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Captain Phasma is a female character that features in Star Wars.



Phasma was a female human who lived in the years after the Battle of Endor when Emperor Palpatine was killed on-board the Death Star. In the aftermath, the Galactic Empire fell into disarray as the Rebel Alliance began to establish the New Republic. With the collapse of the Empire, many of its members began to form a new government that became known as the First Order. Phasma joined the First Order where she managed to become a high ranking member of the Stormtrooper Corps.

One of her reports named Commander Pyre came to her alongside Major Baron Vonreg about a plan to establish a presence on the planet Castillon. They suggested hiring pirates to harass the Colossus in order to force its commander to request security from the First Order. Though sceptical, Phasma authorised the operation and kept close eyes on it where initially it suffered setbacks but ultimately the First Order came to be deployed on the station.

This saw her accompanying General Hux on-board a Star Destroyer that headed for the desert world of Jakku in order to search for a map that led to the location of the last Jedi Luke Skywalker. Upon arriving around the planet, the Finalizer sent forth its Stormtroopers under Kylo Ren to the settlement village of Tuanul whose inhabitants were slaughtered for the information. Despite their efforts, they did not find the information and the Stormtrooper unit returned to the Resurgent-class Star Destroyer with Captain Phasma inspecting her troops. She reprimanded FN-2187 for removing his helmet without permission and told him to return to his station. However, FN-2187 had grown dissatisfied with the First Order and instead freed the captive Poe Dameron so that the two of them could flee. Captain Phasma was present when the defection was noted where she expressed the fact that FN-2187 had never committed infractions prior to this moment with this being a surprise to the First Order. After this time, Phasma returned to Starkiller Base when it was infiltrated by Finn, Han Solo and Chewbacca who forced the Stormtrooper Captain to deactivate the shields for the station before dropping her in a trash compactor.

She managed to survive where she returned to the surviving elements of the First Order forces. Captain Phasma was stationed on-board the Supremacy that was carrying Supreme Leader Snoke who led the fleet against the fleeing forces of the Resistance. During this time, an Imperial BB-8 droid noted unauthorised personnel aboard the flagship and notified the Stormtrooper Corps. This led to Phasma leading the ambush of the Resistance operatives that had snuck on the vessel with the saboteurs heading towards the hyperspace tracker. She was present when the group of Resistance infiltrators were caught where she greeted Finn who was among their ranks. Finn and his comrades were taken to the flight deck of the Supremacy where the saboteurs were to be executed as traitors. Phasma believed weapon fire was too good for them and signalled for Stormtrooper executioners to slowly kill the Resistance fighters. At that moment, the Resistance ship Raddus engaged in a hyperspace manoeuvre right through the First Order fleet which created a path of destruction which ripped the Supremacy in half. In the resultant chaos, the prisoners managed to escape with Phasma bringing in a detachment to kill her foes only for them to come under attack from a commandeered First Order walker. Captain Phasma later then personally engaged the former Stormtrooper Finn with the pair battling amid the ruined hanger bay.


Personality and attributes

In appearance, she was noted for her distinctive Stormtrooper armor design with her nearly never taking it off.

She was noted for being a tough veteran commander that had no use for titles or complex war room meetings with her instead preferring to lead her troops. Ultimately, Phasma was a determined survivor who would do anything to avoid death.

Powers and abilities

She came to wear distinct armor that was made from salvaged chromium. For close-quarter fighting, she was armed with a quicksilver baton that was compacted within a containment field thus making it portable. By activating the baton, it extended to its full length where it had spearpoints on either end that she could use to stab opponents. Typically, she was armed with a customised F-11D blaster that was clad in chromoium as well with the rifle lacking a full trigger guard.

Her position meant that she had at her command entire legions of Stormtroopers.


  • Captain Phasma was created by J. J. Abrams with her design made by Michael Kaplan whilst the character was portrayed by actor Gwendoline Christie.

In other media

Video games

  • In Star Wars: Battlefront II, Captain Phasma was introduced in DLC content as a playable hero character in the 2017 video game.


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