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Kull Warriors are supersoldiers that feature in Stargate.



It was believed that the creation of these warriors was possibly the reaction to the recent uprising amongst the Jaffa. (Episode: Evolution, Part 1)


In appearance, they were humanoids that had translucent white skin and similarly white eyes to match the rest of their skin. (Episode: Evolution, Part 1)

The Kull Warriors were intended to be a new form of foot soldier and were engineered hosts. They were a lot stronger than a human with an incredibly unusual organ structure where everything out was out proportion. Physiologically, their heart and lungs were abnormally large to supply enough blood and oxygen to its muscles. The genetic engineering seemingly had a design to create the perfect athlete without any concern towards longevity and though stronger they were far from superior. In fact, they were plagued with biological problems with some simply dying as they were left on the verge of a pulmonary failure. It was this reason that a Symbiote was implanted in them to regulate their bodies and sustain their lives but even they were not able to compensate for long. (Episode: Evolution, Part 1)

Infused within tis cells were a unique energy signature that was similar to the residual effects left by the use of a Sarcophagus with this being used to bring these creatures to life. As a result, they were created in a laboratory with these soldiers capable of being deployed on the battlefield in the span of weeks. (Episode: Evolution, Part 1)

They were equipped with armor that possessed some sort of advanced energy absorption technology. This allowed it to survive multiple energy blasts such as from staff weapons or zats. It also made them difficult to scan with technology such as MRI machines until the armor was removed. They had a helmet made up of two pieces with some sort of breathing filtration system built into them and they were fused right into the suit. (Episode: Evolution, Part 1)


  • According to executive producer Robert C. Cooper, the Kull Warriors were conceived as a much more powerful adversary than the Jaffa, and one that would be more "palatable" to fight.[1] Supervising producer Damian Kindler states that the Kull Warriors were planned as a Terminator-like enemy, and that many ideas for their creation came from the episode "Cure".


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