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The General in Suicide Squad v3 #4.

Wade Eiling is a male comic character that features in DC Comics.




Eiling becomes the General in JLA v1 #26.

The General

At some point, Eiling was diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumour with him looking to taking over the country. This caused him to seek to conduct an initiative against the superhero community in the world which he orchestrated as a carefully conducted military operation. This included having a team of scientists artificially imbue the Metagene on a team of recruits to turn them into supersoldiers who formed the International Ultramarine Corps who were given a fake background. (JLA v1 #25) General Eiling later attended a briefing where he revealed to the media and the public the existence of the International Ultramarine Corps. He dispatched them to recover the body of the second Shaggy Man from the Pacific Ocean where its body was shaved. Aquaman and Green Lantern attempted to prevent the Ultramarine Corps from retrieving the body but were thwarted. (JLA v1 #24) General Eiling meanwhile returned to his base of operations known as Threshold where he orchestrated military assaults against the Justice League. The League answered a call for aid in Phoenix, Arizona where they were ambushed by the American military with the Ultramarine Corps spearheading the attack. (JLA v1 #25) Whilst they attacked the Justice League, several of their heroes confronted Eiling who had now transferred his mind into the Shaggy Man's body where he took the name of the General. His new form managed to survive any attack made against him but whilst he was fighting them his Ultramarines were shown the deception Eiling had made against them leading to them allying with the Justice League. All the superhumans gathered together to fight the General but his body was impervious to such attacks. However, the League responded by using a bulk teleporter to send the synthetic body of the General into deep space where he was left on 433 Eros. The small rocky needle deep in the asteroid belt served as a prison for the General who was trapped there with no way of escaping. (JLA v1 #26) Whilst trapped there, he felt like millions of years had passed and thought of a number of ways to get his revenge on the Justice League. After several months, he was found by Queen Bee who took him to join the new incarnation of the Injustice Gang who targeted the Watchtower in a surprise attack on the Justice League. (JLA v1 #36) Eiling was part of the forces that attacked the Justice League headquarters. (JLA v1 #37) He battled Superman where he revealed that he was being influenced by another force that told him to kill everyone. During his retreat, he encountered Orion and was attacked by the New God's warhound Sturmer. (JLA v1 #38)

The New 52


Personality and attributes

He came to believe that the Earth would not need any superhuman protectors once he became its commanding officer. (JLA v1 #25)

Powers and abilities

When he was dying, he decided to transfer his consciousness into the mindless body of the Shaggy Man and had the entity's form shaved. In this form, he came to be a superhuman being and took the name of the General. This body had enhanced senses allowing him to smell adrenaline in a person's sweat effectively to smell fear in it. He possessed genetically enhanced salamander tissue giving him regenerative abilities allowing him to survive any attack, felt no pain and even regrow limbs. (JLA v1 #26)


  • Wade Eiling was created by Cary Bates, Pat Broderick and Greg Weisman where he made his first appearance in Captain Atom v1 #1 (March, 1987).

Alternate Versions

In other media


  • In Justice League Unlimited, General Wade Eiling appeared as an antagonist in the animated television series set in the DC Animated Universe where he was voiced by actor J.K. Simmons.
  • In Young Justice, General Wade Eiling appeared in the animated television series where he was voiced by actor Jeff Bennett.
  • In The Flash, General Wade Eiling appeared in the 2014 live-action television series set in the Arrowverse where he was portrayed by actor Clancy Brown.

Video games


  • Captain Atom v1:
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  • Captain Atom:
  • The Fall and Rise of Captain Atom:

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