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The Fallen One is a male comic supervillain that features in Marvel Comics.



The Fallen One was a humanoid cosmic being who was the first of the Heralds of Galactus. He once had a name but this had long since been forgotten when the being was empowered with black matter by Galactus. As part of his purpose, he sought out worlds for his master to sustain him. In time, the being that became the Fallen one began to enjoy killing others where his actions were eventually discovered by his master. This resulted in Galactus deciding to casting his servant to the side and banished him from his service. (Thanos v1 #11)

The character, however, proves to be cruel and is eventually imprisoned by Galactus. The Fallen One manages to escape and despite constant defeats, repeatedly attacks Galactus. The hero Star-Lord eventually imprisons the Fallen One in the inter-galactic prison the Kyln, although the character escapes when the Kyln is damaged in a conflict between Thanos and the entity the Maker. Although the Fallen One locates Galactus, the character is instantly teleported back to Thanos, who tricks the former Herald into igniting a gas giant, which renders him unconscious. Thanos mentally enslaves the Fallen One and forces him to serve as his Herald.

He was later killed in battle with the Proemial Gods The Gods present his remains to Thanos in a gesture of contempt.

During the Annihilation War, the forces of the Annihilation Wave emerged from the Negative Zone to invade the positive-matter universe. In this time, Thanos sought to achieve his own goals and dispatched the Fallen One to find the remnant of the Beyonder who had been imprisoned in the Kyln. The Fallen One was to recover the remnant if she was still alive but upon arriving the former Herald simply found destruction in his wake. He was then beset upon by the imprisonment Proemial Gods Tenebrous and Aegis. They came to sense the energies within the Fallen One were those of their ancient enemy Galactus and thus decided to interrogate the former Herald to learn of what happened to the universe since their imprisonment. (Annihilation: Silver Surfer v1 #3) Their interrogation seemingly drained the Fallen One of his powers and he was apparently killed in the process as the two Proemial Gods went to meet the Mad Titan Thanos. (Annihilation: Silver Surfer v1 #4)

The remains of the Fallen One were recovered where Thanos knew that the Power Cosmic within him could not be destroyed. Thus, he sought to make use of this power and travelled to the realm of Nidaveller in order to forge the remains into a weapon he could harness for his purposes. Once there, the Mad Titan forced the native Dwarves to cremate the Fallen One's remains which they forged into the Herald's Urn. The relic allowed the user to control the mighty of the Fallen One's Power Cosmic. Upon seeing the dangers of the weapon, the Dwarven seers believed that they could not allow Thanos to wield such a weapon as it would change the balance of power in the universe. Thus, they feared his return but he never returned as the Mad Titan was killed during the Annihilation War. The Dwarves then looked to hide the Herald's Urn where it came to be a legend with it being a weapon that many sought to claim. (Yondu v1 #2)


Personality and attributes

In appearance, the Fallen One resembled a dark-skinned humanoid whose body was made of blackness with long ethereal-looking hair. (Thanos v1 #11)

Galactus was said to act only out of necessity whereas the Fallen One killed out of pleasure. (Thanos v1 #11)

Powers and abilities

Unlike the other Heralds, the Fallen One was sustained by black matter namely the essence of the void. It was the binding halo by which galaxies were made solvent. (Thanos v1 #11)

The character can use this matter to augment strength; durability; project energy; create black holes and pocket dimensions; manipulate time and space; control the electromagnetic spectrum and transmute matter. The Fallen One is capable of travelling faster than the speed of light and is immune to the rigors of space.


  • The Fallen One was created by Keith Giffen where he made his first appearance in Thanos v1 #11 (August, 2004).

Alternate Versions

In other media

Video games

  • In Marvel: War for Heroes, the Fallen One appeared as a playable card in the video game.


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