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Sky is a female comic superhero who features in Marvel Comics.



Johnny and Kaila in Fantastic Four v6 #17.

Kaila was a dark haired female from the planet Spyre who was the daughter of the hero Sidearm. (Fantastic Four v6 #19)

On her special day, she went before the Great Eye that measured the radiation signature of people on Spyre to find their perfect match. Instead of one of her people, the Eye bonded her to a boy from another world who was staring at Spyre through a telescope at that very moment. This was the 'boy on fire' who was one of the dreaded Four-Told who were prophecised to bring destruction to Spyre. The event saw her becoming determined to becoming a superhero to meet the Four-Told on that day where she passed every test in order to become one of the Unparalleled who were the best and brightest heroes of her world. Upon completing her trials, she was underwent the transformation by becoming exposed to cosmic rays and was one of the lucky ones to emerge without turning into a monster. She earnt her position on the team where she fought monsters and helped defend her world from threats. (Fantastic Four v6 #16)

A string of disasters affected Spyre where Sidearm, Citadel and herself responded to an explosion at a building with her helping save a falling civilian. Overseer informed them that it appeared to be the result of a terrorist attack but the Unparalleled responded by saving people where they were hailed by the people as heroes. It was then that the alarm went off indicating the arrival of the Four-Told when a craft was heading towards Spyre. Arriving by the ship, they encountered its occupants where Sky said she would handle the boy on fire. She could tell her opponent was holding back which allowed her to use a sonic attack to render him unconscious where she saved him from plummeting to the ground. Whilst the others were taken away, Sky took her foe with her to her apartment as prophecy had dictated that the pair were soul-mates. (Fantastic Four v6 #15) Upon waking up, she revealed her history and that of her world to him where she wanted to kiss him as then they would know if they had feelings for one another. (Fantastic Four v6 #16)

Upon arriving on Earth, she attempted to get used to her new surroundings and had hoped that Johnny would help her adjust to her new environment. However, he felt awkward over their relationship and kept his distance by checking his messages. Afterwards, the Human Torch was departing to help his friend Wyatt Wingfoot who had sent out an emergency call for aid. At first, Johnny was intending to go by himself but Susan suggested that Sky accompany him on his mission. Thus, the two travelled to the Keewazi Reservation which was locked in a dispute with the Mole Man after some Moloids that resided underneath the land had integrated themselves among the Native American population. The Mole Man then unleashed dinosaurs from his underground realm to terrorise the people to returning the Moloids despite them refusing to return to their former master. Sky participated in the battle and determined that her ability to communicate to avian creatures could function on the dinosaurs due to their shared ancestry. Thus, she used her powers to cause the beasts to turn against the Mole Man who decided to allow the Moloids to remain rather than have his humiliating defeat acknowledged. A result of the battle led to the Human Torch and Sky bonding over their experience as they returned to their Yancy Street home with Alicia Masters offering her apartment to Kaila as her place of residence on Earth. (Fantastic Four v6 #20)

Afterwards, the Fantastic Four responded to an event in space with them going away to investigate. In this time, Kaila spent time with Alicia who made sculptures of Sky. They then received a distress call from Franklin and Valeria Richards who had returned to Earth at the direction of their parents. With them were a Kree and Skrull offspring who were engaged in a battle to the death with the Richards children attempting to stop them. Arriving at the scene, she participated in the attempts at stopping the two alien warriors from fighting where she targeted the Kree Chronicle Jo-Venn and apprehended him. (Fantastic Four v6 #21) They were then attacked by the Priests of Pama who wanted to claim the Kree and Skrull child for their masters the Cotati. Sky came to be hit by poison thorns that knocked her out of the fight whilst the Priests took Jo-Venn to plunder his mind for the secrets of the Omni-Wave Projector. (Fantastic Four v6 #22)

She and Johnny were later sent to investigate the Nexus of All Realities that was a mystical gateway to all of existence. This was to gather data in relation to the newly created Forever Gate that had been built by Valeria Richards that was a doorway to all realities. Whilst there, the pair briefly met the Man-Thing who departed the area whereupon Torch and Sky departed the area. Later on, the Forever Gate was used to bring the Future Foundation back to Earth as they were travelling through the Multiverse. Upon arriving, the children amongst the Foundation were re-united with their families and they had a Skrull named Lyja among them. It was then that Sky learnt that she was Johnny Storm's ex-wife whereupon she had a long talk with Torch during their shift to watch over the Forever Gate. In this, he had to tell her about his prior romances with this shocking Sky as she felt that these relationships went against the idea of her being soulbound to Johnny. She was further angered when she found out that Storm had used a device to hide the soulbound brand from his body with this being considered an insult to Spyre culture. Their argument was interrupted when a number of refugees were emerging from the Forever Gate in order to escape being killed by the Griever who was destroying the worlds of the Multiverse that Franklin Richards had re-created. (Fantastic Four v6 #26)

Both Sky and Torch kept a watch at the Forever Gate in case the Griever emerged where they lost sight of Lyja who had since taken on the shape of one of the refugees. In this time, Kaila could not understand the worry over fighting the Griever with Johnny telling her that this was a foe unlike anything she had encountered before. Shortly afterwards, the Griever arrived through the gate where she intended to eliminate all before her as she had her suspicions confirmed that Franklin Storm had lost his great cosmic powers. Sky and Torch attempted to battle her but the powerful abstract being easily defeated the pair who were knocked out of the fight. However, ultimately, it was revealed that the Fantastic Four had drawn the Griever into a trap where she was tricked into their Yancy Street headquarters that contained numerous pocket dimensions to increase its internal space. Once inside, the building had been evacuated and the added dimensions were deleted with the Griever trapped inside seemingly defeating her. (Fantastic Four v6 #27)


Personality and attributes

In appearance, Sky was a beautiful woman with short brown hair where her features changed upon her transformation with her gaining majestic beautiful wings. (Fantastic Four v6 #16) After becoming one of the Unparalleled, she came to take the superhero name of Sky. (Fantastic Four v6 #15)

She was noted for being impulsive with this being a trait that she shared with Johnny Storm. (Fantastic Four v6 #20) Her own knowledge of the universe was limited with her believing that Spyricans and humans were the only intelligent life in the cosmos. Thus, she was surprised to learn of the Kree and Skrull races but rather than believe there were numerous alien civilisations she instead thought that there were only four intelligent species in the universe. (Fantastic Four v6 #21)

Sky deliberately chose the path of becoming a superhero and had worked hard to accomplish this feat. According to her, she had earnt her wings and was not given her powers by accident. (Fantastic Four v6 #16) Kaila believed herself to be one of the elite and saw herself as a superhero that was beloved by millions on her home planet. (Fantastic Four v6 #21)

Kaila said that she was used to living on her own and initially on Earth she preferred being at her own residence. (Fantastic Four v6 #20)

Citadel had romantic feelings for Sky and wanted to take part in the soul-ceremony with her. (Fantastic Four v6 #15) Originally, he was her intended partner but had to step aside as the soul binding paired her with Johnny Storm. Despite that, he still cared for her and threatened to harm Johnny if he ever hurt Sky. (Fantastic Four v6 #16)

She underwent a soul binding with Johnny Storm after he came to Spyre as prophecy had indicated that the pair were soul mates. (Fantastic Four v6 #15) This was determined when she was younger when the Great Eye paired her with Johnny Storm at the moment he was looking at Spyre through a telescope with Sky stating that she could feel the two connecting in that instant. (Fantastic Four v6 #16)

Sky was noted to had kept pet birds with her on Spyre. (Fantastic Four v6 #19) She did not like it if anyone threatened her birds. (Fantastic Four v6 #16)

Powers and abilities

This allowed her to fly through the air with the aid of her wings and also emit sonic attacks. (Fantastic Four v6 #15)

She had the power to communicate with birds which extended to avian life forms from other planets. Kaila said that this power did not extend to all animals but simply birds. However, on Earth, she discovered that her ability could allow her to understand and communicate with dinosaurs as the avian life of the planet had evolved from a shared ancestor. (Fantastic Four v6 #20)

In battle, Kaila could generate a sonic scream that could be painful to some enemies. (Fantastic Four v6 #20) This could be used to render some of her foes unconscious. (Fantastic Four v6 #15) In another case, it could be used to disorient a foe and make them more easy to apprehend. (Fantastic Four v6 #21)

On her home planet of Spyre, she came to be a member of its premiere team of super-powered heroes who were known as the Unparalleled. (Fantastic Four v6 #15)


  • Sky was created by Dan Slott and Sean Izaakse where she made her first appearance in Fantastic Four v6 #15 (December, 2019).


  • Fantastic Four v6: (2019)

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