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Clash in Civil War II: Amazing Spider-Man v1 #4.

Clash is a male comic supervillain that features in Marvel Comics.



Clayton Cole becoming Clash in Amazing Spider-Man v3 #1.3.

Clayton Cole

He attended a wrestling match between Crusher Hogan and a contender in a mask who was much smaller than his opponent. Clayton was shocked to see Crusher lose and recorded the entire fight on his phone with him being the only one to do so which he uploaded the footage onto his Utube channel that got over 3 million hits. Afterwards, he learnt that the new champion was being referred to as Spider-Man and went to attend the next match. Whilst waiting in line, he saw someone break into the building but he did not want to lose his space in the queue and thus did not confront the burglar. After Spider-Man won the match, Cole was among the crowd around him and he asked the masked wrestler for his first autograph which was when he was surprised to hear that his voice showed him to be a boy of Clayton's age. This convinced Cole that he could similarly accomplish such a life as Spider-Man through the use of technology with him fashioning his own costume and equipment. (Amazing Spider-Man v3 #1)

Clash's latest employer was the Kree named Doctor Minerva. When Spider-Man was aided in battle Ms. Marvel and discovered that she has an Inhuman baby that she took from Doctor Minerva, Clash turned against Doctor Minerva and her henchmen. Upon recognizing him and seeing that he has gone straight, Spider-Man offered Clash a job at Parker Industries which he accepted. Clayton Cole's work at Parker Industries involved Spider-Man's globetrotting adventures like helping out against Zodiac to the infiltration of Ghost.

Afterwards, the Inhuman Ulysses Cain had a vision where Clayton Cole becomes Clash again and attacks Spider-Man.[7] Clayton Cole later meets Sully back when he used to work for Owl and can't talk to him long without violating his parole. Later on, Clayton's parents have become displeased that their son is working as an "office drone" while his father wants Peter Parker to help with their retirement. While showing his latest project for the NYPD to Peter Parker, Clayton is told that he should talk to him if he has any problems. Upon hearing Ulysses' vision of him when he arrives in Peter Parker's office, Clayton resigns from Parker Industries. At Moynihan's Social Club, Clayton tells Sully and another person on how companies like Roxxon Energy Corporation are destroying the planet. Afterwards, Clayton meets Mendel Stromm who makes a reference to how Norman Osborn stole his work and left him poor. After providing Clayton with the number for the Tinkerer, Mendel gives Clayton a day to consider helping him in his revenge on Harry Osborn. After calling Tinkerer who makes him an updated version of his Clash suit, Clayton calls up Mendel Stromm.[4] In his new suit, Clash arrives at Mendel Stromm's apartment where he finds Mendel Stromm in his Robot Master appearance and his robots. Robot Master then compliments Clash's outfit and claims that Spider-Man won't know what hit him. When Clash attacks Robot Master stating that he will look out for himself, Robot Master unleashes his robots on Clash even when Spider-Man arrives. Spider-Man manages to web Robot Master in the air with foam web. When Spider-Man was talking Clash into getting back to the civilized life, Robot Master rises and attacks them. While Clash flies away, Spider-Man defeats Robot Master by ripping his remote control mechanics from within his robot body, deactivating his robot army. When Clayton states that he was trying to protect Parker Industries from Mendel Stromm, Spider-Man stated that he caused harm with his technology, caused millions of dollars worth of damages, and violated his parole. Though Peter Parker did talk to Clayton's parole officer where he stated that Clayton acted in self-defense and that Clayton will have to give up on working on sonic technology. Though Clayton doesn't seem to agree with Spider-Man's proposal to discontinue his work on his sonic technology which leads to Ulysses' vision coming true.[6] After battling Spider-Man on the streets, Clash escapes and returns to the Moynihan's Social Club where he decides to become a crime boss.[8]

After the collapse of Parker Industries, Clayton was angry at Peter Parker for selling the company and the technology Cole had created. As such, he assembled a team of henchmen for attacking the Baxter Building in order to recover his technology. They broke into the building when Spider-Man and the Human Torch got into a fight over the sale of the Baxter Building. The pair later battled Clash along with his henchmen where a self-recharging power source was activated that threatened to destroy the entire block. As a result, Spider-Man, Human Torch and Clash had to work together to stop the device from detonating. (Amazing Spider-Man v1 #790)

Whilst at his hide out, he received a communication from Spider-Man who asked for his help to protect his loved ones from the Red Goblin. Though reluctant, he agreed to do so with Spider-Man offering that his friends would aid him as he was sent to watch over Harry Osborn along with his family. He arrived at the scene to see that Norman Osborn had arrived and intending to kidnap them. Clayton was prepared to leave as he could not fight the supervillain alone but the Human Torch arrived with the pair combining their attack. However, this did not affect the supervillain who effortlessly defeated the pair and Clash was left bleeding on the ground though he was healed by Agent Anti-Venom. (Amazing Spider-Man v1 #799)

In the aftermath, Clayton grew tired of being disappointed by people and not being given a chance to redeem himself by superheroes. Thus, he decided to fully embrace the life of a supervillain and even embark in a career as a terrorist. This saw him targeting an international gathering of delegates who he took hostage where he intended to money, arms and secrets from them in order to impress the Ten Rings organization. His activities drew the attention of Ironheart who managed to defeat him leading to Cole being arrested where he passed on a medallion of the Ten Rings to the superhero. (Ironheart v1 #1)


Personality and attributes

As a teenager, he wanted his name to be a household name with him wanting to be become more famous than Tony Stark, Richard Feynman and Jagger. Cole intended to become the first billionaire/physicist/rockstar. (Amazing Spider-Man v3 #1)

As a young man, he became a fan of Spider-Man and was the first person to take footage of him as a wrestler along with getting his first autograph that he kept framed in his room. (Amazing Spider-Man v3 #1)

Despite his criminal acts, Clash did not see himself as a bad guy and wanted to stop disasters from occurring. (Amazing Spider-Man v1 #790)

Powers and abilities

He was noted for being a smart person who was a star athlete, chess champion, and spelling bee champion. Cole did not attribute this as being hard and he achieved it with hard work and endless hours of homeschooling. (Amazing Spider-Man v3 #1)

Clash could also generate null and harmonic frequencies from his devices. He could muffle the sounds he created allowing him to sneak away from the scene. (Amazing Spider-Man v1 #790)

Among his creations included:

  • Sonic Transducer : a device that converted sound into other types of energy. (Amazing Spider-Man v1 #790)


  • Clayton Cole was created by Dan Slott and Ramon Perez where he made his first appearance in Amazing Spider-Man v3 #1 (June, 2014) and debuted as Clash in Amazing Spider-Man v3 #1.1 (July, 2014).

In other media


  • In Spider-Man, Clayton Cole appeared in the setting of the 2017 animated television series where he was voiced by actor Yuri Lowenthal. He was shown as a young genius student inventor who worked alongside his best friend Herman Schultz with the pair working on sound and shock technology. After the creation of the Osborn Academy, both applied but Norman Osborn stated he only wanted one of the two rather than have them enter as a pair. This caused the two to erupt in a fight with them using their respective equipment against one another. The battle damaged part of the Oscorp building and went into the streets with Spider-Man attempting to stop them. During the fight, the pair were attacked by he Jackal who stole their technology but the villain was defeated by Spider-Man. Cole and Schultz ended up becoming friends again with no charges pressed against them though Norman Osborn decided to admit Herman into the academy with Clayton being left disappointed.


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