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Krona with the Entities in Green Lantern: Emerald Warriors v1 #10.

Krona is a male alien supervillain that features in DC Comics.




Krona was a member of the ancient race of Maltusian immortals that gave rise to the Guardians of the Universe, Controllers and the Zamarons. Four billion years ago, the ambitious scientist was given the task of raising the young Oan Herupa Hando Hu, however, Krona showed little time to the child and was instead more focused on his own research. This came much to the chagrin of Appa Ali Apsa and the Oan Council with Supervisor Fahsir warning them of Krona's misdeeds. [Secret Origins Vol. 2 #23] The aim of Krona's experiment was to break his peoples taboo on the discovery of the origin of the universe. There were many attempts at stopping his research which included supervillains travelling from alternate dimensions in time from the 20th century. After arriving on Maltus, these villains destroyed everything around them in an attempt to stop Krona but this simply provoked the Maltusians into easily overpowering them. One small group entered Krona's laboratory and attempted to shut his project down but were killed in an explosive blast before they could reach the time-viewing screen. (Crisis on Infinite Earths v1 #10)

His experiment a success, Krona witnessed a giant hand that was clutching the universe at the moment of creation whereupon it shattered. According to ancient legend, this caused the birth of evil that was unleashed upon existence and the fabric of space-time was forever torn and remade. The positive matter universe was as a result splintered and an Anti-Matter Universe that mirrored it was formed. On the moons of the planet Oa, the positive matter universe created the being known as the Monitor whilst on the moon of Qward in the anti-matter universe the being later known as the Anti-Monitor was created; both of whom were enemies. Krona's actions also led to the loss of one billion years of potential life as the forces of entropy were now linked at the ends of time though the truth of these actions would not be revealed for billions of years. [Green Lantern Vol. 2 #40, Crisis on Infinite Earths #7, 10, History of the DC Universe #1, Green Lantern: Ganthet's Tale, Zero Hour: Crisis in Time #4-0]

It was then that the Maltusians sought to confront Krona over his experiment and again demanded that he change his ways. However, he refused and sought to probe further into the origins of the universe. This time, the Oans decided to punish him for his crimes and reduced him to a bodiless state of energy that was sent to circle all the universe until the end of time. It was the actions of Krona that led the Oans to decide to dedicate themselves in prserving order in the cosmos by becoming the Guardians of the Universe. [Green Lantern Vol. 2 #40] Though he was banished, a map belonging to him was left behind on Maltus which highlighted a treasure on the world of Okaara. This map was discovered by Larfleeze and his band of thieves which led them to uncovering the Orange Lantern Central Power Battery. [Green Lantern #41: Agent Orange Part 3]

Attempted return

Whilst travelling across the universe, Krona's energy form came upon Earth; specifically in Gotham City where he discovered the Golden Age Green Lantern hero known as Alan Scott. Seeing that his power was derived from the Starheart and whilst magical in nature, the presence of Krona sought to use it as a means of escape. Forcing his energy form to glow like a meteor, he attempted to make Alan Scott believe he was a piece of falling debris and thus attracted the superheroes attention. Using his mystic ring, he attempted to divert the "meteor" in order to prevent it from doing any damage; an act that allowed Krona's essence to travel through the energy beam into the ring itself. Now inside Alan Scott's ring, Krona temporarily gave the superhero the power to gain control over wooden objects to which the Golden Age Green Lantern decided to seek the aid of Hal Jordan of the Green Lantern Corps to discover it secrets. However, by this point, Krona had departed the mystic ring as he was not restored to full power. His power over wood gone, Scott consulted the ring on what had happened and discovered the shocking truth of Krona's involvement.

By this point, the Guardians had learnt of Krona's presence on Earth and sought to find him whilst warning the Green Lanterns that great evil would erupt in the presence of the renegade Maltusian. In time, tectonic activity increased and strange disasters began to engulf Coast City forcing the Green Lantern Corps to attempt to preserve order. Now aware of the Guardians coming presence, Krona took control over the body of Alan Scott and through him he managed to take control of the Oans that arrived on Earth. However, whilst he had taken control of them, he was unable to exert this ability on Hal Jordan. Thus, Krona decided to adopt a new strategy which involved commanding the Guardians to remove Hal Jordan from his status as Green Lantern of Space Sector 2814 and have him return his Power Ring in order for him to be replaced by Alan Scott. Jordan refused the command and a fight broke out between him and the Krona controlled Scott who was forced to knock out Hal Jordan. He proceeded to kill Hal Jordan but the Green Lantern was saved by the protective energy of his power ring.

Believing that the threat posed by Hal Jordan was now over, Krona decided to recreate his ancient experiment and began construction of his time viewer. Discarding his disguise which was no longer needed, the Maltusian returned to his true form whereupon he created a duplicate of Alan Scott's magical ring in order to use it to travel to a different universe. This was because he was being cautious over the legend that stated great destruction would occur if one witnessed the dawn of time and of creation. Through the duplicate ring, Krona intended to survive any potential disaster that resulted from his experiment. He was unaware of the fact that Alan Scott was now free from Krona's control and aided Hal Jordan in the earlier fight. Using a various of Krona's earlier ability, Jordan now gained the power to combat yellow objects but the Maltusian still possessed the ability to cast cosmic lightning from his fingertips. Using their combined willpower, the two Green Lanterns Scott and Jordan worked together to break the concentration of Krona. This act allowed the captured Guardians to be freed from his control and they destroyed his time viewer whereupon they returned the renegade to his energy state; sending it into the stars once more in order to continue his punishment. [Green Lantern Vol. 2 #40]


Krona as Entropy from Green Lantern v3 #35.

At some point after defeat, the energy form of Krona breached the dimensional boundaries that separated realms and reached the lands of the dead where souls departed to when their bodies died. This dimension was ruled by a powerful cosmic being known as Nekron who was the Lord of the Unliving and a creature of death itself. Due to the paradox of an immortal dying and being present in the Realm of the Dead, a rift was formed between the living world and Nekron's dimension. Seeing into the mortal world, Nekron desired its wealth of souls but the tear in space was too small for him to journey through. Thus, Nekron decided to use Krona as a tool to accomplish his goal and transformed the Maltusian immortal into his agent. In addition to his new powers which were not greater than the Oans, the Lord of the Unliving gave him an army of similarly restored souls and were sent into the mortal universe in order to kill more of the Guardians and thus widen the rift.

Krona accepted this task as such an act would led to the collapse of the universe and thus allow him to recreate it as he desired thus allowing him to recreate his experiment of seeing the birth of existence. Arriving in the living universe, Entropy succeeded in his task with his minions in killing more of the Guardians as well as members of their Green Lantern Corps. In addition, he destroyed the Green Lantern Central Power Battery thus preventing the agents of the Guardians from recharging their power rings. Whilst Krona's attacks were demoralizing, the Green Lantern Hal Jordan managed to inspire his comrades into striking back at their foe even with the limited time left in their power rings. The empowered Krona was defeated when Jordan entered into the Realm of the Dead and incited the spirits of the deceased to rise up against Nekron. This weakening of his powers allowed the Guardians to act whereupon they banished Krona into the rift in space and sealed it but not before the soul of Abin Sur managed to allow Hal Jordan the chance to escape Nekron's realm. [Green Lantern #32-35 (vol. 3, November 1992-January 1993)]

Brightest Day

In Future's End: Green Lantern v1 #1, a possible future showed that the dead Krona became the new leader of the Black Lantern Corps following the disappearance of Black Hand and used the dead to attack the living until Green Lantern Hal Jordan along with Relic killed him.

An seemingly alternate version of Krona was present in another universe during his experiments to transverse the Multiverse. In this reality, he was besieged by the foreign matter native to it and encountered the displaced Green Lantern Corps where he allied with them. Unknown to him, the Green Lanterns were weary of this version of Krona due to the actions of the one to their native universe. (Green Lantern: The Lost Army v1 #1)


Personality and attributes

Powers and abilities

One version of him had equipped himself with a sleek environmental suit that allowed him to transverse universes. In addition to the life support equipment, it contained sophisticated scanners that allowed him to perform a range of tasks. (Green Lantern: The Lost Army v1 #1)


  • Krona was created John Broome and Gil Kane where he made his first appearance in Green Lantern v2 #40 (October 1965).

In other media

Krona in Green Lantern: The Animated Series.


  • In Green Lantern: The Animated Series, he makes a minor appearance in the animated television series episode "Loss" during a flashback sequence where his form resembled that of the Guardians of the Universe. He was shown to be responsible for creating the robotic Anti-Monitor with the intention of using the machines time travel abilities to witness the moment of creation. However, the mechanical construct turned against his creator forcing Krona to banish it to another dimension millions of years ago.


  • In Green Lantern: Emerald Knights, Krona makes an appearance as the primary villain of the animated movie and he resembled the form he took during the Trinity event. He was revealed to had been banished by the Guardians of the Universe where he ended up in the Anti-Matter Universe and took control of a horde of Shadow Demons. Krona attempted to get his revenge by forming a tear to the Anti-Matter Universe in Oa's sun where he attempted to manifest only to be defeated by the combined assault of the Green Lantern Corps.

Video games

  • In DC Universe Online, Krona featured as a boss villain during the Green Lantern event where he was voiced by actor Doug Taylor with his appearance being similar to his original human-sized form. He stated that he was the first to harness the power of will through the use of his power gauntlet and did so long before the creation of a power ring with his actions leading indirectly to the creation of the Green Lanterns. Millennia ago, he was imprisoned in the Oan Sciencells where he was designated Prisoner 000001 until a power failure led to him being released. His freedom led to a number of Manhunter units placing him as a priority bounty to attack but Krona states that he wrote part of their code and initiated a command override under 72-Krona-Alpha-4 thus taking control of the androids until his defeat.
  • In Injustice 2, Krona was referenced in gear items available for Green Lantern in the fighting video game.


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