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Lyja in Secret Invasion: Fantastic Four v1 #2.

Lyja is a female comic character that features in Marvel Comics.



Lyja was a female Skrull who became part of the military in the empire. At some point, she came to be involved in a relationship with Paibok though this ended badly between them. She came to be a simple liaison officer but had no combat experience. Sometime afterwards, General Kalamari suggested a new plan against the Earth which was to send a spy to infiltrate the Fantastic Four. The Skrull Emperor noted that such a plan was not possible as their kind could not copy abilities. This led to Paibok suggesting that they not replace one of the Fantastic Four themselves but rather one of their allies namely Alicia Masters. Paibok chose his old lover Lyja for the task where she went through months of training including the addition of special contact lenses so that she could replicate the targets blindness. Her mission continued even on-board a stealth cruiser that secretly orbited Earth’s Moon where they awaited the moment to replace the target with Lyja. The opportunity presented itself when the Beyonder abducted the world’s heroes as part of the Secret Wars. The Skrulls then moved in to abduct Alicia Masters with Lyja taking her place. (Fantastic Four v1 #358)


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  • Lyja was created by Tom DeFalco and Paul Ryan where she made her first actual appearance in Fantastic Four v1 #357 (October, 1991).
  • Initially, the character appeared as Alicia Masters where she debuted earlier in Fantastic Four v1 #265 (April, 1984).

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  • Fantastic Four v1:
  • Secret Invasion: Fantastic Four v1:

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