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Zx-Tole is a Hyperzoanoid that features in the Guyver anime.



Bio-Booster Armor

Zx-Tole's Hyperzoanoid form.

Zx-Tole was deployed with the Elite Hyper Zoanoid Team 5 in Japan after the sighting of the Guyver Unit. Chronos Corporation sent one of its high ranking commanders known as Richard Guyot who took personal charge of Zoanoid forces to capture the unit. At first, Zx-Tole remained as the personal guard for his commander allowing the local forces to capture the Guyver. After that failed, Zx-tole wa deployed with his unit at Guyver I's host body's school where numerous students were butchered by his team mates while Zx-Tole waited on the nearby hill. It seemed that victory was within their grasp until Thancrus's death at the hands of the emerging Guyver III who attacked Zx-Tole's position with head beams; an action that confused the Hyperzoanoid as he did not understand how the Guyver knew his position. Guyot ordered Zx-Tole to retreat from the battle as the operation failed, reluctantly the Hyperzoanoid leader followed the command but sweared that he would avenge his slain team mate.

Later, Zx-Tole in his Human form accompanied Chronos forces when the Enzyme Zoanoid was unleashed and managed to slay Guyver I. They took the control medal back to the Japanese Branch headquarters where they waited for Guyver III in order to kill the remaining bio-boosted warrior. However, the Japanese branch came under assault from a regenerated and reborn Guyver I. While his team mates were deployed to deal with this threat, Zx-Tole wisely decided to wait and encountered Guyver III who infiltrated the base and destroyed the Zoanoid conversion chambers. Zx-Tole at this point transformed and battle Guyver III with victory almost falling into the Hyperzoanoids grip until Guyver I arrived. Wounded by Guyver III's pressure cannon, Zx-Tole saw the form of his wounded comrade Elegan and quickly dodged Guyver I's vibrational blades in order to spirit him underground to safety.

Within the headquarters, Zx-Tole held the dying Elegan and attempted to keep him alive but his friend was mortally wounded. As a last gift to his team mate, Elegan gifted his life energy to Zx-Tole empowering him and asked that he avenge the team by destroying the Guyver's. Now infused with barely controlled energy, Zx-Tole attacked Guyver III when the bio-boosted warrior was attempting to kill Richard Guyot. His commander told him that the energies that he possessed were killing him but Zx-Tole was determined only at defeating the Guyvers. The energy around him damaged Guyver III but after being reunited with Guyver I, Zx-Tole was defeated by the combined megasmasher attack from the two of them. Though Zx-Tole managed to survive one megasmasher strike, he was incapable of surviving two simultaneous ones and perished as the Japanese branch headquarters crumbled.


The Hyperzoanoid Team 5.

Zx-Tole was the leader of the Hyperzoanoid Team 5 who had been Optimized by Doctor Hamilcar Balcus himself, the leading scientist of the Chronos Corporation. The creation of his team of Hyperzoanoids led to their immediate deployment by their creator into Japan in order to deal with the threat the Guyver's had posed after the recent destruction of the Japanese Branch's headquarters. Zx-Tole and his team mates waited in ambush underneath Relic's Point as part of their orders whereupon they ambushed Guyver III who had rescued Sho Fukomachi's friends from their prison cells. It was quickly revealed that Commander Guyot and Balcus had recently become aware of Guyver III's identity as Agito Makishima and had lulled him into a false sense of security in order for the Hyperzoanoid Team 5 to ambush him. Immediately after being encountered, Zx-Tole along with his team mates transformed into their true forms where each demonstrated their superiority in combat. A weakened Guyver III was no match for the Hyperzoanoid team and Balcus commanded Zx-Tole to destroy the wounded Guyver to which he attempted to do so but the sudden arrival of Sho Fukomachi as Guyver I allowed the prisoners to escape. It was only quick thinking from Zx-Tole and Elegan which allowed the team to recapture Sho's father.

Commander Guyot and Balcus later deployed the five into two strike teams in order to take advantage of the Guyvers separating from their friends in order to rescue Sho's father. Zx-Tole led Elegan and Thancrus to ambush the Guyvers whilst Derzerb and Gaster attacked their friends. Makishima sent Sho to take his father to safety and save their friends whilst he dealt with the Hyperzoanoids. Seeking to test his mettle, Zx-Tole attacked first and revealed that his organic armor resisted a pressure cannon attack from Guyver III. Overpowered, Agito began to burrow underground and ambushed the three Hyperzoanoids with a sudden attack that killed Thancrus before escaping. The death of his team mate as well as the use of his own attack against him greatly angered Zx-Tole who vowed to avenge Thancrus.

He later returned to patrolling Relic's Point in order to locate the Guyvers. He received a report from a Chronos soldier who encountered an unidentified Zoanoid overpowering Guyver I. A shocked Zx-Tole attempted to get confirmation but the soldier was killed. He later discovered a powerful blast that struck the side of Mount Minikami and went with the remnants of his team to investigate. Whilst observing the crater left by a megasmasher blast, Elegan was attacked and consumed by Aptom before using a biolaser to weaken Derzerb. Aptom then expressed his intent to absorb Gaster next time they met, after which he escaped. A disturbed Zx-Tole returned with the rest of his team into Relic's Point.

Zx-Tole and Derzerb left the Chronos control room leaving Gaster behind in temporary command in order to discover what happened to Doctor Balcus who had went to see a struggle between Commander Guyot and an unknown powerful being, unaware that Aptom was disguised as one of the Chronos guards operating a console in the control room where Gaster was. While going through the corridors, they were ambushed by Aptom but the two Hyperzoanoids overpowered the Lost Number and apparently destroyed him. However, Zx-Tole began to feel that leaving the control room was a bad idea and voiced his concerns to Derzerb stating that Balcus could contact them telepathically. At that moment, a wounded Gaster approached his team mates and Derzerb rushed to help his comrade only to discover that it was Aptom using Gaster's form to infect him. Zx-Tole warned Derzerb and used his biolasers to destroy the infected Gaster.

But he discovered that he was too late and Derzerb threw Zx-Tole to the side after which his body began a monstrous transformation as Aptom began incorporating into the Zoanoid body elements of his comrades forms. Zx-Tole was confused at this second Aptom to which Aptom explained that he had taken over the bodies of three Chronos soldiers and each served his will. An horrified and angered Zx-Tole immediately attempted to destroy Aptom for what he had done but the Lost Number commando proved to be too fast and wounded Zx-Tole by destroying his head beam cannon through the use of Gasters explosive chemicals. He then fired a volley of Gasters explosive liquid missiles which sent Zx-Tole crashing through numerous levels in the base. A wounded Zx-Tole was being cornered at this point and faced taunts from Aptom who said that he would absorb him like his comrades and that they were waiting for him. With no choice, he began absorbing the ambient light and heat energy in his surroundings in order to fire his Tempest Blast beam which severed half of Aptom's body and greatly weakened him. Though weakened and wounded himself, Zx-Tole had enough energy left in him to destroy the apparently defeated Aptom only to discover another Aptom grabbing onto his leg and began to infect him. A quick thinking Zx-Tole used his biolaser to blow off his own leg and escape from the two Aptoms.

After the Chronos Corporation openly took over the world, a wounded Zx-Tole managed to make his way back to Doctor Balcus. With the threat of an even more powerful and rogue Aptom out there, the leader of the now defunct Hyperzoanoid Team 5 volunteered for experimentation and re-optimization into a more powerful form by becoming a Lost Number so that he could destroy Aptom and avenge his comrades. Balcus personally supervised the process which is rushed in order to get Neo Zx-Tole into operation and also left his body decaying at a cellular level and slowly dying as a result. Once complete, he was deployed in Tokyo where a number of Zoanoids had "disappeared". Since normal humans were no match for Zoanoids the only explanation was that Aptom had been feeding off of them. He followed Aptom into a construction site where Aptom challenged his stalker at which point Zx-Tole revealed his identity. An overconfident Aptom asked Zx-Tole if he had the strength to defeat him to which Zx-Tole transformed and stated that he had been reborn to destroy Aptom.

Neo Zx-Tole fighting the Guyvers and their allies.

The two battled across Tokyo where Zx-Tole revealed that he had gained the powers of his old comrades and easily demonstrated his superiority over Aptom. After destroying a volley of Aptom's liquid missiles, Zx-Tole slashed his chest with a high frequency blade and saw that Aptom had managed to make physical contact with Zx-Tole. The rogue Zoanoid laughed and told Zx-Tole he had grown sloppy and was merging their bodies but Zx-Tole simply laugh back telling Aptom that it was he who had grown sloppy after which he emitted a heat attack which burnt Aptom. It was then that Zx-Tole revealed that he had also been treated with a virus that resisted Aptom's cell invasions and negated his regenerative ability. A defiant Aptom told him that it was impossible for a Hyperzoanoid to have so many abilities to which Zx-Tole confessed that he was no longer a Hyperzoanoid but a Lost Number in order to get the power he needed to destroy the killers of his comrades. The two continued their battle and Aptom was badly wounded by a biolaser attack which caused him to fall into the ground where Sho's friends discovered him. He would have been destroyed had Guyver III not appeared to which a happy Zx-Tole said he would be able to avenge Thancrus as well. Guyver III quickly discovered how powerful Zx-Tole was and was badly wounded in the struggle. Zx-Tole was ready to kill Guyver III by cleaving him in half and destroying Aptom had Guyver I not arrived as well in the form of the Guyver Gigantic.

A scornful Zx-Tole unleashed a missile attack to destroy all his enemies but the Guyver Gigantic used a barrier attack to protect himself and his friends. An angry Zx-Tole tried to cut him in half but a powerful punch wounded the former Hyperzoanoid who then retreated into orbit stating that the battle was not over yet. He then began gathering energy around him as the sun rose in order to power his Final Blast Tempest attack which would be strong enough to destroy all of Tokyo despite a warning from a local Zoalord. He released the energy and was destroyed by it in order to destroy Guyver I but his efforts were in vain when the Guyver Gigantic fired its improved megasmasher which was more powerful then Zx-Tole's final attack.


Personality and attributes

Zx-Tole in his Human form.

The death of his comrades made Zx-Tole obsessed with avenging them and destroying those that killed them namely Guyver III and Aptom. He even went as far as trading his pride of being an elite Hyperzoanoid by becoming a beast without a name - a Lost Number. At this point, he had become sadistic and even sought to avenge his comrades by inflicting the same form of punishment on their killers - as Neo Zx-Tole he threatened to cleave Guyver III in half like what he did to Thancrus. To Aptom, he had nothing but hate for killing his fiends and taking his leg.

After his transformation into Neo Zx-Tole, his lifespan had been greatly reduced as the cells in his body were dying at an increasing rate. This was due to his rushed Optimization and because Chronos did not want to create another powerful rogue Zoanoid like Aptom. As such, Neo Zx-Tole felt he had little to lose and would even use attacks that led to his destruction as he felt that he might as well go out with a bang.

Powers and abilities

While he might appear as an ordinary human, Zx-Tole was capable of changing into a much more powerful Hyperzoanoid which a number of high powered abilities in combat.


Zx-Tole preparing to fire his bio-lasers at Aptom.

Zx-Tole was the strongest of the Hyperzoanoids with a durable strong armor capable of surviving Guyver pressure cannon attacks though repeated exposure will eventually break through it. A further ability granted by his insect form is the ability to burrow underground allowing him to ambush enemies with ease.

His primary form of attack was his biolasers which fired reddish energy beams capable of incinerating targets. What made Zx-Tole dangerous was the sheer number of beams he was able to shoot at targets. Hidden beneath folds in his armor were the beam projectors with two present above both arms and two present above the knees. A simple command can lead to the exoskeleton revealing the beams which take a moment to charge allowing Zx-Tole to fire. Having four biolasers allows him to target multiple locations in order to strike his enemy. He also had a more powerful head beam present in the middle of the horns shaped structure. Part of the exoskeleton folds back allowing him to charge and fire the beam.

His back hides wings beneath the armor which can unfold which are only used when Zx-Tole plans on using his main weapon. The wings are non-functional in the sense that they do not allow for flight but rather they begin to absorb heat from the environment into their membrane. This causes a quick freeze in the immediate surroundings as all the heat and light energy was being absorbed though certain Zoanoids are capable of surviving such a drop in temperature. As the energy is absorbed it was converted into energy whereupon Zx-Tole opens a membrane in his abdomen which fires a powerful blast capable of breaking through a building. It was speculated that this weapon might have been even stronger then a Guyver megasmasher and similarly left the Hyperzoanoid weakened after its use.

Neo Zx-Tole

The Neo Zx-Tole within the OVA possessed more simplified abilities. After merging his lifeforce with that of the dying Elegan, Neo Zx-Tole became a golden glowing energy battery that was capable of burning anything it touched, even his blood was energised and blades would be melted when they cut into the Hyperzoanoid. The unstable energies made Neo Zx-Tole a walking time bomb that was waiting to explode. It also made him somewhat more resistant to a megasmasher attack from a Guyver which had little effect on him but such an attack from two Guyvers was capable of destroying him.

In the anime and manga, Neo Zx-Tole is a re-optimized model of the original that was created by Dr. Hamilcar Balcus after taking the surviving Zx-Tole. The purpose was to create a weapon that could destroy the one threat to the Chronos Corporation at the time; Aptom. Neo Zx-Tole became a Lost Number who possessed the powers of his fallen comrades within the Hyperzoanoid Team 5 which included:

  • high frequency blades from Thancrus which are attached to his arms and extend when he wishes to use them. As they vibrate at high sonic frequencies, these blades had the capacity of cutting through anything even bio-boosted armor
  • organic liquid missiles from Gaster which are present on his shoulders but are actually hidden underneath plates beneath the shoulder. When in use, they retract and fire under the mental command of Neo Zx-Tole and explode.
  • heat generation from Derzerb allowing him to control fire and heat. Through this, he can engulf his body in a heat wave that burns enemies next to him or fire a powerful flame from his mouth to scorch his foes.
  • electrical generation from Elegan which somehow provides him the capacity to fly. This power allows him to control electricity in his body giving him the capacity to shock an opponent or create an eletrical field that can cut a Guyver mega-smasher in half. This was also used to create a type of electrical energy field around his body allowing him to survive numerous bio-beam strikes against him with no diminishment in his speed.
  • bio-beam weapons from his original form, these typically are a node of four that are beneath an armoured plate on his arm. By aiming, the plates opened and fired four beams from each arm that can shred opponents.
Neo Zx-Tole charging his Tempest attack before he dies.

Along with his normal abilities, this Neo Zx-Tole possessed the Final Blast Tempest ability which was a beam weapon generated from his abdomen like the normal Zx-Tole but it fired a weapon that produced a heat of over a million degrees. Its power was gathered from heat taken from Neo Zx-Tole while he was in orbit around the Earth. The attack was so powerful that unleashing it was capable of destroying a city and destroyed the Hyperzoanoid in the process.

His change was notable in appearance as he was far larger then normal and his horns were more curved in shape. Furthermore, he was equipped with speciaized anti-bodies that prevented his body from being absorbed by Aptom cell invasion attacks along with a virus that froze Aptom's regenerative abilities. This made him more powerful then Aptom and ordinary Guyvers with him easily overpowering such foes. It was noted that whilst he possessed all his comrades abilities, he may have been stronger then all of them combined. With the addition of the anti-bodies and virus, it was noted by Aptom that there was no way a normal Hyperzoanoid body could hold all these abilities which was why Neo Zx-Tole was a member of the Lost Numbers.


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