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The Xavier Protocols are a series of documents that feature in Marvel Comics.



The Xavier Protocols were a list of Earth's most powerful Mutants that were compiled by Professor Charles Xavier that included the means of defeating them if they ever became a threat to the world. (Excalibur v1 #100)

During the launch of Operation: Zero Tolerance, Bastion attacked the X-Mansion in order to acquire the encrypted copy of the Protocols intending to use them against the X-Men. (X-Men v2 #65) However, Cable infiltrated the X-Mansion and secured the files before Bastion had a chance to decrypt them. (Cable v2 #47)

As a result of tampering of Bastion, the X-Mansion's Cerebro computer system gained autonomy which sought to destroy the X-Men through the use of the Xavier Protocols. It used a virtual environment made by Professor X to execute the Protocols against the X-Men. (X-Men v2 #84)


Each Protocol was activated by the presence of different combination of X-Men and were written by Xavier himself that included:

  • Code Code 0-0-0 (Charles Xavier) : the file contained an entry on Charles Xavier himself with a holographic image of him and an introduction to the Protocols. It had the the following message: "Moira, Scott, Jean; if you three are seeing these images, then I have become a mortal threat to my X-Men. In this instance, I must be stopped by any means necessary. Some years ago, I made a study of various forms of possible defense against my own psychic abilities. The image next to me is that of an anti-psionic armor. The wearer should be protected from my talent. When I finish speaking, a blueprint for this armor will download."
  • Code 0-2-1 (Wolverine) : "Since the loss of his adamantium, Wolverine has become both more and less of a threat. He is divested of his unbreakable skeleton - but his senses and his mutant healing factor have been increased to incredible levels. What would have been a lethal wound to Wolverine three years ago would now be a momentary annoyance. Any assault on Wolverine, in the event of his sanity breaking, would have to be long-range and decisive. His head would have to be severed, and removed utterly from the vicinity of his body to prevent swift flesh and nerve regrowth."
  • Code 0-2-4 (Omega) : "When Michael Pointer's ability to absorb energy made him the receptacle for the sentient Collective, made up of all the mutant energy displaced by the M-Day event, he demonstrated his status as one of the world's most dangerous mutants by going on an uncontrolled rampage resulting in the deaths of countless civilians and the Canadian super hero team Alpha Flight. During this period, the Collective maintained a strong hold on Pointer's mind, essentially supplanting his own will and identity until the Avengers managed to subdue him on the former island-nation of Genosha. Since then, Michael has spent time with the Canadian group Omega Flight, during which time he first began wearing a costume strongly resembling that of Guardian, whom Pointer killed during his initial rampage. Reports from Dr. Walter Langkowski, alias Sasquatch, claim that Pointer has expressed true remorse for his previous actions as well as a desire to uphold the deceased Guardian's heroic legacy. While these reports seemingly indicate that Pointer has taken steps towards reforming himself, the instability of his powers and mental state continue to mark him as a high-level threat. Approaching Pointer solo should be strongly discouraged. Whenever possible, a unified group effort should be deployed against him, as only a coordinated, strategic assault would have any chance of taking Pointer down."
  • Code 1-3-9 (Cable) : "Cable is a powerful telepath and telekinetic. But a large part of his telekinetic ability is, at any given time, tied up in controlling his techno-organic disease. Attacks on Cable should make full use of this weakness, with the preferred result of the disease devouring his brain and major internal organs."


  • The Xavier Protocols were created by Warren Ellis, Casey Jones, Randy Green and Rob Haynes where they made their first appearance in Excalibur v1 #100 (August, 1996).

In other media

Video games

  • In X-Men: Legends, the Xavier Protocols were shown in the cooperative video game where they had a different function with them holding detailed information on the names, powers, and locations of all known Mutants.
  • In X-Men: Legends II, the Xavier Protocols were mentioned as part of the plot in the game. Whilst the majority of the X-Men were away, Apocalypse attacked the X-Mansion as he sought the Protocols whereupon he destroyed the building along with Cerebro as well as captured Beast.


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