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The most powerful Decepticon warship ever constructed, the Nemesis was the ship, captained by Megatron, that attacked the Ark four million years ago.



Like the Ark, the Nemesis was damaged in battle and fell to Earth. Landing in the Pacific Ocean, the Nemesis lied beneath the surface until it was found by Tarantulas. Tarantulas refit the ship, adding a new control center sized for Predacons, but was unable to use it before he was destroyed by the Vok. The ship was found by the Predacon Megatron, who used it in a last-ditch attempt to destroy humanity and the Ark, but the Maximals were able to destroy the command center. The ship crashed to Earth further south.

U.S. Animated, Japan

The Nemesis was uncovered in South America by human archaeologists in 1985. When the original Megatron learned of this, he retrieved the Heart of Cybertron from its power core.


The Nemesis was located by Starscream, who made plans to refit it. However, they were interrupted, first by Sunstorm and then by the return of Megatron.


In the original concept of the Beast Wars episode "Nemesis" Part II, the Decepticon Seekers Thrust, Dirge and Ramjet would have been left aboard the Nemesis, and would have defended it from the Maximal attack.

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