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Erza Scarlet is a female character that features in Fairy Tail.



Erza Scarlet (エルザ・スカーレット Eruza Sukāretto) was a human born in Earthland where she was the daughter of Irene Belserion and a general of a foreign country. She was actually conceived 400 years prior to the Dragon King Festival but was kept from growing in her mothers womb through the use of magic. Erza remained unborn when her mother was a dragon until Irene was returned to her human form at the hands of |Zeref. Her mother attempted to become a true human again by enchanting herself onto her unborn child but this failed with Irene considering her daughter Erza to be worthless where she discarded the girl in the back alleys of Rosemary Village.

Upon the return to Magnolia, they came to find all of Fairy Tails members gathered to reform the guild. Thus, they began to assemble the guild hall once more and decided to name Erza the new guild master as part of a formality with the Magic Council. This was intended to be a temporary measure until master Makarov was found and brought back to the guild. Around this time, Mest returned and was following orders from Makarov which was to take the new guild master to the Lumen Histore that was a closely guarded secret of Fairy Tail. Once there, he revealed a mission that Makarov had sent him on which was to infiltrate the Magic Council and learn everything about the Alvarez Empire. In the years that followed, Mest secretly reported back to Makarov and by the time of the Tartaros attack it was discovered that the mighty empire was preparing to invade Fiore. To stop this, Makarov decided to journey to the country and conduct negotiations to convince the empire against this course of action. Furthermore, he decided to disband Fairy Tail as he was aware that the Alvarez Empire sought out the Lumen Histore and that by breaking up the guild Makarov felt like he was protecting his children from being targets. After learning of this, Erza and a select number of Fairy Tail members decided to travel secretly into the Alvarez Empire in order to find and recover master Makarov.


Personality and attributes

Powers and abilities

Her powers were stated to be a variation of the power of manipulating space.


  • Erza Scarlet was created by Hiro Mashima where she featured in the setting of Fairy Tail.
  • Her voice actress in the Japanese anime television series was Sayaka Ohara whilst her English dub her voice was provided by Colleen Clinkenbeard.


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