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The Wyvern Clan was the clan of gargoyles native to Wyvern Hill, Scotland. It had existed there for years by 878, and held the area by themselves until 971, when the clan allied with Prince Malcolm and began co-existing with humans at Castle Wyvern. Unfortunately, the relationship between humans and gargoyles soured after the death of Malcolm and the rise of the xenophobic Katharine to Wyvern's throne. Despite their growing enmity, the humans and gargoyles continued to jointly defend their home- until 994, when betrayal led to the death of most of the Wyvern Clan at the hands of Hakon. The Wyvern Clan's survivors (excepting Demona) were turned to stone and eventually awoke to become the Manhattan Clan, and their unhatched eggs went on to become the Avalon Clan.

Known Members

Greg Weisman's Master Plan

Eventually, sometime between the present day and 2198 a new Wyvern Clan would be founded.


None of the members of the Wyvern Clan actually used names back then, save Goliath. The survivors only took their names after reawakening; the others were identified as such in scripts, credits and Ask Greg.

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