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Lord Deathstrike is a male comic supervillain who features in Marvel Comics.



Lord Deathstrike

He had been hired by parties to assassinate a Chinese man who was in a highly defended bunker in China. Upon receiving his expensive fee, he went to Argentina where he fired a specialised round from a sniper rifle that drilled through the ground from there to China thus killing the target. He was then given a contract by the Red Right Hand to find and kill Mystique. Lord Deathstrike found his quarry where he used a sniper rifle to lodge an explosive bullet in the dark thus badly wounding her. Despite her injuries, Mystique managed to evade Lord Deathstrike and went on the run with him in close pursuit. He eventually tracked her down but the shapeshifter used her power to enter into a store and purchase guns to fight back against her attacker. Around this time, Wolverine had arrived who wanted information on the Red Right Hand with Lord Deathstrike tasked with preventing Mystique from revealing what she knew of the group. Wolverine managed to defeat Lord Deathstrike who Mystique then shot a bullet but his mask protected him and in the moment he managed to escape by phasing through the ground. Wolverine then killed Mystique during a confrontation between the pair and though he failed in killing her it was Lord Deathstrike who recovered her deceased body where he brought it to the black market. Once there, it was put up for a bid at an auction with it eventually being sold to a group of ninjas. (Wolverine v4 #9)


Personality and attributes

In appearance, Lord Deathstrike was a mysterious man whose identity was not known with him wearing a Japanese kabuki mask to hide his face and always wore a black business suit. (Wolverine v4 #9)

Powers and abilities

Lord Deathstrike was seemingly a normal human though one who was highly trained and access to a wide range of weaponry. The kabuki mask he wore contained advanced features such as allowing him to see through solid objects allowing him to target people through obstacles. This mask was also well armored allowing him to protect him from grazes from bullets that hit it. Alongside the mask, he had shoes that had an advanced device attached to them that when activated allowed him to walk up building. Another device in his possession was an item that allowed him to pass through solid objects with this being linked to a watch-like device that allowed him to phase through the ground to evade capture. He was proficient in the use of blades and guns of various sizes. This included snipe rifles strong enough to fire rounds from one end of the planet to the other through the ground. He also used ammunition with a number of features that included bullets that returned, released acid, homed in on targets and even exploded upon entry. (Wolverine v4 #9)


  • Lord Deathstrike was created by Jason Aaron and Daniel Acuna where he made his first appearance in Wolverine v4 #9 (July, 2011).

In other media

Video games

  • In X-Men: Battle of the Atom, Lord Deathstrike appeared as a playable card in the video card game.


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  • Wolverine and the X-Men v1:

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