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The Ancients are a species that feature in Stargate.




The Ancients were a race of advanced humans that existed in the universe and were the first evolution of that form. (SG1: Full Circle) Originally, they were known as the Altera who resided in a distant galaxy where they were he first evolution of the human form. (SG1: Avalon, Part 2) In time, a growing philosophical difference emerged among their kind between one faction that sought peaceful enlightenment and another known as the Ori. (SG1: Origin, Part 3) Millions of years ago, the Altera gathered in the Ortus Mallum region of their home galaxy. During this time, the Ori had gathered their armies in an effort to wipe out their opposition. They sought to destroy any evidence that opposed their fanatical beliefs. During this time, they had created the Ark of Truth but decided not to use it as it would have indoctrinated the Ori with this being against their beliefs. Instead, they decided to abandon their galaxy and seek a life elsewhere in the universe. (Movie: The Ark of Truth) Thus, they went through a long journey across the universe with the Alterans eventually arriving in what became known as the Milky Way Galaxy which they referred to as Avalon where thousands of years ago they found a great belt of stars that they decided to call their new home. Upon settling this new area of space, they began to construct many Astria Porta that became their Stargate network. (SG1: Avalon, Part 2)

At some unknown point, they came to had encountered a number of other highly advanced races with these including the Asgard, the Nox and the Furlings. This led to them establishing an enclave on a world known as P3X-972 that was to be a meeting place for the four races. A library was present that used a universal language that depicted by way of pictorals the basic elements of the period table with this serving as the meaning of life itself. (SG1: The Torment Of Tantalus) According to the Asgard, the Ancients had moved from their region of space a long time ago. (SG1: The Fifth Race)

They were eventually stricken by a terrible plague that began to wipe out their kind in the galaxy whereby many learnt to ascend whilst others began to die out. (SG1: Full Circle) Several million years ago, the Ancients gathered at their city ship of Atlantis where they decided to depart the galaxy to start their civilization again. It was believed that they had departed the Milky Way between five and ten million years ago. This led to the survivors leaving and heading towards the Pegasus Galaxy. (SGA: Rising)


After Ascension, the Ancients began to shield the existence of the human races they had created from the Ori. (SG1: Origin, Part 3)


They were originally known as the Altera but in time came to be referred to as the Ancients and as the Gate Builders. (SG1: Avalon, Part 2) In their own language, they were known as the Anqueetus and were referred to as the teacher of the roads due to their role in building the Stargates. (SG1: The Fifth Race) To the humans of the Pegasus Galaxy, the race were referred to as the Ancestors. (SGA: Rising, Part 2)

Alterans believed in the systematic understanding of the physical world through observation and experimentation. They believed that others could be persuaded through argument and debate. An important tenet of their kind was the sanctity of freedom of will and thus they opposed to any forced indoctrination with them unwilling to compromise this devotion even if it was an act to preserve it. (Movie: The Ark of Truth) Thus, they protected the denizens of the lower planes from being discovered by the Ori but allowed them to freely worship the Ori if they chose of their own free will. (SG1: Origin, Part 3)

They were held as the most powerful race to had ever inhabited the Milky Way Galaxy. (SG1: Avalon, Part 2)

The Gate Builders were known to possess their own language that resembled a form of Latin. (SG1: The Fifth Race) It was known to possess multiple dialects some of which were older than others. (SG1: Full Circle)


This Ancient Technology Activation (A.T.A) was caused by a single gene that was always active and instructing the various cells in the body to produce a series of proteins and enzymes that interacted with the skin, nervous system and the brain. There was some variation on the use of the gene as some Ancient technology required the use to possess it whilst others simply needed the gene to initialise it whereupon after activation anyone could operate the controls. (SGA: Hide and Seek)

A form of communication device was an altar shaped terminal that had stone tablets on it that worked in conjunction with it. These stones when attached to their users linked them psychically allowing them to see through each others eyes. (SG1: Avalon, Part 2)

The devices primary purpose was to heal but was so powerful that the effects of it on a human were ultimately proved devastating. (SG1: Evolution, Part 1)

In terms of weapons, the Ancients made use of Drone weapons that were controlled through the chair rooms. (SGA: Rising)

Energy requirements were fulfilled through the use of Zero-Point Modules that generated enormous power from vacuum energy derived from a self-contained region of subspace time. (SGA: Rising)

These archives were able to store the entirety of the knowledge of the Ancients. However, ordinary human physiology was not advanced to the point where their brains could handle the technology. (SG1: The Fifth Race)


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  • The Ancients featured in the setting of Stargate SG-1.
  • Their existence was revealed in the second season episode "The Fifth Race" where they were identified by name.
  • The sixth season finale "Full Circle" established that the Ascended Others were the same race as the Ancients.


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