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Developed gradually over time for the original Dungeons and Dragons game, the Mystara setting (also called "the Known World") is a culturally diverse world with somewhat different cosmology than the rest of D&D; for example, law and chaos are more important than good and evil. First formalized in the D&D Gazetteer series, Mystara was unsuccessfully revised for 2nd Edition Advanced Dungeons and Dragons, but is due now for release by KenzerCo as the "Mystaros" setting for their semi-satiric HackMaster game.

Canon Material

  • Dungeons and Dragons Gazetteer series (1987-1989) and all official Known World and Mystara products for all versions of Dungeons and Dragons (1987-1999)
  • All official Mystara novels
  • All Dragon Magazine and Dungeon Magazine articles featuring the Known World and Mystara settings


Mystara is connected to the Planescape setting.


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