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Elegan was a Hyperzoanoid that featured in the Guyver anime.



Bio-Booster Armor

Elegan was one of the members of the Hyperzoanoid Team 5 that came to the Chronos Corporation's Japanese Branch with his commanding officer Richard Guyot serving as the directors bodyguards as well as elite fighting members. He remained in the shadows with his team mates while watching the Japanese Branch fail miserably at retriving the Guyver Unit from a teenager.

Finally, after Guyot decided to intervene and retrieve the unit, he dispatched Elegan and his comrades to the Guyvers school and lay siege to it in order to draw the teenager out. Elegan was deployed with Derzerb who began to attack students at the school killing several until the Guyver arrived who kicked Elegan to the ground as he entered into the battlefield. After Derzerb demonstrated his strength to the Guyver, Elegan attacked and wrapped one of his tentacles around the Guyver after which he let loose with a powerful electrical shock. He was, however, forced to retreat when the second Guyver arrived to aid his comrade.

Elegan was later dispatched with his team in their Human forms to retrieve the Guyver's control medal after it was defeated by the Enzyme Zoanoid. After completing this, he returned to the Japanese Branchs headquarters until it was attacked by the rejuvenated Guyver I and the infiltrating Guyver II. Elegan and Derzerb were dispatched to deal with the Guyver I where Elegan expressed his surprise that Sho Fukomachi was still alive. Derzerb charged the Guyver but was easily defeated and killed in the battle which angered Elegan greatly. However, despite attacking with his tentacles, Elegan was easily defeated and lost an arm in the fight.

He was gravely wounded until the Guyver I moved deeper into the base where Zx-Tole saw his wounded comrade and escaped with him. Elegan was dying at this point and asked his team mate to avenge his fallen comrades after which Elegan transfered his life energy into Zx-Tole thus creating Neo-Zx-Tole. Elegan died after this action.


Elegan and his comrades in the Hyperzoanoid Team 5 were created by Dr. Hamilcar Balcus and was created to be one of the strongest of the Hyperzoanoids. He was dispatched with his team mates at Relic's Point where they ambushed the Guyver II. He did not participate in the fight against the Unit but intervened when the Guyver I entered the battle. Using his flight capabilities, he quickly caught up with the Guyver I and attacked thus paralyzing Guyver I which allowed his team mate Zx-Tole the distraction to capture the boys father. Elegan was about to finish off Guyver I but was wounded by Guyver II thus forcing him to retreat from the battlefield.

He was later sent with Zx-Tole and Thancrus to deal with the Guyver III who they ambushed, however, he did not participate in the actual fight with the Guyver unit. He bore witness to Guyver II's sneak attack which claimed the life of fellow team mate Thancrus. Later, Elegan was dispatched to investigate a mysterious Zoanoid fighting outside Relic's Point. It was there that Elegan was attacked by Aptom who absorbed the Hyper Zoanoid into his body, a action that led to the death of Elegan as his body as well as powers were incorporating into the rogue Lost Unit commando.


Elegan appeared as the most frail of the Hyperzoanoid Team 5 possessing a smooth greenish skin tone that appeared as an Eel with a long neck and an open fish-like mouth and two yellow eyes. His hands and feet appeared to be webbed and he possesses a tail as well as four thin tentacles that originate from his back. His natural ability was the power of emitting electrical shocks from his body but these require contact with a target in order to do damage. In addition to these powers, Elegan also had the capacity to fly.

The full extent of Elegans combat abilities are unknown except that the Neo-Zx-Tole in the newer anime revealed that Neo Zx-Tole had Elegans electrical abilities whch allowed the Zoanoid to cleave a Mega Smasher attack. These abilities were not demonstrated by the lone Elegan however.

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