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Lyja in Secret Invasion: Fantastic Four v1 #2.

Lyja is a female comic character that features in Marvel Comics.



Lyja was a female Skrull who became part of the military in the empire. At some point, she came to be involved in a relationship with Paibok though this ended badly between them. She came to be a simple liaison officer but had no combat experience. Sometime afterwards, General Kalamari suggested a new plan against the Earth which was to send a spy to infiltrate the Fantastic Four. The Skrull Emperor noted that such a plan was not possible as their kind could not copy abilities. This led to Paibok suggesting that they not replace one of the Fantastic Four themselves but rather one of their allies namely Alicia Masters. Paibok chose his old lover Lyja for the task where she went through months of training including the addition of special contact lenses so that she could replicate the targets blindness. Her mission continued even on-board a stealth cruiser that secretly orbited Earth’s Moon where they awaited the moment to replace the target with Lyja. The opportunity presented itself when the Beyonder abducted the world’s heroes as part of the Secret Wars. The Skrulls then moved in to abduct Alicia Masters with Lyja taking her place. (Fantastic Four v1 #358)

Afterwards, she remained in New York City where she continued to pose as a single human girl and read a lot with her trying to become more human in the hope of finding love again. During this time, Skrull agents on behalf of Veranke approached her and attempted to recruit her to their cause. She agreed reluctantly and Queen Veranke assigned the task of destroying the Fantastic Four to Lyja. At first, they wanted her to plant an S-Bomb in the Baxter Building to eliminate everyone in the headquarters. However, Lyja came to convince them to simply send everyone inside the structure into the Negative Zone with her secretly doing this to save the Fantastic Four from destruction. The Skrulls then restored her powers and her ministerial position whereupon she went on her assignment. (Secret Invasion: Fantastic Four v1 #3) She then took the identity of Susan Richards where she entered the Baxter Building and activated the Negative Zone portal thus shunting the entire building into that dimension. Eventually, Johnny Storm came to realise that it was someone masquerading as his sister and was surprised to see Lyja with the two battling. This was until a police cruiser nearly collided with Lyja and Johnny saved her thus rekindling the feelings they had for one another. Lyja then proceeded to help the Fantastic Four in finding a way back to Earth. (Secret Invasion: Fantastic Four v1 #2) Lyja explained the circumstances that led to her attacking the Fantastic Four with this angering Johnny Storm who was angry at the deceptions she had made against him over the years. Ultimately, they travelled to Prison 42 to use it to return to Earth but Lyja decided to remain in the Negative Zone as she decided it was time to do some soul-searching on what she wanted in life. (Secret Invasion: Fantastic Four v1 #3)

She remained within the Negative Zone to be a hero during the time of the cataclysm where she fought for the good few things that remained there. Once the crisis was over, she returned to Earth and went to seek out her friends in the Fantastic Four but they were missing. Thus, she went out in search for them but in a galaxy that distrusted Skrulls she decided to assume the form of a space pirate. (Future Foundation v1 #5) She then sought to hunt down the Zn'rx criminal Kl'rath due to him murdering Skrull refugees. To achieve that end, Lyja took on the identity of the mercenary Yondu and served as the guide to the Future Foundation as they went to the L'ar Gath Five prison colony. The young heroes were looking to recover the scattered fragments of the Molecule Man and believed shards of him were present there. During this time, the heroes encountered the Maker who they mistakenly believed to had been their Reed Richards. Thus, Alex Power accidently freed the supervillain and his criminal cohorts where they attempted to take over the ship. Whilst at the cockpit, Lyja then killed Kl'rath for his crimes and assumed his identity where she tried to protect the Future Foundation from the Maker. (Future Foundation v1 #4) Afterwards, she joined the Future Foundation when Alex Power offered a place amongst them. (Future Foundation v1 #5)


Personality and attributes

One identity she had created whilst operating on Earth was as a human called Laura Green. (Fantastic Four v1 #414)

Powers and abilities

She was later evolved allowing her to withstand the Human Torch's flames without any injury to her body. (Secret Invasion: Fantastic Four v1 #2)


  • Lyja was created by Tom DeFalco and Paul Ryan where she made her first actual appearance in Fantastic Four v1 #357 (October, 1991).
  • Initially, the character appeared as Alicia Masters where she debuted earlier in Fantastic Four v1 #265 (April, 1984).
  • The idea of Alicia Masters being a Skrull imposter was said as a joke by Ralph Macchio as several Marvel editors that included Mark Gruenwald were unhappy at the idea of her marrying Johnny Storm. When writer Tom DeFalco began writing Fantastic Four, he decided to use the joke as an in-universe story plot thus leading to the creation of Lyja.

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  • Fantastic Four v1: (1991)
  • Secret Invasion: Fantastic Four v1:
  • Future Foundation v1: (2019)

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