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Possibly the strongest member of the Ginyu Force after Captain Ginyu himself, Recoome (? - December 24, 762) was an immense man with short, spiked-up red hair. The second member of the team to take on the Z-Team, Recoome quickly proved that he was a force to be reckoned in his initial battle with Vegeta. Able to take quite a bit of punishment, Recoome casually shrugged off everything Vegeta threw at him and ultimately took out the Saiyan prince with zero effort. Following this, he defeated Krillin with one swift kick.

Gohan actually lasted the longest against him, but if it hadn't been for the timely arrival of Goku armed with Senzu Beans, the boy would've surely died. Goku, who had spent every single moment of his journey to Namek in gravity training, punched Recoome once in the stomach and KO'd him. The redheaded giant was shortly thereafter finished off by Vegeta with a massive ki blast that blew him out of existence.

Recoome joined with the Ginyu Force in the Other World to attack King Kai's planet- however, they were defeated and sent to Hell (HFIL). Later, Recoome joined with the Ginyu Force (again), Frieza, King Cold, and Cell in an attempt to escape Hell, but they were defeated by Goku and Pikkon.

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