and Balder in battling the rebellion forces. (Angela: Queen of Hel v1 #4)

In the aftermath, Skurge decided that he did not want to serve the new rulers of Hel and went on his own to wander the wilderness where he killed intruders into the realm. Around this time, he was seemingly visited by Amora who bade his aid in helping fight a great threat. This saw Skurge join the ranks of Asgardians and those with ties to Asgard in stopping the threat of Nebula who had acquired the power to control the Naglfar Armada. (Asgardians of the Galaxy v1 #3)

Whilst battling in Kenya, he as wounded in the fight against the Angels with Angela deciding on a new strategy to defeat her former homeland. She had Skurge cut open a doorway into Heven allowing her entry whilst he held the line against the Angels that fatally wounded him. This allowed Angela to use the Naglfar Beacon on the Tenth Realm where the army of undead gods slaughtered the ranks of the Angels and provided her the chance to slay the Queen of the Angels. Heven was devastated as a result thus removing their role in the War of the Realms with Skurge dying from his injuries. He fell into the afterlife expecting to be consigned to Hel once more but found that his actions had rewarded him a place in Valhalla. (Asgardians of the Galaxy v1 #10)


Personality and attributes

Powers and abilities


  • Skurge the Executioner was created by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby where he made his first appearance as the Executioner in Journey into Mystery v1 #103 (April, 1964).

Alternate Versions

In other media


  • In The Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes, the Executioner appeared as an antagonist in the animated series where he was not voiced and had no speaking lines. He was an Asgardian armed with an axe and was the protector of Amora the Enchantress with him accompanying her as she worked for Loki.
  • In Ultimate Spider-Man, the Executioner appeared as an antagonist in the animated television series in the episode "Run Pig Run" where he was voiced by actor Travis Willingham.
  • In Avengers Assemble, the Executioner appeared as an antagonist in the animated television series fourth season "Secret Wars" where he was voiced again by actor Travis Willingham. He was shown as joining the ranks of the new Cabal that was being led by the Leader with them attacking the Avengers. Skurge was shown to hold a strange mystical coin through which he could summon a portal that brought his pet Asgardian dire wolf into battle to assist him.


  • In Thor: Ragnarok, Skurge appeared in the live-action film that was set in the Marvel Cinematic Universe where he was portrayed by actor Karl Urban. He was an Asgardian warrior that once fought alongside Thor in the battle at Vanaheim with Skurge looking for an opportunity to prove himself. When Loki took the throne, he disguised himself as Odin to allay any suspicion where he declared Heimdall a traitor to the throne. He then appointed Skurge as his replacement in control of the Bifrost which he used to entertain himself and the female company he brought with him. Skurge used the Bifrost to claim numerous treasures and had it take a pair of assault rifles from Texas on Midgard. When Thor returned, Skurge attempted to warn Loki but failed to arrive in time with the Odinson revealing the duplicity of his adoptive brother. Skurge was later cleaning the Bifrost bridge when Hela arrived and massacred Fandral and Volstagg. He then willingly served Hela and was appointed her Executioner but came to feel guilt over his actions that tyrannised his fellow Asgardians. During the battle for Asgard, Skurge initially led Hela's undead warriors to try and kill the remaining Asgardians. However, he decided to flee on a ship from Sakaar but at the last second decided to turn against Hela when the ship was nearly boarded. He then went onto the Bifrost to slay more of the undead and challenged Hela who killed him,

Video games

  • In Marvel: Avengers Alliance, the Executioner was a character that had a Dossier in the Facebook video game.
  • In Marvel: Future Fight, Skurge appeared as a character in the mobile video game.


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